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[TRP] RDM ban request

Discussion in 'Ban Requests' started by A Blaze of Glory, May 18, 2018.

  1. A Blaze of Glory

    A Blaze of Glory Subtlety is overrated.

    United States
    May 8, 2018
    OOC Name: BoredFeather141
    Steam ID: Unk
    IC Name: Tyler Dawes
    What Happened: Guy must've decided he was bored so he shot me and another player who was aft at the time. No RP, no waring, just did it. He then denied it, and then DC'd.
    Time: 05/18/2018 at approx. 3:15pm to 3:25pm (15:15 to 15:25)
    Proof: I can't screenshot for some reason so I'll copy and paste the log below. The above reported incidents will be underlined for you.

    BoredFeather141 killed A Blaze of Glory using trp_uzi
    Yue Peng Lee: [OOC] Really?

    [PM from Alexia 'Tiger-Mafia' Monroe] Who was it?
    [PM to Alexia 'Tiger-Mafia' Monroe] the Tyler Dawes dude.
    [PM from Alexia 'Tiger-Mafia' Monroe] yeah thought so one sec
    Pvt. Mink Cooper: [OOC] Why did we change maps?
    Alexia 'Tiger-Mafia' Monroe: [OOC] moved on IC
    T-700.1690: [OOC] what do you mean, this is rp_Salvation
    Pvt. Mink Cooper: [OOC] I have no idea where I am
    Alexia 'Tiger-Mafia' Monroe: [OOC] Go into door 2 and you'll see the camp
    [PM to Alexia 'Tiger-Mafia' Monroe] fucking minges man
    [PM from Alexia 'Tiger-Mafia' Monroe] I was gonna shoot him and take his gun
    [PM to Alexia 'Tiger-Mafia' Monroe] I would have laughed my ass of.
    [PM from Alexia 'Tiger-Mafia' Monroe] He'll die d/w lmao
    [PM to Alexia 'Tiger-Mafia' Monroe] Oh good god even his descrip is bad.
    [275 MHz] LCpl. ' Doc ' Murphy: Alright 'Mouse' I've got a room setup... I'll meet you at the bunker entrance.
    [275 MHz] Pfc. William 'Ash' Wood: // We are setting something up atm
    [275 MHz] LCpl. ' Doc ' Murphy: // kk
    [275 MHz] Pvt. David 'Mouse' Lenney: Cool stuff. On my way now.
    Yue Peng Lee: [OOC] So the ambient music from Red Dead Redemption is really fitting.
    Pfc. William 'Ash' Wood: [OOC] I nearly finished the 1st one, Re playing it, Just got out of mexico :)
    Tyler Dawes: [YELL] Can I take the truck Im gonna find QM
    Tyler Dawes: [OOC] When
    Yue Peng Lee: [OOC] I loved that game man, if I still had it I'd play the shit outta it.
    Tyler Dawes: [YELL] When
    Pfc. William 'Ash' Wood: [OOC] Just hogtie a bunch of people then shoot them.
    [275 MHz] Pablo Colins: Hello?
    Tyler Dawes: [YELL] Okay
    [275 MHz] Pfc. Melissa Kinley: Hi.
    Yue Peng Lee: [OOC] Oh dude I did the hero playthrough, got the lawman outfit and everything,
    [275 MHz] Pablo Colins: // where do i go
    ♕ KILLBOSS � killed PenguinXD using trp_skynet_35watt
    [275 MHz] Pfc. Melissa Kinley: // door 2
    Pablo Colins: [OOC] why did the terminators s2k me
    [275 MHz] Yue Peng Lee: // door two, then down the hill
    [275 MHz] Pablo Colins: // i spawned in and get s2ked by the terminators oof
    Pfc. William 'Ash' Wood: [OOC] Dam, I just hogtied a fuck ton of people then either draged them from the back of me horse or throw them off a cliff
    [275 MHz] Pfc. Melissa Kinley: // terminators do tend to s2k
    T-700.1690: [OOC] In all fairness, that was an accident. This gun is inaccurate as hell and trying to miss sometimes results in the bolt doming you
    [275 MHz] Pablo Colins: // why they get accepted
    Pablo Colins: [OOC] oh
    [275 MHz] Pfc. Melissa Kinley: // he's right that gun in inaccurate
    T-700.1690: [OOC] Intentionally missing ends up causing more kills than actually aiming
    Durruti killed vika using trp_m240
    Pablo Colins: [LOCAL-OOC] oops
    Pfc. Melissa Kinley: [OOC] but y tho
    [275 MHz] Pablo Colins: Anyone got sniper rifle ammo?
    T-700.1690: [OOC] Dave made the guns inaccurate so most shots would miss. When you aim to the left or right some someone and the bolt flies out in that direction then it usually ends up headshotting them even if you're not trying to hit
