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Jan 31, 2017
//As a disclaimer, some of the information I'm about to post here has been passed along to SkyNET command already, but seeing as those issues have not been fixed and they are joined by a plethora of non-SkyNET related issues, I saw it fit to post them again, just so everyone is on the same page here.

OOC Name: FootlessPrism90

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:119862866

Character Name: LCpl. Rose Walker, T-800.9943, Rex Christopher, 'Cromp', 'Bob'

What happened: A healthy mixture of FailRP, Powergame and generally mingy behaviour.

Time it happened: Consistently ever since he joined the server.


Fig 1; Powergame.

Footless constantly powergames, having the terminators he portrays tank damage that should have reasonably killed them. This has been the case for a long time, and he has shown little to none signs of improvement.

T-800.9943: [OOC] **Another machine would be approaching, becoming more and more hearable as it gets closer, not here yet.

Maj. Karina Skarzynska: [OOC] ** The third T-C 80-W shot is sent for the approaching 9943's middle-chassis from the second-to-highest level on the BP tower.

SSgt. Grant Brooks: [OOC] **With Warden on the position, Grant's eyes adjusted to the newly approaching eight hundred. The sniper slowly adjusted his trajectory to the left as he looked at the dual wielding plasma wielding eight hundred. "Spencer, keep eyes on Warden." With Skarzynska's shot first, Brooks coincided his fifty with it. Hopefully using the heat from the prior eighty watt to re-enforce his fifty cal's damage.

T-800.9943: [OOC] **The T-800 was welcomed warmly, the 80W hitting the chest. It'd be baked, heated, the 50W bringing some minor damage. The Eighter shoots plasma at the building, aimed for nothing in particular. The chassis was smoking hot, platings clearly damaged.

'Simone': [OOC] **The reprogrammed drone launches an explosive rocket towards the Eighter, through an opportune gap. Although unlikely to hit the machine itself, it'd certainly clear the cover seperating it from the larger group.

Maj. Karina Skarzynska: [OOC] ** Skarzynska feels the shots hit her wall, but there's still plenty of cover between her and the asset. She kneels and scoots back, aiming in for a second shot against the eighter's chassis.

Vasilije: [OOC] **With 9943's cover gone, Vasilijie engages with his 40W.

SSgt. Grant Brooks: [OOC] **Grant fired the final shot from the magazine toward 9943, another shot hurtling forward toward the eighter's chasis. They were trying to break through with all of their might. With his final shot dispensed, Grant quickly crawled his way out of sight for the time being. A radio message quickly being piped up as he did so.**

T-800 'WARDEN': [OOC] ** WARDEN descends the staircase and starts firing slugs towards 9943, all the while in some cement cover.

T-800.9943: [OOC] **The Eighter is sent flying from the rocket, hitting near it's feet. It'd land further back, the smoke from the explosion covering most of it. The 40W from Vasilije easily pierces the damaged chestplate.

Masked Stranger: [OOC] * Sees the T 800 laying on the ground so he takes a breath and fires a sniper round to its head mostly trying to hit it eye * [ Choose which if you want to rp it hitting ya ]

T-800.9943: [OOC] **9943 regains it's stance, smoke blaring out of it's chest/chassis, signifying it is damaged. The round from the sniper didn't hit the optics, but rather the cranium- A dent now in it. It's attention swiftly changed to Warden, a wave of plasma coming it's way as it steps out of the smoke once more.

T-800.9943: [OOC] **The slugs weren't too much of an affect, leaving a few dents at most on the chassis. It'd send more waves of plasma at the reprogrammed, before beginning a sprint to it's left.

T-800 'WARDEN': [OOC] ** WARDEN just retreats to cover.

T-800 'WARDEN': [OOC] ** 9943 recieves a magdup of 55W from its side.

T-800 'WARDEN': [OOC] 9943 would u like me to just s2k?

T-800.9943: [OOC] Bro you do know it can take a few minutes to write emotes right?

T-800 'WARDEN': [OOC] u take a lot longer and it slows rp

T-800.9943: [OOC] **The machine is uttered with plasma, smoke blaring crazily out of it's chassis from the heat. It was damaged, badly. It raises a fallen truck, pushing it at the reprog.

T-800 'WARDEN': [OOC] ** WARDEN peeks out of cover as it hears loud noises and lets off more plasma towards 9943 as it raises the truck.

Pvt. Joel Shepard: [OOC] ** Shepard vaults over the trench wall, running over to the man made wooden fortification in front of it, sliding down towards cover. Upon arrival it unloads a few 35 watt rounds on the eneny eighter.

T-800.9943: [OOC] **That reprog is met with a truck coming directly at the old pillar, most of the plasma hitting the old heavy vehicle. The smoking machine would then begin a full on sprint, retreating away at the wooden fences. The 35W hit parts of it, shoulders. As a consequence, the heavily damaged Eighter drops one of it's plasma, shooting it's other one randomly at them.

Maj. Karina Skarzynska: [OOC] ** A duo of eighty-watt shots fly after the fleeing 9943 as they make their break for it.

