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Half-Life 2 Roleplay - City 13

Subcommunity Leader

Decepti will be taking over the management of HL2RP as SCL. He and the team will have more news to follow up with in regards to the HL2 reboot.
Former two removed for perceived general inactivity/disinterest as well as matters of reorganization as stated below, latter two resigned respectively.
Moved to regular Admin.
Transferred from Trial Admin/Admin to a new GM role; more on this new role and its place in HL2RP coming soon as we move into proper planning. Also, some much-needed spring cleaning done for the HL2 section of the roster (though Lost Asian Boy Lost Asian Boy remains forever in our hearts). This all comes as the first steps of our reorganization as we dive headfirst into planning for HL2RP, as such do keep in mind that positions and changes may be dynamic for a while and not everything is totally final just yet, here. With that said, keep an eye out for more updates regarding HL2RP ............... soon!
Ava Ava resigns from admin

kami edit; o7

flood edit: o7 I’ll be watching Bleach in remembrance of you

wiz edit; o7 bro
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