    LCpl. Logan Morales: [OOC] lmfao
    Alexia 'Tiger-Mafia' Monroe: [OOC] You can literally S2M and kill someone its that bad
    Tyler Dawes: [OOC] Im sorry
    Cpl. Vanessa Kerrigan: [OOC] GOOD
    T-700.1690: [OOC] Case and point, I just headshot Pablo by accident from about 300-400 feet away
    Pablo Colins: [LOCAL-OOC] OH
    Pvt. Mink Cooper: [OOC] It helps to have head armor when headshotted
    T-700.1690: [OOC] He did not.
    ** Pfc. Molly 'Wolf' Watson unslings her rifle
    [275 MHz] Cpl. Tim 'Irish' Cloverfield: Hawkins, after you get her to the top, I want you to toss this pick axe far away from here.
    [275 MHz] Pvt. Logan Hawkins: Alright.
    [275 MHz] Cpl. Tim 'Irish' Cloverfield: Bury it, destroy it. Whatever.
    [275 MHz] LCpl. Logan Morales: Melt it.
    [275 MHz] LCpl. Logan Morales: It's the only way.
    [275 MHz] Cpl. Tim 'Irish' Cloverfield: No.
    [275 MHz] Cpl. Vanessa Kerrigan: Is it cursed?
    [275 MHz] LCpl. Logan Morales: Yes.
    [275 MHz] Pvt. Logan Hawkins: No, it isn't.
    [275 MHz] Pfc. Melissa Kinley: How? It's a pickaxe. Don't ruin a good tool.
    [275 MHz] Cpl. Tim 'Irish' Cloverfield: I held it for a second... And felt like the Devil was trying to call to me.
    Pfc. Molly 'Wolf' Watson: Hey Mink
    Player [email protected] left the game (Disconnect by user.)
    [275 MHz] LCpl. Logan Morales: Gotta melt it, melt it with thermite.
    Pfc. Molly 'Wolf' Watson: [LOCAL-OOC] Bye mink
    LCpl. Logan Morales: [OOC] Heads up everybody we got a daywalker ic
    [275 MHz] Pfc. Melissa Kinley: You guys are fuckin' crazy. Don't destroy the tool.
    [275 MHz] LCpl. Logan Morales: I'll destroy your tool.
    T-700.1690: [OOC] A what now?
    [275 MHz] Pfc. Melissa Kinley: Har-har, very funny. Comedy genius.
    Player _Vintricus left the game (Disconnect by user.)
    Cpl. Tim 'Irish' Cloverfield: [OOC] **Those inside the bunker can hear wailing and screams of pain, but those outside hear nothing.
    [275 MHz] Alexia 'Tiger-Mafia' Monroe: Th'fucks that?
    [275 MHz] Pfc. Melissa Kinley: What?
    Pvt. Logan Hawkins: [OOC] Why is it as soon as I take the pickaxe the same person keeps calling MY FUCKING PHONE
    [275 MHz] Pfc. Molly 'Wolf' Watson: Th'fuck's what?
    [275 MHz] Alexia 'Tiger-Mafia' Monroe: Screamin' in th'bunker.
    [275 MHz] Cpl. Tim 'Irish' Cloverfield: You guys heard that too?
    T-700.1690: [OOC] pickaxe? Are you mining diamonds?
    [275 MHz] Pfc. Molly 'Wolf' Watson: I'm outside, I ain't hearin' shit
    Cpl. Tim 'Irish' Cloverfield: [OOC] IT'S THE GHOST DRONE! IT WANTS ITS PICKAXE BACK!
    [275 MHz] Pvt. Logan Hawkins: I heard some of 'et..
    Yue Peng Lee: [OOC] Oh it's actually a pickaxe.. figured it was code or some shit.
    Cpl. Vanessa Kerrigan: [OOC] a code for autism
    LCpl. Theo Melnik: [OOC] 10-4
    ** Pvt. Logan Hawkins leans back with the pickaxe in hand ready to throw the shit far.
    Pvt. Logan Hawkins: Why do we need /one/ pickaxe for anyway?
    BoredFeather141 killed PenguinXD using trp_uzi
    [275 MHz] Pfc. Molly 'Wolf' Watson: Ok so i'm in the main entrance now I can hear the sceamin' where the fuck is it comin' from
    Pvt. Logan Hawkins: Irish doesn't trust it.
    Pvt. Logan Hawkins: Surprisingly..
    Yue Peng Lee: [OOC] Ok Dawes, enough RDM today.
    [275 MHz] Cpl. Tim 'Irish' Cloverfield: It sounds like it's from deeper in the bunker...
    Pvt. Logan Hawkins: I'm throwing it.
    [275 MHz] Pfc. Molly 'Wolf' Watson: Right... i'm on my way
    Pvt. Logan Hawkins: Go out if you want it.
    Tyler Dawes: [OOC] That wasnt me
    Wait 3 seconds to talk in OOC.
    [275 MHz] Pfc. Molly 'Wolf' Watson: This I gotta fukin' see
    Cpl. Vanessa Kerrigan: [OOC] BoredFeather141 killed PenguinXD using trp_uzi
    ** Pvt. Logan Hawkins throws the pickaxe out going right out of his hands and out of the base.
    Yue Peng Lee: [OOC] Dude you are pushing it.
    Tyler Dawes: [OOC] Bye
    Player BoredFeather141 left the game (Disconnect by user.)

