[TRP] Zack Ginty ban request

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    • Do not shitpost or derail.
    Failure to adhere to this will get you infracted and/or banned.

    A permanent ban is often a method to get the accused to post an appeal. It is not at all times the verdict.
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it sets a precedent that i'd rather just not deal with, too

if someone disconnects in the middle of a s2rp and no one says anything then he's bound to do it again, because why not? he got away with it once
Honestly I wont do this again, I dont like having to discuss something on the forums for a decent bit of time to not get banned, Its enough to remind me to say before I leave during S2RP
Can you send me the full logs of before and after?

Zack, it's always better to at least say something. You shouldn't have lied.
Can you send me the full logs of before and after?

Zack, it's always better to at least say something. You shouldn't have lied.
T-850.3825: [OOC] ** -- Through a lack of communication or perhaps a failure in proper room breaching procedure, Luca, Carter and Randowic find themselves on the business end of a 850's 50W rifle, long bursts levied against the three as they carelessly entered it's line of fire. Luckily for them, however, 3825 was caught off guard, just like them, and the fire wasn't as accurate as you'd expect.

[SKYNET] T-800.0968: // Actually nvm, its meant for assult.


[SKYNET] T-350.5188: meant for both rly

[SKYNET] T-350.1042: coltan and hyper alloy so

[SKYNET] T-350.1042: its going to take more than a few plasma guns

[SKYNET] T-800.0968: <:: Copy. Survivor status inside of crash is [NEGITIVE]. ::>

T-850 'Samsara': [OOC] ** Samsara begins to move about the warehouse.

Tomasz Randowic: [OOC] * One of the rounds passes nearby Tomasz right arm but it was enough to scratch it in return He fires shotgun shell at 3825 Chest 8

Craig Palmer: [OOC] A shot seems to harmlessly bounce off of the 400. The rounds being fired at it don't seem very high caliber.

'Dinn': [OOC] **Dinn pelts 3825 in the back with 40watt concussive, as the other 850 and 700 just waltz in, nice.

Sgt. Wyatt Carter: [OOC] **Close quarter 50 watt is close quarter 50 watt. Carter's caught in the fire, and he drops like a bag of bricks behind the doorway.

T-800.0968: [OOC] ** A horrid scraping and tearing sound eminaites from the helicpoter. Seems another party is in the area.

Pvt. Daria Luca: [OOC] Luca doesn't have a good day. A burst of plasma travels towards her, burning its way through her body armor and directly out the other side as she's flung out of the window, and onto the concrete below. Ouch.

Sgt. Wyatt Carter: [LOCAL-OOC] i gotta catch z

T-850.7100: [YELL] // do you want us to timescale or are we good

T-100.8995: [OOC] **The large machine in the road begins to slowly turn. From any observer it just appears to be survaying still, ignoring the smaller quieter noises and focusing for any actual combat.

Tomasz Randowic: [LOCAL-OOC] Wait

(Flt Pfc. Jeffery Kesker) [EVENT] ** the crash site begins to smoke more than before- creating a thick cloud of smoke, making seeing in or out of it near impossible **

Tomasz Randowic: [LOCAL-OOC] Where the heck are everyone else?

Craig Palmer: [OOC] **More harmless rounds pelt the large machine.

T-850.3825: [LOCAL-OOC] they emoted falling back

T-100.8995: [OOC] **At the moment it seems almost oblivious to the light caliber rounds plinking off its armor, focusing on the crash sight

Tomasz Randowic: [LOCAL-OOC] It seems that I am Fu####

T-850 'Samsara': [OOC] remember to emote your movements

T-850.3825: [OOC] ** The 850 is struck by Randowic's shotgun, plast, and whilst it's chassis remains none-too-damaged, the kinetic energy behind the shell manages to knock the relatively lightweight chassis back just a tad, straight into Dinn's 40W concussive. As a result, it's pushed forwards, rifle falling out of it's hand as it grips at Tomasz.

Pvt. Beckett Hall: [OOC] shit- didn't realize we had started that, I'll move back down

Tomasz Randowic: [LOCAL-OOC] So you grab me or?

T-850.3825: [LOCAL-OOC] up to you, but it'd definetly put a good attempt, aided by the knockback force of the 40W

T-800.0968: [OOC] ** Sounds of metal on metal continue from the downed helicopter. Its a horrid and ear piercing sound to those in range.