T-800 'WARDEN': [OOC] WARDEN just retreats, all the while firing at the 9943 thats been exposed all along.

SSgt. Grant Brooks: [OOC] **Funnily enough, the drone came back into the line of sight of Ahab. Brooks brought his rifle back to bear against 9943, eyes peering through the scope. After some time, and some leading, another fifty caliber round was sent hurtling for 9943 and his retreat.

Pvt. Joel Shepard: [OOC] ** Shepard ducks as soon as the hail of plasma hits the wooden bunker walls. It unloads a few more unnacurate shots at the eight hundred.

Masked Stranger: [OOC] * While 9943 was running Masked Stranger fires few plasma rounds into it legs *

T-800.9943: [OOC] **The running Eighter collapses as it sprints, sliding down the road. The high wattage plasma rifles rip away at it, legs melting into the road. Still active, with a little bit of life, it crawls, slowly.

Rct. Hikamashi 'Hika' Sano: [OOC] ** A few rounds blast out of Hikamashi's gun, fireing at the 800 down the street.

'Simone': [OOC] **Simone joins in too, it's MG-3 letting rip on the stationary target - Although from quite the distance.

T-800 'WARDEN': [OOC] ** WARDEN sprints up ahead and then rounds the corner, letting loose several short bursts at 9943.

Pvt. Joel Shepard: [OOC] **The downed eight hundred is overwhelmed by the concentrated firepower of the team.

T-800.9943: [OOC] **The Eighter melts in to the road, optics panicked all about. With the rest of the hellfire, it's destroyed, life in the optics fading to death.

T-700.9943: [OOC] **The minigun-weilding T-700 is sent backwards in to the wall, a few bullets firing into the roof. Lucky ears Jamar...Lucky ears.

EDO. 'Jamar' Balton: [OOC] **Balton doesn't let up, looking towards the small propane barrel, with the bot next to it, he adjusts aim, firing on that, before quickly returning the same concussive fire onto 9943..

T-700.7864: [OOC] **Claudius' rounds hit their mark! Plasma belts down on 7864's lower chasis, as it staggers back, providing some temporary relief as the reprog moves to cover. Albeit, it's sights soon after relocate onto Carter.

T-700.9943: [OOC] **9943 is blown by the small propane barrel, setting it on fire. Now you've done it Jamar, you pissed it off. Practically on the floor from the concussion blast, it sends a hellspray of bullets towards Jamar and the drone next to him.

T-700.7864: [OOC] **As Balton continues opening up on 9943, it's counter-part begins it's slow advance up towards his position. Minigun rounds are continuously sent shredding towards Carter all the while as 7864 advances, slowly making it's way up towards the staircase.

T-700.9943: [OOC] **The T-700 would've got up from the wall, walking closer to Jamar, only to be shot to hell with fatass concussive blasts. It goes falling over back. It's left optic literally shattered from the shot.

EDO. 'Jamar' Balton: [OOC] **Balton tucks back further, one-handed reloading his concussive. With his twenty-watt trained, he sends a mag full of fire towards 7864, once again aiming for it's head too. After reloading, he'd assume a volley of concussive fire, still going for 9943's head..

T-700.CLAUDIUS: [OOC] ** The T-700 attempts to roll away from the T-600 which is about to crush it to pieces. Will it get away? Most likely not but we'll see.

T-700.9943: [OOC] **The T-700 would've grabbed ahold of a nearby M4, with it's left free arm, it fires bullets towards Jamar - Only to be stopped by yet more concussive blasts.

Pvt. Wyatt Carter: [OOC] **Carter is pelted with plasma, he opens fire on 9943's weapon while pulling himself against the boiler.

EDO. 'Jamar' Balton: [LOCAL-OOC] 9943 ded fam

LCpl. ''John'' Lorenzo: [OOC] **Lorenzo head on down first, eyeing 9943 directly, a shotgun blast going off towards it in close range.**

Pvt. Wyatt Carter: [YELL] There is no fucking cover! Lorenzo- Shit!

Pfc. Joshua Spencer: [OOC] ** The shotgun and Concussive blasts are followed by a full volley of 30 watt shots.

EDO. 'Jamar' Balton: [OOC] **Still moving up the stairs, to gain distance, he now turns his attention onto 7864, with it too being a seven-hundred, the concussive would do wonderful effect at this range. He proceeds to send a lavish of forty-watt concussive, mixed with twenty-watt pistol plasma, all straight for it's head..

T-700.7864: [OOC] **7864 continues making it's approach upwards- it's minigun slowly starting to roar up again, and fire. Maybe it got a quick burst off, before Jamar's rounds impact against the bot full force. Lucky for him, he hit somewhere important, as the creature just thuds down the staircase, immobile.

T-700.9943: [OOC] **Well, 9943 was utterly fucked. It's propulted to the right a bit by the shotgun rounds, the 30 watt ripping off and damaging the platings.

Pvt. Wyatt Carter: [OOC] **Carter bolts, he jumps for the nearby crates, landing against the wall. His leg looks like a fountain, as does his lower body. He unloads the rest of his magazine at 7864.

