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Sep 18, 2015
reduced activity for a week, prob gonna end up not connecting at all but we'll see

ps. im retarded DUHHHH - Bennet Dyson


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Non-Roleplay Department Administrator
Jun 11, 2007
loa for a couple of weeks, trying to find a new place to live in an overcrowded housing market + starting new job and it's eating up all my time/energy atm
sorry for dropping some of the forum work, will get back on that when i'm done

feel free to contact me if it's urgent server stuff but other than that i likely won't be involved much for a little bit


May 28, 2012
Stepping down from HL2 and TRP admin. I've been really burnt out since before HL2's launch but I wanted to stick around until it was on a good footing.

On top of this, work has been pretty brutal recently (in a good way, just really busy) and I may be moving to another state in a few weeks to seize a better job opportunity that's been offered to me.

As much as I'd like to stick around it's just not in the cards for me right now sadly. Make sure to post screenshots. Love you all, have fun and be wholesome to one another.

catedit: love you bro
bekedit: best of luck in all you do <3
chadedit: bye poopoo good luck!
miguedit: big love bro <3
Wizedit: take care!!!!!.
zombedit: we'll miss you popbro
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TRP Admin
Oct 9, 2011
Big suprise I'm sure but I'll be stepping down from TRP admin, I thought I'd have more time this summer but I ended up moving across my state and now I'm going into a masters degree and I really don't have the time I used to anymore. Thank you all for the patience and I'm glad to see HL2 is doing well.
Best of luck with everything going forward mate, hope it all worka out for you. It's been a hell of a pleasure knowing you
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TRP Admin
May 26, 2011
Going to be between machines for the next few weeks so will be slapping a formal notice up here, hopefully by the time I return I'll have a machine that can handle HL2 and TRP alike without shitting the bed when effects start flying. I miss my 3570k setup :(
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