    Pvt. Logan Hawkins: Eh, whatever..
    Alexia 'Tiger-Mafia' Monroe: [OOC] LOL
    Yue Peng Lee: [OOC] Moron
    [PM from Alexia 'Tiger-Mafia' Monroe] I'M CRYING just ban request him
    [PM to Alexia 'Tiger-Mafia' Monroe] I'm on it.
    Player BroFro left the game (BroFro timed out)
    Cpl. Tim 'Irish' Cloverfield: [OOC] **As Melnik went into the room alone, screams can be heard all around her, but only her.
    Cpl. Zhao Chen: [OOC] lets not lie to the people BoredFeather141 killed PenguinXD using trp_uzi_infiltrator
    Cpl. Vanessa Kerrigan: [OOC] he changed chars
    Alexia 'Tiger-Mafia' Monroe: [OOC] he left
    Cpl. Vanessa Kerrigan: [OOC] don't see a log of him dcing
    Pfc. Melissa Kinley: [OOC] Player BoredFeather141 left the game (Disconnect by user.)
    Cpl. Vanessa Kerrigan: [OOC] weird, the log isn't in my console lmao
    T-700.1690: [OOC] It's in mine
    Alexia 'Tiger-Mafia' Monroe: [OOC] Kerrigan is an alt confirmed????
    Cpl. Vanessa Kerrigan: [OOC] fuckj
    Cpl. Tim 'Irish' Cloverfield: [OOC] **As Cloverfield unsealed the door, a foul odor emits from the room.
    [PM to Alexia 'Tiger-Mafia' Monroe] aight so I can't screen shot? Would you mind doing it?
    [PM from Alexia 'Tiger-Mafia' Monroe] no need d/w
    [PM to Alexia 'Tiger-Mafia' Monroe] Aight
    [PM from Alexia 'Tiger-Mafia' Monroe] Just copy and paste him RDM log, denial and DC
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  2. Rabid

    Rabid Legend

    Dec 25, 2015
    Yeah he ran around RDMing several times, tried to lie then left when he realized he'd been caught out.
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  3. _Vintricus

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    United States
    Jan 24, 2016
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