T-700.7864: [OOC] **7864 remains rather immobile on the ground- it's eyes flickering dull for a good few moments, before both Balton and Carter light up into it's cranium at once. It's head is more or less melted by the varying degree of plasma, processor shutting down. It's dead.

Pvt. Wyatt Carter: [YELL] Fuuuckkk.... Bastard...

Adrian Coleman: [OOC] *Seeing as people were in danger he quick walked over to where the end of the wall was peeking the shotgun out firing a slug round or two blindly at teh direction the 600 should be.

T-700.9943: [OOC] **9943 would attempt to reach out a hand and grab ahold of Joshua, only to be propulted backwards once more by the shotgun - The head? Oof. It'd shout out useless commands as it's deactivates, the 30 watt damaging it more.

T-700.9943: [YELL] <:: BZZT-SURR-ND-

(T-610.9943) [EVENT] ** ** Two terminators bring noise to the open canals, one of them donning ragged clothing with duel miniguns. **
Xoriyo Akintola: -- ooooh.

** Vasilije arms himself and takes cover.

Xoriyo Akintola: [OOC] Xoriyo gets the fuck out of the way before they see her, letting them get close.

Vasilije: [YELL] --Simone, combat positions.

Vasilije: [OOC] ** Vasilije ducks too. He commandeers his drone.

Xoriyo Akintola: [YELL] Let me test this against them- it'll actually help!

Xoriyo Akintola: [YELL] Accuracy test.

Vasilije: [YELL] Simone could be holdin' it. Just sayin'.

'Simone': [OOC] **Simone prepares it's weapon. It sticks out towards the drones.

Xoriyo Akintola: [YELL] It's just two sixers, don't worry.

T-610.9943: [OOC] **A complete idiot of a drone, it continues on, currently unaware of the threat.

Xoriyo Akintola: [YELL] Let them get closer.

[275 MHz] 'Simone': Awaiting advice.

[275 MHz] Vasilije: Open fire as soon as Xori does.

Xoriyo Akintola: [OOC] As the 610 strays too close, Xoriyo pops out from cover, brandishing an M2 browning; she lights the thing up like a christmas tree, sending gigantic rounds down range at the thing's general mass.

'Simone': [OOC] **Simone joins in, 50-watt plasma flying at the closest drone.

Vasilije: [OOC] ** Vasilije opens up, too. His 50W rifle is fired with extreme prejudice at the machine behind the 610.

T-600.5258: [OOC] **The 50watt which lit up the 600 scaleded its chassis with a hail of plasma bolts, melting a good portion of its outer aurmor plating, leveling its gun arm at the organic which opened fire at it, letting loose a long burst of minigun fire. The wooden barricade would do little to stop the furious hail of bullets.**

T-610.9943: [OOC] **It's shot to complete hell, the crappy clothing tearing with the powerful bullets, the plasma setting it ablaze. Wirings, pieces and such on easily fall off from the powerful wattage and powerful bullets. It's extra steel platings easily melt within time, one of the miniguns being hit. It's other minigun began to spool, bullets returning.

'Simone': [OOC] **Simone keeps up the fire, 50-watt continuing to spray the upgraded sixxer. With an empty magazine, it dips behind cover.

Xoriyo Akintola: [OOC] Xoriyo doesn't relent; with only a quarter of the belt expended, she steps on the trigger and fires another good fourty rounds straight at the hulking remnant, having had a chance to properly aim this time.

Vasilije: [OOC] ** A few too many shots fly danger close, and Vasilije ducks in cover. Luckily unscathed, the same can't be said for his precious, already damaged technical.

'Ira': [OOC] **Ira joins from the side entrance, 20-watt sent through one of the small gaps in the patchwork barricades.

'Ira': [OOC] Just one plasma gun ICly since you cant dual wield without a second arm

T-600.5258: [OOC] ** Seeing as its original target ducked behind view the 600 shifted its focus to the organic carrying the M2, fireing a large burst of suppressive fire at the organics location.**

T-610.9943: [OOC] **The slightly stronger Sixer moved forward, to be stopped by the plasma, it's minigun firing like crazy. It was burning, parts of it melting. The strong bullets pierce the already weakoned armor, an arm dangling to the side. It's minigun is result to fire into the roof as a result.

'Simone': [OOC] **Simone pops back out, 50-watt spitting at the closer drone.

'Ira': [OOC] **Ira moves slightly, the rested 20-watt shooting for the same drone as Simone.

Xoriyo Akintola: [OOC] ** With the 610 probably far too damaged to even fight back at this point, Xoriyo is suppressed by the other sixer; she darts leftward and behind cover, only to duck down onto a knee and brace herself behind the pillar, shielding herself from the rounds. With the other two more than likely ending the drone off, Xoriyo expends the last of her 40 rounds in the belt onto the other sixer.

T-610.9943: [OOC] **9943 continues moving forward, shouting out useless and bugged commands. It's lower-chassis collapsed off, burning. With it's remaining functional arm, it slowly crawled forward, barely any progress, it's optics dying out.

