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padre gringo
HLNA Admin
Media Team
Jun 20, 2011
Last LOA I took wasn't really much of an LOA, that was as much my fault as it was external factors, so this time I'm actually going to try and take some time for myself. I'm still gonna poke in and help manage factions (especially smugglers) but I also need some time for myself or I will burn out.


HLNA Admin
Dec 31, 2013
Reinstated after 3 week suspension.
My actions were incredibly immature, and offensive. I'm sorry I did what I did, and I hope to make the best of the server. Thank you for my fourth chance at admin.
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sneezing slug

unintelligible screaming
Roleplay Department Administrator
Nov 30, 2015
And while I'm here making posts I suppose I should officiate my LOA. Some of you already know that I'm dealing with a lot right now so I've been trying to limit how much TnB responsibility I take on at the moment. Since the beginning of October there were two separate incidents where I thought I was going to be homeless. I'll also be starting a new job with 13 hour shifts seven days a week very soon. It's not an exaggeration to say that I feel like I am drowning IRL atm.

I'll still be somewhat around to help with things and try to contribute but just so you all know it'd really be appreciated if you could find someone else before coming straight to me. There are equally qualified admins, forum mods and fellow RDAs who can assist you with any issues you may have.
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