Pvt. Beckett Hall: [OOC] **The Alpha Private begins moving up the stairs, with his 30 watt raised towards the windows everyone seems to be aiming their arms at.

Kim Chee: [OOC] **Chee pounds mud and pool of water as she's forced to head back the way she came. It was going to be some time before she could relink back to the others.

'Dinn': [OOC] **Dinn shuffles to the side.

Tomasz Randowic: [LOCAL-OOC] I am kinda planning on trying to use your own 55 watt against you

Harry Sherrald: [OOC] **A scavenger runs in behind the private, sawnoff raised

T-850.3825: [LOCAL-OOC] you wouldn't be able to reach it without me grabbing you in the process

Pvt. Daria Luca: [LOCAL-OOC] dont think you could pry it out of a terminator's arms

T-850 'Samsara': [OOC] ** Samsara appears in the doorway behind the enemy eighty-fifty, a curt burst from its battle rifle streaking for the machine's lower half. Any higher, and Randowic would almost certainly receive some unwanted attention.

[PM to Tomasz Randowic] i won't pk you even if i grab you, d/w


Pvt. Daria Luca: [LOCAL-OOC] tbh

Pvt. Daria Luca: [LOCAL-OOC] difficult for another terminator to do even

[PM from Tomasz Randowic] ok

Tomasz Randowic: [OOC] Wait Do I get hit my Samsara fire or?

T-850 'Samsara': [OOC] probably not since im basically shooting at 3825's foot

T-800.0968: [OOC] All humans emote or...?

Pvt. Beckett Hall: [OOC] I think ur good to go bb

T-100.8995: [OOC] **Being unable to do much about the inside of the warehouse, the 100 begins a VERY slow march towards the crash site.

[PM from T-850 'Samsara'] He is Polish and Straight

[SKYNET] T-700.9036: // Ugh, I gotta yeet off. Hope the event goes great

[PM to T-850 'Samsara'] LOL

Tomasz Randowic: [OOC] * Quickly moves back almost falling out of the window while trying to not get grabbed my 3825 He also in panic fires another shell into 3825 Head *

[PM to T-850 'Samsara'] god i didn't even fucking read that

T-850 'Samsara': [OOC] ** The blast misses.

Jackson Brown: [OOC] fills up truck with gas

T-800.0968: [OOC] Ight. ** The metal scraping stops, and from the burning remains of the downed helicopter, a T-800 would emerge, its body painted black from smoke and ash. It'd have a survivor in its grasp, which would be promptly thrown back into the flames. A new challenger enters it seems.

Craig Palmer: [OOC] ** More useless rounds pepper the 350 and 100 from a nearby building, before the figure briefly visible skitters off.

Kim Chee: [OOC] well it just drove past nevermind i guess

T-850.3825: [OOC] ** But Samsara's fire doesn't. 3825 continues onwards, metallic fingers wrapping around the barrel of Tomasz's ithaca before the machine tugs at it in a effort to disarm the man, offering him a powerful thwack into a nearby wall following that.

Harry Sherrald: [OOC] **Sherrald moves to the top of the stairs, staring at the drone near the top room

T-100.8995: [OOC] **Due to being unable to locate the source of the fire, the 100 decides through some form of machine logic to send a 5 second burst of heavy plasma at the occupied warehouse, unlikely to hit anything. It does not stop its painfully slow advance towards the crash however.

'Dinn': [OOC] **Dinn fires again, concussive 40-watt coming from a human-free shooting angle.

T-800.0968: [OOC] ** The T-800, hearing the man cough, would step fowards towards the box, and begin to peel it open like a tin can, the man is the sardines, and this box is the can.

Kim Chee: [OOC] **Chee runs along side the prison walls for cover and to make the trip easier.

Pvt. Beckett Hall: [OOC] **Beckett sees the Scav almost being thrown out the back of the window and runs towards the man- 30 Watt jury-rig lighting up the metal monster grasping the scav.

T-850 'Samsara': [OOC] ** The traiterous machine kicks it into high gear, making for a nearby window.

Tomasz Randowic: [OOC] * Gets thwacked into wall while struggling with 3825 which is trying to disarm him but He has a trick up his sleevs he takes out mr93 while using his left arm and fires entire magazine at 3825 optics *

Lt. Harper Lotomau: [OOC] From BP, roaring engines from a Russian-spec tank sound off; turbo-charged diesel kicks up, concrete morphing under its weight as it tracks off down the road.