T-610.9943: [YELL] <:: SURR-N-R ; BZZT ; ORGANIC

'Simone': [OOC] **A final burst is sent, putting the machine out of service.

T-600.5258: [OOC] ** It was quite a feat as the organic braced cover and fought through the hail of suppressive fire the 600 released with the minigun, the rounds shearing off plating and its left arm, one round piercing one of the actuators on its neck making it stifen for a moment and cock to the left hand side, thoug despite the withering fire, it advanced with its slightly decked out unit, maintaing its suppressive fire shreadding the area around the organic with a hail of bullets.**

T-610.9943: [OOC] **9943 is out for good, the remaining of it simply fusing with the ground as it burned, a pile of scrap.

Fig 2; Throwaway characters and real malicious behaviour.

Multiple times he has created throwaway characters which he uses to stir shit in Baseplate and antagonise real characters until inevitably a gunfight ensues, and someone is PK'd.

[275 MHz] 'Cromp': It is I, master of stealth..Killer of kills....Destruction of chaos, the bringer of justice-... CROMP!

[275 MHz] 'Cromp': I'll cromp ya' in a minute boy-.. Don't try me.

[275 MHz] Unknown: Static Death to tech com! the Urbanite raiders will rise agian!

[275 MHz] 'Cromp': Ay' I'm here to do that motherfucker! Wanna test me?

[275 MHz] 'Cromp': Death to Tech-Comm!

[275 MHz] 'Cromp': Hah! Fuckin' bitch I do it

[YELL] Holy fucking shit it's a retard convention!

[275 MHz] 'Cromp': -Yeah shut the fuck up 'Urbanite raider' bitch.

'Cromp': Perfect man!

[L] 'Cromp' examines Wyatt, folding his arms as he glares him all about, sliva dribbling. ''You are a perfectionist man my boy!''

[L] 'Cromp' shakes his head, confused. ''-I 'unno what SKYnet is man.''

'Cromp': I just wanna' CROMP em'

'Cromp': -Hold on, hold on.

[275 MHz] 'Cromp': Ay'. Urbanite raider man- You there?

[275 MHz] 'Cromp': Fuckin' speak so I can CROMP ya'.

'Cromp': I got you my 'crompie.

'Cromp': I'll fuckin' cromp em'.

'Cromp': I cromp' not.

[275 MHz] 'Cromp': You see- my crompie'.

[275 MHz] 'Cromp': [YELL] I will CROMP' more!

[275 MHz] 'Cromp': [YELL] -Yes MASTER!

[275 MHz] 'Cromp': [YELL] FUCK! CROMPIE'! FORGIVE ME!!

[275 MHz] 'Cromp': No 'Eighter' here!

[275 MHz] 'Cromp': I see big man in rag clothes!

[275 MHz] 'Cromp': I cromp' man in ragged clothing with miniguns!

[275 MHz] 'Cromp': [YELL] Excuse me crump 'man in ragged clothes with miniguns! I cromp' YOU!

[275 MHz] 'Cromp': [YELL] How DARE you cramp' my crumpin' crampie'!

[275 MHz] 'Cromp': [YELL] Excuse me cromp' man in ra clothes! I over here!

[275 MHz] 'Cromp': [YELL] You crampin' my crampie'!?

[275 MHz] 'Cromp': [YELL] Hahahahah'! CROMP' THIS!

[275 MHz] 'Cromp': [YELL] Cromp'! I crampin' crump' you!

[275 MHz] 'Cromp': [YELL] I make crampin' cromp' HELL for these metal' CRAMPS'!

[275 MHz] 'Cromp': [YELL] Cromp IT!'

[275 MHz] 'Cromp': [YELL] I have CROMPED' the fuckin' rag man that was crampin' my CRAMPIE'!

[275 MHz] 'Cromp': [YELL] My crompie'! I need my orders!

[275 MHz] Sgt. Joshua 'Cowpoke' Spencer: Assist us down here then.

[275 MHz] 'Cromp': [YELL] Yes crompie' Yes!

'Cromp': [YELL] Holy fuckin' Cromp! I may have broken' my crumps!

Now, this is where we move into the realm of real malicious behaviour.

To set the scene, let me bring you all up to speed. Earlier yesterday, Prism's newest throwaway had broken into the QM, at which point he began sabotaging various electrical installations in the armoury. He was promptly arrested, questioned, released and banned from Baseplate. At that point he threatened to come back and kill everyone, with Vasilije, my character, being his first victim.

At that point, Rex wandered the area outside of Baseplate, eventually coming across Dohosan Mahan and Kim Chee, Belowthebelt Belowthebelt and Nenko Nenko respectively. This short interaction took place.

Rex Christopher: [YELL] Excuse me!

Rex Christopher: You two!

[L] (Rex Christopher) ** Rex's hands are tied, he sighs, looking at the two. ''I /really/ need your help.'' **

Rex Christopher: Please release these CUFFS'.

** Kim Chee didn't seem all too sympathetic, though the look on her face was already showing signs in favor of no. The native sideglances to the right.

