Half Life 2 - City 13 Announcement


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Jan 22, 2016
Yeah I didn't mean to complain or bitch or make it seem like I'm bashing the staff/development team. I've been helping here and there testing stuff on server and building shit around the map(s) and can see its coming along nicely. I don't care about the wait or how long it takes and I get shit happens and roadbumps occur. Was just stating my personal opinion.


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May 27, 2012
Ya and like i said, I get that and understand it 150%... but gamers be impatient lol. Just my personal opinion that it should've been announced a tad later. I'm not rlly complaining about anything cuz I really don't mind waiting. And like I said, again, I'd rather play a complete server than a rushed and shitty one. Just sayin what others have said to me.
man shut your goofy ass up youre gonna play the server either way stop the cap
Aug 3, 2015
Just to put it in perspective:

Stalker launch announcement - Mar 16

Stalker launch date- May 20

We announced at the complete end of September and it’s only the beginning of November, hasn’t been that long when comparing to the past. People still gonna be hyped and have fun :-) just keep your eyes peeled for updates there Kamworth
Stalker sucked tho


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Feb 28, 2018
TRP3's initial launch date was mid 2021. By the time it launched it was December

thats probably a better example than Stalker lmfao

But we wont make you guys wait much longer, so don't fret over launch date. It's closer than you think.


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Jan 10, 2013
how far back do we need to go to make comparisons between launch announcements and actual launch dates before you mfers stop arguing about it i s2g!!! GEORGE IS GETTIN UPSET

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