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Jan 28, 2015
my grandma has been in the hospital two times this week and still is, also some stuff is starting to become a lot ontop of that, LOA for a bit.


Mar 16, 2013
I resign from HL2 Admin.

If you know me, you probably know that I've been going through some hard stuff pretty much constantly since like April, so this is by no means a spur of the moment decision.

My problems, both personal and interpersonal, have affected my motivation and ability to be the administrator I want to be, and I'd rather step down to free up space for someone who can more properly align with the feeling of the server that the team wants to present.

Thank you all for supporting my writing not only this iteration, but in my previous endeavors. I hope you all get exactly what you want out of the setting, and I wish the rest of the team the best of luck.

And best of luck to you, wherever you're going. I hope things work out for you and that you have the best outcome for life.
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Is HL2 done yet?
Oct 23, 2014
I'm out.

I've pretty much ran out of motivation, both to get on the server and to get anything done coding wise. This combined with a general atmosphere that I've started to despise and there's not a lot of reasons left for me to stick around.

Depending on how things go I might pop my head back in somewhere down the line, but for now I'd rather move on and focus on other things.

Bennet Dyson

Non-Roleplay Department Administrator
May 22, 2011
I'm out.

Of my mind trying to keep this cursed server up. Though really I'd like to thank TankNut for the sheer amount of time he's devoted to TnB since he came on as developer, from adding to our original version of CC to working on TRP, crafting our own version of CC that we used for ZRP and RR's etc. Although I'd prefer Eternity to have a few more essentials than it does right now it's hard to deny the massive amount of time and dev work that TankNut has contributed to our community since he joined and I'll always be thankful that he was pretty much always there to take care of whatever request I had for him. There will always be a space for him here at TnB. So thank you, TankNut, your work here has been very much appreciated and always will be.

Now the hunt begins again to find a not insane and trustworthy dev to take over the next era of TnB gmod script development.


Jan 26, 2013
I'm going to resign as well. My activity on the server has all but practically flat-lined. Lately I've just been burned out with role-play as a whole and as such distanced myself from the server to get some fresh air and play other games. I shouldn't hold a position where I feel like it's a chore and not an interest. I've thought about this for a while now but held off because I felt like I was being too hasty, but I think it's all for the best that I step down. I hope you all have a good one.
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