Rex Christopher: [YELL] PLEASE!

** Dohosan Mahan goes on the backfoot and gives him a suspicious look, "Whatever your dealings with Techcomm, it's none of my concern." He points off to the side, indicating to the rock, "Unbind yourself using the sharp end of a rock."

Rex Christopher: No- No! I can't- Please just- Untie me I BEG!

[L] ** Rex Christopher falls to his knees, shedding a tear. He continues to beg at the two. ''I /really/ need to be untied- PLEASE.''

Rex Christopher: [YELL] I'm CRYIN' on my knees here!

** Kim Chee just shook her head no at the man. She takes a step back a couple of times, footprints barely left behind. Her shoulders lift up in a shrug.
Dohosan Mahan: You've survived this far and you'll continue doing so if you listen to me. Cut yourself free on the rockface. I'm not getting close to a man kicked about the scruff of their neck by Techcomm. Let alone get a knife out.

Rex Christopher: -I don't even have a knife what are you on about?

Rex Christopher: All I did was take a few wirings- Look I'm CONFESSIN' here.

Rex Christopher: Please- PLEASE PLEASE.

Dohosan Mahan: I men't myself. This isn't a world for open charity. Do not follow us.

** Dohosan Mahan begins to back off one slow movement after another.

** Kim Chee nods in agreement to that. She backpedals as well along with him.

Rex Christopher: [YELL] No- No stop! You're tauntin' me. TAUNTING!

Kim Chee: Save the energy for freeing yourself, boss.

Rex Christopher: [YELL] I'll die..And you'll be the cause of it? Are you really Human?

** Dohosan Mahan continues to steadily backpeddle. He doesn't respond. He simply continues on under the blistering sun.

[L] ** Kim Chee gives a small salute as she leaves the man to his own destiny.

Rex Christopher: [YELL] -Thanks for the advice..Mate.

Kim Chee: [WHISPER] He'll free himself.

Rex Christopher: [YELL] This is so good..

Dohosan Mahan: [WHISPER] Hmm-mm.

Kim Chee: If he can vvalk...

Kim Chee: He can do just about anything.

Dohosan Mahan: VVe'll stop around the corner. See if he follows us.

Kim Chee: Except maybe shut the fuck up, apparentl.

Dohosan Mahan: We can't lead a possible asset to our base. Hmm.

** Dohosan Mahan rubs his chin, "Or pe--." He steadies himself as the figure comes around weapon in-hand. His weapon audibly clicks and goes to half cock, "Keep moving."

[L] ** Rex Christopher stares at the guy, chuckling. ''Fuckin' hell. You nearly fired on me there, bud'.''

[L] (Rex Christopher) ** He continues on, sighing. ''I just want my wires man'..'' **

** Kim Chee just faces the man quietly, especially as he leaves...

Following this, Footless changed from 'Rex Christopher' to his T-800, meta gaming their location from the encounter he just shared with them. He blatantly lied about just happening to be on patrol and insisted on S2RP'ing with the pair, presumably so he can force a PI or PK on the duo, as by the end of the S2RP Kim Chee was in the medbay, in a wheelchair.

I was told by Belowthebelt Belowthebelt that less than a minute of time had passed between Rex departing the scene and the T-800 arriving and engaging the duo.

Dohosan Mahan: I will if-- he's up to something. I don't recommend we follow his path. Come, baseplate is still fine to stay in. Well, if you can deal with Blood that us.

Kim Chee: Oh, he's easy. Reminds me of our own drill sarges.

** Dohosan Mahan rubs his chin in a weary manner, "Getting too paranoid."

** Kim Chee shrugs in agreement. Her nonchalant nature shows as she goes on to slung the hefty long battle right back on her shoulder. She opts for the pistol.

** Dohosan Mahan seems to remember that he's not alone for a change, seeming to talk to himself, "He's close to our base. If he's inside, we'll talk to him."

Kim Chee: [WHISPER] Let's go-

Dohosan Mahan: [LOCAL-OOC] hello

T-800.9943: [LOCAL-OOC] Hi

Dohosan Mahan: [LOCAL-OOC] ic?

T-800.9943: [LOCAL-OOC] Yeah patrolling

Dohosan Mahan: [LOCAL-OOC] cool. mind going back to the gate? we can carry on from there

Dohosan Mahan: [LOCAL-OOC] yea man

Kim Chee: [LOCAL-OOC] give us a little time to run our asses off.

Dohosan Mahan: [LOCAL-OOC] didnt know that was a food far. we'll /y our emotes

T-800.9943: [LOCAL-OOC] Sure. Mind if we s2rp tho

T-800.9943: [LOCAL-OOC] Yeah yeah

Dohosan Mahan: [LOCAL-OOC] of course mate. PLACES PEOPLE!

On yet another one of his throwaways, to fool a Corporal into following him to a secluded area of BP where he could take them hostage, he put 'Sgt.' in his name, impersonating a Alpha Sergeant over the radio. Impersonating a T.C. soldier isn't a crime on it's own, but putting 'Sgt.' in his name to fool someone on a OOC level I find a bit malicious, especially considering how he put a gun to his victim's head just a little while later.

