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To answer any questions-

  • I simply put the SRP server up yesterday because I was just curious if the script was even working.
  • I left it up to see if people would join just out of interest.
  • If people want to play it, thats totally fine by me and I expect it not to be treated like a mess-around.
  • All the same rules apply
  • I'll keep it up for as long as people still want to play it
  • Since most of the factions and groups are inactive, those who are around should take it upon themselves to rebuild them IC'ly and ill try to support you when im online.
So just have fun and enjoy it if you want to jump on.

I cant be bothered with any butthurt people, dramas or annoyances, just wanted to enjoy some good ol' Stalker. Id appreciate if other players had the same approach.

Abu Hajjar

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Jun 15, 2016
So, SRP was just taking a long nap, nice.
Lets try and do it right this time, yeah?
e; Reminder that you cant do something if you dont try.
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Dec 1, 2015
A few of us got some non-s2k events in the works for the next few days so you guys should come checkitout :overyourhead:

I wouldn't be surprised if we could still have a bit more fun with this, it's a great setting


that thing bob the builder wears
Admin - TRP
Sep 30, 2015
im willing to help out with events and shit, good at setting things up
maybe host some of my own ya know?

give admin dave
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