TnB 2023 Update

TnB still alive and that’s great and happy for that. Life moves on but one thing that’s a good idea but staff can’t handle because of time and effort is TnB sticking with RR events only.

Like now I was screaming of joy when I heard Aliens RR and the thing RR coming in the future
I'm late to this, but whatever. Happy New Year, everyone.

Its no secret I've garnered something of a reputation for poking back in and dropping my opinion on things, usually when there's some big drama or other shitstorm going on. I admit, this was partially intentional - after years of my own experiences being shrugged off or mocked, my friends being pushed away or quitting due to toxicity, watching TnB go through its 0234939930th cycle of "We Need To Deal" felt like vindication.

But I realized that just isn't healthy, because at its core I was only bitter because I remembered all of the genuinely amazing times that stuck out and good memories I'd made, before things went to shit or I'd yet to go through the OOC situations that pushed me down this route to begin with. That even extended to semi-recently, when I lashed out at people like Salty_ Salty_ because I saw what I thought was basically a return to form for TnB (in a negative sense) and tried to drag it into the public eye because I was past caring - even when that was just me being jaded and bitter.

So I wanna let everything go this year and try to enjoy things again. I wanna apologize mostly to bennet bennet for my subtle shit I'd fling over the years because I felt like nothing would change and that my issues had been tossed aside, and to Fuxx Fuxx because of whatever the fuck happened between us when you quit the community in 2016(?). You were a fanatstic friend before then and I'd love to catch up and bury to hatchet.

And to everyone else who I've wronged, I'm sorry to you too.

Thanks everyone.
Holy shit you’re still here

Love you and your dedication so much Bennet :friendly: thank you for everything you’ve done xxx
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