[275 MHz] Cpl. Sophia Spencer: Any alpha's sound off

[275 MHz] 'Bob': Sergeant Bob, Alpha sounding off

[275 MHz] Cpl. Sophia Spencer: Sergeant, Can I see you in the CnC

[275 MHz] Sgt. 'Bob': Affirmative.

[L] ** Sgt. 'Bob' opens up all the cabinets, searching all about. He pulls out a uniform. ''See?''

Cpl. Sophia Spencer: Show me the nametag

[L] ** Sgt. 'Bob' nods. He searches through all the pouches, before stopping. ''Got it right 'ere. Nametag, ay'?''

Cpl. Sophia Spencer: Wait

Cpl. Sophia Spencer: Before you show me

Cpl. Sophia Spencer: Whats your last name?

Sgt. 'Bob': -That's not for you to know. You call me 'Bob'. End of.

Sgt. 'Bob': Sergeant Bob.

Cpl. Sophia Spencer: I'm asking as an MP

[L] ** Sgt. 'Bob' drops the uniform, a pistol in his hand. It's aimed for her head, safety pulled back. ''Now. Mp?''

Sgt. 'Bob': I'm the Mp.

Fig 3; General fuckery and mingy behaviour.


[275 MHz] Maj. Frederico Moris: [YELL] Hika. Why are you in Alpha?

[275 MHz] Pvt. Hikamashi 'Hika' Sano: [YELL] Transfered Moris!

[275 MHz] Maj. Frederico Moris: [YELL] Get to my office, now. And I want that uniform off by the time you do.

[275 MHz] Pvt. Hikamashi 'Hika' Sano: [YELL] Major Morris, I've been told I'm allowed in Alpha.

[275 MHz] SSgt. Joshua 'Cowpoke' Spencer: [YELL] Major, currently leading Warrant Officer Lotomau and Lieutenant Ramos agreed to that transfer.

[275 MHz] Maj. Frederico Moris: [YELL] But I wanna see that cute ass, dammit.

//If I didn't make it clear enough, that's not really Moris. That's Footless, having changed his char's name to 'Maj. Frederico Moris'.

i'm on my knees here

there's much i've missed and i'm sure other people will pitch in but my fingers are sore from compiling logs and typing this up

please fix​
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Quick addendum; earlier today Footless pulled some shit on his drone where he removed a prop I was standing on in order to give his character a lethal close quarters advantage.

His drone knocked a tree over during a battle with Mahan and my character used the upended tree to get a height advantage on his unarmed drone. This would allow my character to fire down at his drone without getting melee'd to death. I tabbed back in to find myself face to face with him. His response emote and initial LOOC responses pretended the tree never existed in the first place, and then he said in LOOC that he removed it because it "looked retarded."

[L] ** Katerin comes traipsing up the length of the fallen tree with the grace and certainty of a pouncing housecat. She holds her Uzi at hip-level in both hands, muzzle aimed down at 9943, ready to let 'er rip.
T-800.9943: [OOC] ** 9943 soon stood up, dust falling off it. It slowly turned, head shifting to face the new arrival. It stepped up to her.
T-800.9943: [LOCAL-OOC] what the shit
T-800.9943: [LOCAL-OOC] no
Katerin: [LOCAL-OOC] what
Katerin: [LOCAL-OOC] did u just
T-800.9943: [LOCAL-OOC] You were floating
Katerin: [LOCAL-OOC] i was not
Katerin: [LOCAL-OOC] there was a tree here
T-800.9943: [LOCAL-OOC] Half a tree that's destroyed lol
Katerin: [LOCAL-OOC] my character was standing on the trunk
T-800.9943: [LOCAL-OOC] The trunk is in the ground not in the air
Katerin: [LOCAL-OOC] it was up here
Katerin: [LOCAL-OOC] ok well im not gonna have u movin my character around so u can score an ez kill
Katerin: [LOCAL-OOC] i had a height advantage, u cant just despawn the prop i was standing on and go "nuh uh"

His removal of the tree put my character in jeopardy of not just immediate death but what would have been a negligence PK for just walking up to a drone. Frankly already knowing that Prism is a powergaming retard I didn't stick around; I just walked away. This guy is a regular source of dumb bullshit on both his drones and his TC character.
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Regarding previous complaints regarding Footless, he was approached by a member of command (not me, Enraged Enraged I think it was? Can't remember) and was told to knock it off.

It's quite clear that these issues have now expanded beyond the realm of his drone however, as evidence shows.
Regarding previous complaints regarding Footless, he was approached by a member of command (not me, Enraged Enraged I think it was? Can't remember) and was told to knock it off.

It was me!
I need a drink holy shit.

