• Attention
    • Do not post useless +support.
    • Do not post personal vouches.
    • Do not shitpost or derail.
    Failure to adhere to this will get you infracted and/or banned.

    A permanent ban is often a method to get the accused to post an appeal. It is not at all times the verdict.
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Jan 14, 2012
OOC Name:

Not a server ban.

Character Name:
Irrelevant here.

What happened:
Disgusting behavior, including but not limited to:
- Misogynistic, weird comments to female community members. If those affected would like to step forward, feel free; I've sent them this thread.
- Transphobic, toxic behavior. Santoro is practically a diet Jules at this rate, except Jules was smart enough to toe the line for so long instead of overstepping it. The proof listed below is a lovely example of this.
I'm not going to put a lot of effort into this because common sense would make this a pretty crystal clear case. He doesn't play on any servers and simply hangs around to stir shit, similar to Jules and Levinx.

Time it happened:
Time it hasn't happened: during his break from TnB.

Excellent and Very Professional Questionnaire. I can see how this is a Serious Topic in the British Education System, especially as an academic work. I have no doubt you will end up with a Totally Very Useful Degree. I am also certain that Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Landslide Victory this month will aid you in this, my fellow communist comrade.

Anyway.. . As you ALL know, I went through a Male to Female Transition this month and I have to thank my fellow Mental Patients on TnB. Without you GUYS? I'd be part of the Rising Suicide Statistic. You really should mention this Statistic, Owain6521. Or is this Forbbiden Knowledge?

Let me show you an example.

Totally Not Being Ironic and Transphobic Btw

View attachment 9742

he was bein a cunt to mads over gender in another disc that i kicked him from n he had an epic burnout in my sf over it so i saw this coming lol
Typical left-wing retards, always fucking ruining what shouldn't be political in any freaking way.

Can't you speak out about what you love or hate in this free fucking country? What are you? Stalin, Mao- maybe that dumbass that's on your red-shirts? Fuck you, seriously. You've not only ruined a big part of today's world, but you've ruined TacoNBanana ronjon community.

What am I gonna do if I can't insult the stupid and weak (women) or joke about people's suicides? Typical fucking communists, always trying to impose their hate speech laws that are by definition anti-freedom.

get owned.
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