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Jan 27, 2015
I'm going through a lot right now.

I'm sorry for snapping out at a few of you!

I'll be on server sometimes to do my own shit, if units need me I'll still be available.



speak into the shell
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Jun 11, 2007
Suspended for two weeks. You've been warned before about your behaviour towards fellow admins and the community at large. I honestly don't know what it is because most of the time you seem fine, but you have a tendency to snap at people and last night was an unacceptable lapse of judgment on your part. It makes the entire administration look bad.

As far as I'm concerned there's plenty of good in you which is why I've insisted on a suspension, but if it were up to Bennet you would be tossed in below.

Which brings me to the next part.
Removed. While not directly involved with the events of last night, Wookie has been continuously warned about his poor behavior as an administrator and the way that he speaks to people in his role as one. We expect the people we choose to administrate our servers and liaise with the players to treat them with some respect and dignity, and not run them down and belittle them, which he's continued to do to both players and his fellow admins.

He has continued to mock players and berate them in posts in various threads about the forums which paints a bad image for the team as a whole. Constantly shrugging off complaints and labeling people retards for having a different opinion does not make you very friendly or approachable, which admins need to be.

You've been given plenty of chances and although you're perfectly capable, you simply don't have the right attitude to be on this team any longer and this has been a long time coming.


my role as server owner is to ruin your roleplay
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May 16, 2011
Rob removed

Daves post in the admin boards said:
reasons in brief -
  • impossible to work with, constantly causing / spurring friction between me and the team
  • generally insulting me / being a dick. I can take this up to a certain point but I am human afterall and eventually get sick of having to be the bigger man and hold back because i have to be the "professional" as the community owner.
  • poor attitude ingame relating to anything he dosnt nessacarily agree with especially as an admin
  • failure to understand how his actions ruin other peoples fun - (a golden example, how many times has he spammed hundreds of headcrab canisters - often directly onto a bunch of players)
  • misuse of admin powers to abuse players just because they may be somehow considered "daves friends"
  • other reasons i probably forget


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May 22, 2011
Rob's earlier verdict reduced to a one month suspension.

Rob is a good admin and an admin that the majority of the team wish to see remain where he is, however at the end of the day Dave is the community owner and the boss. Calling the boss or labeling him and whoever else a mongoloid retard is simply not the best course of action if you wish to be secure in your position. It's a hobby for all of us and just as players don't have to feel the need to put up with the bullshit of certain other people, Dave is able to feel the same way with regards to how he's spoken to on the server he's kept alive for years on end.

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May 22, 2011
Administrative Verdict - Jules

For the following offences;
  • Using administrative authority to alter the flow of roleplay in order to gain an advantage (e.g, timescaling only when it was favourable)
  • Taking advantage of a low population in order to carry out something that would have otherwise failed
Jules is suspended for two weeks

The events that lead up to Valerie Lange being captured are to be retconned into a bandit attack that saw Lange temporarily kidnapped, but returned after a short duration, as well as some supplies that were stolen/damaged.

It is not okay for admins to use their authority or privileges on the server in order to force things to go a certain way for them, it is a clear misuse and abuse of the responsibility that has been placed on them. Communicating with respective faction leads is something everyone should be doing before launching any kind of attack that would lead to permanent results for their respective characters, it is not just for GHOST/CCA, it is a common courtesy.


Roleplay Department Administrator
May 22, 2011
Jules unsuspended.

I believe I made a mistake in dishing out such harsh punishment when it came to punishing Jules. Thinking back on it, I cannot in good faith believe he acted maliciously or with malicious intentions in the roleplay that he engaged in and although he made an error and a mistake in roleplaying effects that should have plagued his character, it is not a mark on his administrative capabilities. I believe with this a verbal warning has been delivered and acknowledged.


Those who live in glass houses...
Mar 10, 2015
I'm taking a break of some sort. TnB's really wearing me down all of a sudden and I'm already missing being suspended.

I'll be back at some point.

TO :kestrel:!

looks like you're taking a longer break than expected boyo
brim x
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May 22, 2011
KestrelBirdMan KestrelBirdMan


Honestly, I've never met true sociopaths until it came to both of you. The ability to mislead and lie to people is truly an ability you have mastered and put into good use while you've been here, but unfortunately as is the case this sort of thing always ends up catching up with you. Throwing the eggs into one basket and assuming the people you're bullshitting won't simply end up asking me what's what is probably a poor plan, well, it was a poor plan seeing as you're now removed. Unfortunately you couldn't meme yourselves out of the lense.


My Join Date is Backwards
Sep 1, 2011

A rather large explosion from above has awoken me from slumber, now that I'm awake I might as well help pick up the shrapnel

I went down in hours at work big time and I've got a lot more free time. Time to waste it, god I love being a degenerate.

In the intro it says I can join the combine after my character has existed for a day. I hope they'll take me.
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Jan 14, 2012
holidays are over; back to school on monday. activity will take a dip on both servers for obvious reasons. i'll still try to be on during the weekends, but during weekdays, my timezone + general exhaustion will probably get in the way.
xoxo etc


May 21, 2011
holidays are over; back to school on monday. activity will take a dip on both servers for obvious reasons. i'll still try to be on during the weekends, but during weekdays, my timezone + general exhaustion will probably get in the way.
xoxo etc
Classes and work are happening again and that obviously does things to my activity

But I'm still here.

f o r e v e r
Same thing here. Should be still active the next 2 or 3 weeks but I'll drop drastically by week 3 or 4
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