[PM from T-850 'Samsara'] "reprog protocols: save human"

Flt Pfc. Jeffery Kesker: [OOC] **The smoke in the air was the mans greatest enemy, while in the box the man coughed- exposing his location to an 800

[PM from T-850 'Samsara'] samsara: "well yes, but actually no"

T-800.0968: [OOC] All humans emote?

T-850.3825: [OOC] ** 3825 also has a magazine up it's sleeve. Insanely powerful hydraulics which it uses to send a devastating punch to Tomas's guts, knocking the wind out of the man. Dinn's and Hall's fire meets its mark, serving to damage it's chassis, but it wouldn't be surprising for Randowic to get caught in the cross fire.

Harry Sherrald: [OOC] i think so?

T-850.3825: [LOCAL-OOC] drop the gun, i'll give it back to you later

That's too heavy for you to carry.

T-850.3825: [LOCAL-OOC] buckshot or slugs

Tomasz Randowic: [LOCAL-OOC] Buckshots

T-800.0968: [OOC] ** The sound of a metal box being peeled open echos across the street, and towards TC's location near the warehouse. The last survivor is found as he's grabbed at by the T-800, attempting to haul the helpless man out into the open.

T-850.3825: [LOCAL-OOC] then it wouldn't have had a good effect on the t-850, retcon my emots

Tomasz Randowic: [LOCAL-OOC] Can you drop it I need to go

Lt. Harper Lotomau: [OOC] not gonna s2rp?

Tomasz Randowic: [LOCAL-OOC] Sorry but I have to go off

'Dinn': [OOC] **The plasma fire from Dinn's window spot keeps up on 3825.

T-850.3825: [LOCAL-OOC] right

T-350.5188: [OOC] are u the tank

'Dinn': [YELL] //wait

'Dinn': [YELL] // did he move to where he was icly now

T-850.3825: [YELL] //who

'Dinn': [YELL] // tom boi

T-850.3825: [YELL] //i smashed him into the wall

T-100.8995: [OOC] **The 100 halts for a moment, perhaps recieving an update from SkyNet. The machine appears to be turning to focus on the warehouse now, but not moving. Yet.

T-850.3825: [YELL] //like right there

Tomasz Randowic: [LOCAL-OOC] me

Lt. Harper Lotomau: [OOC] actually tbh i'll probably just drive past so do u just wanna let me keep goin

Harry Sherrald: [OOC] **Sherrald would move up besides the private, aiming his sawnoff at the 850

'Dinn': [YELL] // oh, void my emote if you could then-

Tomasz Randowic: [LOCAL-OOC] But I need to go

T-350.5188: [OOC] go ahead

'Dinn': [YELL] // thought he was still on the

'Dinn': [YELL] // other wall, my bad man

T-850.3825 (Stierlexia!): [TO ADMINS] can one of you drop me a ithaca i took tomasz's but he needs to go and wants it back

T-850.3825: [LOCAL-OOC] give me a sec tomasz

Flt Pfc. Jeffery Kesker: [OOC] **The man is raised up in the air by the 800

Rct. Hallie Spearman: [LOCAL-OOC] Did you take it IC?

T-850.3825: [LOCAL-OOC] or just toolgun me one

T-800.0968: [OOC] Everyone emote?

T-850.3825: [LOCAL-OOC] yes but he needs to dc

Rct. Hallie Spearman: [LOCAL-OOC] What's the odds of him getting it back?

Pvt. Daria Luca: [LOCAL-OOC] Interesting

Tomasz Randowic: [LOCAL-OOC] THanks mate sorry again but I really need to go

T-850.3825: [LOCAL-OOC] if i see him on the server, easier to just toolgun it to me

'Dinn': [OOC] **Dinn instead moves to the doorway, sending another few bursts at 3825- out of the main angle to hit Tom, but the heat may be an issue.

Pvt. Daria Luca: [LOCAL-OOC] Interesting

Lt. Harper Lotomau: [OOC] A lone T-90 tank approaches the crash site, steadily.

