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Sep 18, 2015

Once more, TnB will be returning to the future war. A different future, perhaps, but the same war nonetheless.

I'd like to take a moment to make a quick statement on the previous announcement thread that spoke on the topic of HLNA's future, and I can assure that we still intend to move forward with that. That said, we felt that immediately touching back upon that setting was not the right play, but rather to innovate on something we feel TnB has successfully tackled before and to refine it using the perspective that a prior iteration offers.

While much of TRP 3's details are still closed doors, here is a little of what I can reveal:
  • The server will be utilizing the Eternity script created by TankNut and further developed by Drewerth.​
  • Great portions of the TRP branch of Eternity's development are entirely focused upon improving the gameplay elements of TRP, including it's S2K experience and weapons.​
  • The server's setting takes place in the remains of the eastern seaboard of the former United States, taking place around New York and New England in the year 2024.​
  • Plasma is being reworked to complement the use of ballistic weaponry rather than supplant it entirely.​
  • SkyNET will be adjusted to be able to fully commit to combat rather than committing to playing to lose; their armor being largely reduced to allow a more equal playing field that doesn't require one side to S2M unless under specific circumstances.​
  • The Resistance will be independent from the previous rigid military structure Tech-Com provided last iteration. This means you'll all be able to make whatever groups you want, when you want, and run them how you want, without the annoying restriction of the server revolving around a single military entity.​
Things like how Tech-Com & the main player group will be handled, how reprogrammed drones will be handled, what SkyNET drones will be seen at the start of the server, the script, and the lore of the setting are all things that will be revealed further down the road, as snapshots of TRP 3's development and server documents will follow this announcement in due time. Expect some threads in the next couple of weeks explaining the setting more thoroughly and how your characters will be able to interact with it in comparison to the last Terminator server.

Release date: TBA.

We're not going to give a straight release date right this second because we want to make sure every bit of the server will be functional at launch. While this might make some of you think the server's still pretty far off, don't worry: we'll be shooting some robots in the summer, that much is certain.

Ask questions below to your heart's content.


Oct 25, 2018
:thinking: I don't even care about details I just want to RP with my friends more.

And hide from Grog and his monstrous war-crime-inducing boxes.

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