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some fucking pog fuck
Sep 30, 2012

I've been contracted by the National Guard and I am slated to go to 11B OSUT (basic and AIT mashed together) training on the 8th of January at Fort Benning, Georgia. Unfortunately, my mother does not support my decision to improve myself as a potential officer by going through the enlisted experience and going SMP and I have been disowned. I will not be permitted to return home and will likely have a majority if not all of my possessions sold. I must spend the next three months dedicated to bettering myself in preparation for OSUT. I wish you all the best in the closing of this iteration as well as your own personal lives and I hope to return to you as a hard charging Infantryman.


Jan 14, 2012
my endless LOA continues again
i'll be even less active for a while (probably until january) bc im drowning in exams and family stuff


Jan 14, 2012

i step down from my ivory tower, though. i've lost interest in hl2 and maybe even rp as a whole (but probably not) so i don't really think it's fair to keep my position any longer. i'm not leaving the community because you guys are still a family away from family (is that a thing?), but i don't see myself being too involved in hl2 anymore.
i can't say i'll miss the endless uphill battle of trying to improve something that does not want to be improved, and i really won't miss having to pause my rp every five minutes to tend to someone elses problem. you guys should be glad you don't know what leading a faction on a rp server is like, or how stressful it can get.

anyhow, worst case, i'll see you on the server when tekka's out! otherwise, probably when i feel like hopping on hl2 again.

this isnt a goodbye so idk how im supposed to end this mini-reflection so ill just go ahead and

Rabidedit: ;-; no
necedit: you'll always be my fellow cabalist, godspeed
DiBedit: um no get back here
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Fuzzy Wolfy

The 'good' cop
Jun 24, 2013
Due to a combination of exams, holiday festivities, and friends / family all coming around at the same time, both online and not, I haven't had much time to dedicate myself to the server. I kinda realized this a week ago, but I've been so caught up in it all, and in catching up with old friends, that I've neglected to actually make any official announcement to my LOA - so, I apologize on that front.

Consider this my late, but still currently-valid LOA announcement; I'll be online if anyone needs me, but due to time and system limitations, I won't be able to get on Garry's Mod until the 2nd of January (give or take a day). By then, I'll be fully committed to the server again as things quickly quiet down around me.

Happy Holidays~


Jan 10, 2015
loa loa loa loa I'm going to Ontario for 10 days, don't try to reach me for administrative assistance while I am displaced and cumming hard in Canada.

Thank you.
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Sep 1, 2016
The tide holds true,
its ebb and flow.
In comes bloo
and out I go.

won’t be on the server at all because I’m with family. Be back early January.


Dec 3, 2012
I resign, I haven't had interest in the idea of an uprising since it first came up in the admin discord, and I don't want to take up a spot on the team. See you.

anriedit; blessings of the moon upon your journey
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morally bankrupt degenerate
Nov 24, 2013
All pass trial. @Skippy, malina? malina? @Symmetry are reinstated as full administrators if they accept. They've had secret admin for long enough and we might as well keep them in the loop at this point.

Game Moderators

We are repurposing the trial role into a game moderator which should give more players opportunities to administrate on the server and help push the uprising along. We've picked faction leads and the most motivated players so that we can give them administrative autonomy for their plots and event plans. This will serve as a trial in itself and those who are capable will pass as full admins (or remain as GM with less responsibilities).
I haven't had the opportunity to speak to every one of you so if you think this is a mistake please let me know. Additionally, if anyone feels they would make a good GM don't hesitate to contact us. We hope to pad out the team and give as many people the tools they need to provide roleplay for the server.

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Warrior of Sunlight
Aug 17, 2011
I think it's about time I just come right out with it, it's not fair for me to sit here and hold onto a green name when I haven't done anything to contribute to the server in recent memory. I haven't even gotten on since well before December. So it's time I resign and bow out. Maybe I'll come back for Tekka or whatever other venture comes up in the future, but honestly, I think this might just be the end of my time in Gmod RP all together.

Thank you all for a wonderful few years. I know it hasn't been all sunshine and rainbows the whole ride through but, well, from coming here to stay in 2015, to leading DUTY, ECHO, and finally SHIELD and everything that's happened from start to finish, I can't say I can picture my life being the same without it all. Anyways, the end of the road for me came months ago, I've just been delaying it.

I won't say 'goodbye' to any individual person because I won't be purging my friends list or anything. I'll see you all around.


goblin admin
Jun 20, 2011
back to kinda-sorta loa now that the semester's started.

I have more important obligations, but I still want to see the conclusion of hl2rp through, so I'll still try to make time for that. Just don't expect me to be available as often.


Roleplay Department Administrator
May 22, 2011
Fuzzy Wolfy Fuzzy Wolfy down to player. The relevant announcement is here. From our perspective, HL2 admins deriding and complaining about the community itself and other administrators on the team on the discord of a competing community is not reasonable conduct that we expect from people that accept the responsibility to administrate our servers. While we can understand venting frustrations it's important to remember that as an admin on HL2 you are a representative of the community and have some responsibility to act like such.
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