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HLNA Admin
Nov 15, 2014
Decreased activity for the week.

Aside from it being my last week of classes, I've got more than a few exams and other things on my plate to get done and that means I have much less interest in pushing any updates or otherwise this week. Stay tuned for next week.

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ahegao warthog driving instructor
Roleplay Department Administrator
Nov 30, 2015
To HLNA Superadmin

Sky and I have deliberated on the desire to have some additional help in managing the team as neither they nor I can always be available, but we also felt that Subcommunity Leader wasn't entirely accurate for the position we were hoping to create within the team. Both Raspberry and Fonzie have shown themselves to be extremely capable of defusing situations and utilizing their position on the team to the fullest when on server with a level of conduct that sets good standards for the rest of the team, so we're both happy to induct them as HLNA's first superadmins.
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