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izakrod64 bann requast for rdm

Discussion in 'Ban Requests' started by Metermann001, Jan 15, 2019.

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  1. Metermann001

    Metermann001 Member

    Jul 18, 2018
    OOC Name: izakrod64
    SteamID: don't know he left before i could get the id
    Character Name: Jorge Cole
    What happened: I was afk sitting in the medbay of screen watching Youtube when he came in an just killed me
    Also started threathing me
    Jack Manfild: [LOCAL-OOC] i was afk all the time
    Jorge Cole: [LOCAL-OOC] dude dont lie
    Jorge Cole: [LOCAL-OOC] earlier
    Jorge Cole: [LOCAL-OOC] you tried to kill me
    Jack Manfild: [LOCAL-OOC] when? yestarday
    Jorge Cole: [LOCAL-OOC] today
    Jack Manfild: [LOCAL-OOC] i'm on the server like two hours and afk all the time
    Jorge Cole: [LOCAL-OOC] nah dude
    Jorge Cole: [LOCAL-OOC] u tried to dm me
    Jack Manfild: [LOCAL-OOC] want to get banned for rdm? i already got someone banned for doing shit
    Jorge Cole: [LOCAL-OOC] bro u dmed me
    Jorge Cole: [LOCAL-OOC] i got rdm earlier
    Jack Manfild: [LOCAL-OOC] well show me evendence
    Jorge Cole: [LOCAL-OOC] nobody did shit
    Jorge Cole: [LOCAL-OOC] i got rdmed by u earlier
    Jack Manfild: [LOCAL-OOC] show me that i killed
    Jorge Cole: [LOCAL-OOC] show me that i killed
    Jorge Cole: [LOCAL-OOC] u killed me approximately 3 hours ago
    Jorge Cole: [LOCAL-OOC] i got proof too
    Jack Manfild: [LOCAL-OOC] show me
    Jorge Cole: [LOCAL-OOC] how
    Jack Manfild: [LOCAL-OOC] show me the proof
    Jorge Cole: [LOCAL-OOC] its in my steam snap shots
    Jorge Cole: [LOCAL-OOC] ur a dick bro
    Jack Manfild: [LOCAL-OOC] let me get a admin on
    Jorge Cole: [LOCAL-OOC] u dm and now u mad cuz i returned the favor
    Jorge Cole: ur a jack ass bro
    Jack Manfild: [LOCAL-OOC] nah i'm getting a admin on
    Jorge Cole: [LOCAL-OOC] ill get admin
    Jack Manfild: [LOCAL-OOC] shot me
    Jack Manfild: [LOCAL-OOC] do it
    Jorge Cole: [LOCAL-OOC] u threaten me boy
    Jack Manfild: [LOCAL-OOC] come shot me
    Jorge Cole: [LOCAL-OOC] u threatening me
    ** Jorge Cole feels threatened
    Jack Manfild: [LOCAL-OOC] i'm waiting
    ** Jorge Cole puts hand on trigger
    Jack Manfild: [LOCAL-OOC] come on
    Jorge Cole: dont make me pull it boy
    Jack Manfild: [LOCAL-OOC] good i got your steam id and your name
    Jorge Cole: you aint got nothing
    Jorge Cole: [LOCAL-OOC] i got urs
    Jorge Cole: [LOCAL-OOC] plus screenshots
    Jack Manfild: [LOCAL-OOC] come to the forums
    Jorge Cole: [LOCAL-OOC] u dmed me earlier dick weed
    Jorge Cole: [LOCAL-OOC] u arent getting off the hook
    Jorge Cole: [LOCAL-OOC] u and the other guy
    Jorge Cole: [LOCAL-OOC] who rdmed
    Jorge Cole: u shit

    Time it happened: 10:48 german time
    izakrod64 killed Metermann001 using trp_m16
    izakrod64 killed Metermann001 using trp_m16
    Player izakrod64 left the game (Disconnect by user.)
    Player izakrod64 has joined the game
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  2. Puffin

    TRP Admin

    United States
    Jan 8, 2016
    I reviewed the logs. You did nothing to deserve him lashing out like that. I've taken the liberty of permabanning him on the spot for his behavior. RDMing players at night is absolutely unacceptable.

    This thread will remain open for him to respond to.

    Permabanned STEAM_0:1:463536698 (RDMing players at night. Appeal on forums.)
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    #2 Puffin, Jan 15, 2019
    Last edited: Jan 15, 2019
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