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May 16, 2011
Established in 2007

Senior Executive Administrator
Roleplay Department Administrator
Trial Administrator

Development Team
[L] Leave of Absence | [L+] Extended Leave | [L~] Indefinite Leave

In Memoriam
Cole "Canibalcole" Bougie
Shaymus "Suicide Bomber" DiGiantomasso
Herbert "Herb" Vargo III
Xavier "Ness Tea" Alonso
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I know we havent brought this roster across yet, but I thought this was necessary to post

Super Administrator to Roleplay Development Administrator

Duke Pending

Congratulate him when you get the chance!
Added the Terminator Roleplay Roster.
Deadeye promoted to TRP SA
Pancake promoted to TRP BA.
Admin Roster slightly re-designed (Thanks to Garfy), and new logos for TRP SA and BA, thanks to Vismar! (who made the original one (note: I wont add these as userbars, yet.) )
Myself to Leave Of Absence.
I could be gone a short while, or only a few days. Need to focus on work, and other things.
If anythings urgent, PM me. If otherwise, get in contact with one of the more than capable RDAs or Dave.


Duke: Hahaha, he called me capable. I mean... yes, very capable.

Garf: capable and RDAs in the same sentence...
I had some purple drank and it made me less gray.

Adv: Niggas reccomend daw Purpul Drank
Trial Admin to Basic Admin:
  • Drakens
  • Sid
  • Firefly
  • Aftershock
Congratulations. Raygin remains TA for now.

Adding Super Moderators to the Roster.

Since we've had the new forums, and had a considerable large need for Moderation on the forums, we're re-opening the super moderators separate from Administrators. This is really so that we can distinguish those that are active on the forums from those that are active on the server, and provide ourselves two separate sets of moderation. Whereas Super Moderators, are incharge of moderating the forums, the Administrators are moderating the servers etc.

The benefits that this includes are:

  • You don't have to be an admin to help out with the forums
  • Theres more specialisation between Administrator and Moderator
  • Whereas you can be Administrator And Moderator, theres nothing pushing you to be both
After having this plan in development for a few weeks now I have a few people I'd like to bring on board for this project, which are

  • Anubis
  • Vismar
And then I need to add the current ones. Which will be..

  • Abaddon
  • Advid
  • Drakens
  • The Last Brethren
Anyone who feels they would like to be put forward as a Super Moderator, Forum PM me (only up to say 2 weeks after this post. After then I'll choose them as and when I see them). This could be anyone who believes they put the effort into the forums.
I know I'm already on LOA,
But I need to let you know that I'm pretty much gonna be dead to the world from tomorrow, during off-peak hours. I should be on my laptop at work, and if I have power, I'll endeavour to keep that running. My house is being gutted and rewired, while I live in it, so that means all walls down, all sockets rewired. and everything covered throughout the day. I'll be mainly at work throughout the days, however Im gonna try to be online. No guarantees, and I hope to see you in a few days!
  • Shep
  • Duecez
  • Pancake
  • The Real Freeman
  • Thor

Also note, im still on LOA. I just needed some more Supermods.

Duke: Invasion of the little green people?
Advid: Why won't you make my name green dammit?
Shep: Whooo! I can edit posts again!
Setting myself to LOA, hopefully for just a couple days. My computer won't even boot currently. It went into the shop yesterday.

EDIT: Hey, done already. It was an easy fix, thankfully. Back from LOA then I guess.
Myself to LOA. As of 2:00AM tommorow I'll potentially be away for two weeks due to going on holiday.
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