FootlessPrism90 FootlessPrism90 I was pretty cut and dry about knocking off the mingey behavior on your drone. At least imo I was, if you think otherwise please correct me.
That aside this is a bit much as there's a fair bit more then what was originally brought to Skynet Command.
Would like to see what you have to say about all of this first.
The only thing I can say is that I honestly believe that he had the intention of creating some form of tense roleplay when I interacted with him. There were parts where he would talk out-of-character to say something along the lines of 'Ooh, this is cool' and proceed to try something new like taking a portion of the tree that he shot down to throw at me as a weapon.

Yes, he's flawed. Yes, he sometimes acts in a malicious way. But sometimes, just sometimes, he means well and tries to create an interesting experience for people.
Gonna go ahead and say that Footless should prob take a break from the server for a bit and reconsider the direction they're going down. Drone decisions come down to those big boys, but the attitude needs to change.

I love rpin with you bud, but this aint a good look.
if his profile information is at all accurate (although it hardly ever is here) it says he's 14.

we've all done and acted like absolute shitheads at 14, no one can deny it, me especially, and although my word means absolutely fuck all (moreso to some than others), i'd take his age into consideration. now if he's not actually 14 and a fully functioning adult, then yeah no excuse really.
if his profile information is at all accurate (although it hardly ever is here) it says he's 14.

we've all done and acted like absolute shitheads at 14, no one can deny it, me especially, and although my word means absolutely fuck all (moreso to some than others), i'd take his age into consideration. now if he's not actually 14 and a fully functioning adult, then yeah no excuse really.
That's fine but having an underdeveloped brain doesn't give you a free pass to do dumb shit and generally be a negative influence on the rest of the server.
if his profile information is at all accurate (although it hardly ever is here) it says he's 14.

we've all done and acted like absolute shitheads at 14, no one can deny it, me especially, and although my word means absolutely fuck all (moreso to some than others), i'd take his age into consideration. now if he's not actually 14 and a fully functioning adult, then yeah no excuse really.

And we few who have played long enough at TnB to remember the behaviors we took part of here when we were younger also know that we were still punished for it then.

It can be taken into consideration but it's not an excuse.
he should still be punished yes, but the severity of the punishment should take into account his age.
fuck the youth.

ofc we take it as reason, but not excuse. i dont THINK anybody's looking for anything permanent as a punishment either way.
he should still be punished yes, but the severity of the punishment should take into account his age.

I mean, yeah.

End of the day a lot of adolescents play Gmod and TnB and so for a lot of them this is a learning experience (hell, I basically knew shit for social cues until I started interacting with people online), but that growth can't start unless we try to correct these issues here and now. Regardless of the administrative outcome of this thread command has agreed that he'll also be getting bumped back down to T-700 in SkyNET.

He can begin the journey of working his way back up to T-800 and learning from these poor choices if he chooses to, and after his ban has been lifted if it comes to that.

It's pretty late, and assuming that Footless is pretty young he's probably well asleep by now. I think it'd be wise to give him the chance to post here and give his side of things (Save for the mingery, those are pretty inexcusable). I think his willingness (or unwillingness) to understand and recognize these issues for what they are should carry more weight than his age.

That's all I have on the matter, probably going to retire myself shortly or play BOTW on my switch lite til I fall asleep in my chair
I dealt with Footless for a while, before attempting to steer mostly clear.

Back when he had the character Thomas Reckless, my own character and Thomas had a falling-out. After this, at various times, I got PMs about it asking for the reasoning behind why I did so, or why he told Thomas to go away. I mostly responded with various forms of 'It's an IC issue'. This had come up again when said character I had died, and was asked again. It's uncomfortable, and I didn't want to piss him off due to what's been stated above.

edit 2: rewrote, apologies.
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Even looking at the above post about sleepy-time, I want to put my own words here on something of another issue, nor do I have logs for.
While playing Ira, we had an incident with Reckless/Ira come up and the resulting issue was my character steered away from Thomas.

Multiple times since then I've been asked about why and to tell in PMs rather than be asked IC or taken up in any serious regard IC. The first few times I shrugged it off, but it's become a real irritant that I've basically side-lined telling him outright to stop assuming he'd take it out in some OOC-inspired manner on my character. After that character died, I got more PMs to tell about IC reasoning behind things.
I don't know if this has been an issue with anyone else, but I want to put it out here.

After Footless has spoken for himself, I might put more information on smaller situations such as IC fights that happened/reprogram RP.
what? I can't make sense of this post, it gave me a headache
I just wanna say rq

please don't get this to 2 pages before the kid has a chance to respond, just leave it at the replies it's at now and let him respond

whilst there's not many ways of conveying information like this ya'll sometimes got a knack of flooding people with information and it can overwhelm the accused

i'm not excusing anything he's done mind you i'm just asking that you guys don't give him 2 pages of walls of text to try and process. the offences are there yea but lets be honest it isn't worth kicking up a sandstorm over.
I am not sure what is the limit of posts to create page 2 but I only want to give my opinion on this situasion .

Yes Footless powergamed really hard about his Ts character being goddamit invicible but his random throwaway characters like I don't really see that much of deal since it creates interesting ecounters or funny neat RP [ expect impersonating people on radio ]

But yea most of stuff that I saw on this thread and proofs of it makes me agree that he should get banned not perma but maybe for litte while so he could think of other ideas of creating RP situasion without having to metagame and so he could learn that beacuse you are a T it doesn't mean that all weaponry that exist doesn't do shit to your T character .