T-850.3825: [LOCAL-OOC] bless

[SKYNET] T-100.8995: // Idk how I didnt just crash. The drive GarrysMod is on came unplugged for a moment LOL Plugged back in but wtf

[PM from Pvt. Daria Luca] fully bullshitting u LOL

[SKYNET] T-800.0968: // LMAO

[PM to Pvt. Daria Luca] ik LOL

Pvt. Daria Luca: [LOCAL-OOC] hello

[PM to Pvt. Daria Luca] i'm just not kicking a fuss over it

[PM to Pvt. Daria Luca] can't be fucked

Rct. Hallie Spearman: [LOCAL-OOC] sup

Rct. Hallie Spearman: [LOCAL-OOC] you dead yet

Lennox Gunn: [OOC] **Lennox watches from in the watchtower, using the railing as a small tool to help his aim, he aims towards the bot's wrist holding poor Jeffery, lining up his aim

Lt. Harper Lotomau: [OOC] The tank courteously decides to run over a defenseless wall, continuing past said helicopter crash!

Pvt. Daria Luca: [LOCAL-OOC] p much

Rct. Hallie Spearman: [LOCAL-OOC] good luck

Rct. Hallie Spearman: [LOCAL-OOC] want to do something cool

Jackson Brown: [OOC] Cuts finger open

Pvt. Daria Luca: [LOCAL-OOC] what

T-850 'Samsara': [OOC] ** Samsara aims another closely-knit burst for the machine nearest to the crash holding Kesker aloft.

Lt. Harper Lotomau: [OOC] gonna timescale just a tad!

T-800.0968: [OOC] So drones go now?

Jackson Brown: [OOC] Turns Truck on

T-850.3825: [OOC] ** -- Dinn only gets half of a burst in on the machine before it scampers into better cover, the left side of it's chassis' bent and damaged. One handing the Ithaca it took of Tomasz, it aims at Becket and Harry (who seems to have just disconnected to avoid RP), and squeezes the trigger. Buckshot sent towards the two.

this brings up another point, actually

you SAW what tomasz wrote in looc and you saw me tell him it's fine and that he can d/c if he needs to go, which is why i'm very confused as to why you just didn't do the exact same thing and ask me in looc as opposed to d/c'ing and lying

would have saved you a lot of trouble
It seems to be missing where he disconnected in those logs.
yea the automatically saved logs don't include all server status messages, including but not limited to players disconnecting and connecting

e; what i posted in the ban request originally was copied straight for my console, that's why the ''left the game'' message is here

it isn't included in the unedited logs because i took those from my log folder just now

you can easily check the logs for yourself, anyway
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Alright, so it wasn't right after Harry made the initial emote. If I've got the timeline right, I handled two admin requests, and started RP of my own, in the span of Harry making the emote and disconnecting. The OP seems like you did it almost immediately after. I was the one who handled the Ithaca thing.

Zack, I think you made a dumb decision, but I'm not convinced it was purely malice and that maybe you did need to leave. I do think that you should not have lied, and I think you should have told people you needed to go. It's easy to see where it looks like you were avoiding RP, but up until that point you kept inserting yourself further and you couldn't have known the outcome of the 850's emote.

I then think it's only fair that we assume your character was injured during this ordeal and they're given an injury to deal with ICly. It's definitely feasible.

What did you need to go to Zack?
Needed to go and clean some stuff around the house, just general cleanup like my room, all the cutlery and plates, living room etc etc.
the fact i was forced to pause the rp because bi-em had to go and left me to sort out that whole Ithaca thing doesn't really excuse the fact he disconnected without a word after i resumed the rp.

he disconnected as i was looking straight at him with a ithaca aimed at his chest and a ''Typing...'' message above my head
the fact i was forced to pause the rp because bi-em had to go and left me to sort out that whole Ithaca thing doesn't really excuse the fact he disconnected without a word after i resumed the rp.

he disconnected as i was looking straight at him with a ithaca aimed at his chest and a ''Typing...'' message above my head

I'm not saying it excused the fact that he left the way he did. That's undeniable that it was the wrong thing to do. I'm saying that it was probably within reason that he did have to go, but because of the way in which he went about it that there will be consequences. One of those being an injury he needs to carry out ICly, especially taking a shotgun blast at such a short-range.
Stierlexia! Stierlexia! since you were one of the ones that were right there and the one shooting. What do you think a fair injury would be based your emote?
i'd be fine with making him roleplay the buckshot striking harry's right shoulder joint at a close range and wounding the aforementioned along with the arm itself

put the arm out of service for some time, that kind of deal
Alright, cool. We'll say that you'd need surgery to repair the wounds and broken collar bone and splintered humerus. That would be in line with the injuries you mentioned, Stierlexia. Go to the Medbay and RP that out, Zack.

Next time communicate more.
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