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May 22, 2011

Terminator music just because.

I didn't think I'd ever actually be announcing a TRP ever again for TnB but here we are, like a timeless loop and unescapable cycle we return to the second of TnB's primary roleplay avenues. My post isn't going to contain specific details about the server itself but rather explain why I want to take this approach and touch upon TRP as a setting once more. With TRP 3 I felt like we didn't really do the setting justice, not just because of a mishap or two but just over all confusion. Miscommunication and creative differences spoiled what should have been a good experience for all and it really left a sour mark on what should have simply been another good chapter of TRP.

To me TRP is an incredibly important part of TnB, just as much as HL2 is. Since all the way back in 2010 when Dave and I first had the idea for it and made it a reality I've really seen the ups and downs of it as a setting, it fills a different niche and hits a spot that HL2 doesn't and when it's prepared and delivered by people who care about the setting it's really something great to be involved in. I want TnB to have one last chance at offering that to people again, in acknowledgement that having all of the diverse servers that TnB has had through the years and that players that joined for one setting have stayed for another I want to give all of those people that wanted the quality that TRP 3 promised but failed to deliver have a chance to actually experience it.

Of course people are going to ask, what does this mean for HL2? Is HL2 being closed? No - I said HL2 will remain up when we first put it up and I meant it, but to me this is also a good opportunity to shutter the doors temporarily (I DO MEAN TEMPORARILY) for two weeks or so and get our house in order. I feel like there are things we can't make progress on while the server is up and taking the time to do a soft restart will allow us to sort things out in the best way possible. There will be a separate thread about this so you can give your opinion, but for now this thread is about TRP, and I want to give the floor to TRP's SCL - Lambda.
Hey all, hope you guys had some good holidays. This is something we've had in the works for a few months now and I'm excited to give you some quick details about what's going on with the server, and the Washington (Olympia city) Resistance.

Quick Timeline:
The setting will be derived from the Salvation lore. This means JD was 2004 and we have a lot more equipment to work with. To that effect we will also be set in the early years of the war, early 2018, and 4 years after TC is founded by John Connor. This is before the events of the salvation movie.

Onto the details

Firstly, this iteration of trp is going to be trying some new things in retrospect of trp3, which save for Ricky Luz wasn't as successful as we'd have liked.

Arguably the most important change is the plan to focus on a balanced resistance where TC is the figurehead of our local resistance, reinforced by pbgs who work together to contribute what's necessary for humanity to win; Basically, TC is no longer going to be a one man show. TC is resistance but the resistance isn't just TC.

Secondly, we've drafted many changes with how skynet will be played. There will be more information on this before launch but in quick summary skynet players will have goals, a more defined command structure, and more things for players to hop on and do outside of events and random wandering. Conflicts with skynet are going to be made more balanced for either side so both teams can play to win and have fun, to that effect a skynet victory will have longstanding effects and help skynet accomplish current goals.

There's a lot more information that will be shared over time, but one final thing I want to mention is that we will be returning death to the setting. Your character dying, albeit a bit to chew, is ultimately healthy for the server and for you being able to have new experiences. To that extent we wanted to be more strict on our pk rules but also leave room for fairness, we want death to not be forced onto you as players but instead be a risk you know about well ahead of time.

There will be a post with proper details about what this harsher system entails but for now the consensus among the team is that s2rp will always carry the risk of death, while s2k will remain free for people to shoot bots, die, and have fun. The default interaction with skynet will be s2k aside from some exceptions.

I hope you guys can be as excited for this iteration as we are, and we're pretty much immediately going to start working on making this information more digestible and getting your input.

[Insert jc you are the resistance line here]
Color me excited. Here is hoping that we lean into the rule of cool and just let some wild shit happen. TRP 3 had issues of just, keeping too much cool shit under wraps and miscommunication, so, fingers crossed!
I was gonna post something really cynical but I can contain myself. I will just say I really hope the team is really up to doing it right this time. Most of the problems with the last iteration come down to extremely poor attitudes from the admin team at the time. I hope you guys can find your zen and everyone can have honest, fair fun with it. When I get home later today I'll offer a more detailed post.

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