Now I gonna go drink some Tea and watch how many people will post about my miss spells
guy fucked around on his drone and when I killed his widow in bp he got on rex to call mine a retard over not calling it out on the radio LOL
Rex Christopher: [YELL] Next time tell people you destroyed the Widow retard'.
[then he proceeds to walk away without giving any response time to me]
[PM to Rex Christopher] dont get over after I killed u n call me a retard lol
[PM from Rex Christopher] Are you complaining because I called you a retard IC lol
[PM to Rex Christopher] after metagaming u were killed, yeah
Line 347: [PM from Rex Christopher] I mean you shot plasma and ballistics outside in bp anyone can hear that no problem
Line 354: [PM from Rex Christopher] I'm so sorry I called you a retard man your char must be depressed. stfu lol
Line 366: [PM from Rex Christopher] I'm not complaining I don't see an issue bro. It's just a widow and you killed it
Line 371: [PM to Rex Christopher] thats just stupid rp mate
Line 373: [PM to Rex Christopher] im up for conflicts in rp but that was just a stupid way to pull it off
Line 382: [PM from Rex Christopher] Sure, but it doesn't matter lol. Seriously, it was just a WIDOW
Line 383: [PM from Rex Christopher] Usually it's s2k anyway it doesn't even matter
Line 390: [PM to Rex Christopher] my point is u just pulled off a dumb attempt at starting some shit and not letting someone react by walking away asap
Line 392: [PM to Rex Christopher] after someone killed u in s2k
Line 397: [PM from Rex Christopher] You can just walk over to me and tell me instead of complaining in OOC like
Line 398: [PM to Rex Christopher] if its not a big deal u should have either faced the brunt of my characters response or shouldnt have walked up there and started conflict mate
Line 402: [PM to Rex Christopher] maybe u could not walk off next time
Line 407: [PM from Rex Christopher] Maybe you should radio me back or something, tell me OOC prior? Fuck man you just complaining because you didn't do anything
Line 409: [PM to Rex Christopher] would u rather I dm u for avoiding rp lol
Line 412: [PM from Rex Christopher] Nigga that's not avoiding rp you idiot.
Line 414: [PM to Rex Christopher] it is in a way
Line 415: [PM from Rex Christopher] And if you did that that's just rdm lol
Line 416: [PM from Rex Christopher] I'm here, come to me then
we ironed it out but not before he had his fit and made my index finger tingle a bit

I am not sure what is the limit of posts to create page 2 but I only want to give my opinion on this situasion .

Yes Footless powergamed really hard about his Ts character being goddamit invicible but his random throwaway characters like I don't really see that much of deal since it creates interesting ecounters or funny neat RP [ expect impersonating people on radio ]

But yea most of stuff that I saw on this thread and proofs of it makes me agree that he should get banned not perma but maybe for litte while so he could think of other ideas of creating RP situasion without having to metagame and so he could learn that beacuse you are a T it doesn't mean that all weaponry that exist doesn't do shit to your T character .

Now I gonna go drink some Tea and watch how many people will post about my miss spells
I'll beat up anyone who tries to call you out for bad spelling. pirate pirate is first.
These encounters aren't fun to some people, and the example I wrote about above completely fucked over any kind of fun I had by footlessprism getting on his human after being smoked on the widow. Then when you do these things all over again, whether it be cannibals in Baseplate or some other shit, they just get old very fast which in turn leads to people getting mad.
I don't tend to involve myself in drama or ban requests but I will leave this.

FootlessPrism90 means well as a player, most of the time anyway. He tries to go out his way to create interesting experiences and scenarios for other players. My main problem which has been addressed numerous times is how he has gone about doing so. Most of my interactions with him has been primarily on his drone, T-800.9943 and more recently 'Cromp' or 'Rex' whoever he might be.

I could go into detail about him tanking loads of bullets, plasma, and explosives on his drone. Which we have all heard about before, even the excruciatingly annoying lengthy S2RP sessions he had on both Reckless and Cromp. We've all seen it before, and if I had any logs saved then I'd post it right here. Thing is, he's a nice guy and I don't want to shit on him for the mistakes he had made or is going to make. I think I myself am partly responsible for not stepping in and correcting him along the way.

I will say that he has been a great help when I needed volunteers in one particular event, going all the way as to recommending me tracks to play, setting up props, being a drone, etc. He is really enthusiastic about this kind of stuff and I can see that he is trying to create an enjoyable experience for others. I cannot really offer any legitimate criticisms that has already been offered on this thread. I hope that he reads this and understands that he has to change his ways. In approach to both s2rp situations, power scaling, IC and OOC etiquette, and more.

It takes me a heavy heart to say this but I agree with what has been said above. Footless should take an extended break or period away from TRP to reflect on his decisions, at least come out openly and discuss with players and staff alike. That is all I really have left to say.
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