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    Random Roleplay Screenshot Thread

    personally i think this was the best part of the rr
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    Random Roleplay Screenshot Thread

    just wait, we're going to get to the army bunker and Adam Smith will be waiting in a fancy armchair then we'll see who's CRAZY
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    What Comes Next Part 2 Sign Ups - May 25TH 5PM EST

    guy | Johnny Chalk | Supersoup
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    Surprise Event

    this needs me
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    Wild West RR

    interesting point aswell though because i dont want to throw anybody off would you good fellas prefer using Lazarus or TnB headhacks if it comes down to it
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    Wild West RR

    Also this. You can also shoot off the horses.
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    WHAT COMES NEXT - PT.II heres a neat list of police officers if you wanted something different from standard uniforms They even got badges for seperate ranks
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    Wild West RR

    If i could bother I could see if Fallout NV has a selection of clothing that could be utilized. I am making this post at an early hour so eh Edit: On closer inspection Fallout NV has a LOT of good outfits that can be utilized. Although the only megapack i'm aware of is Lazarus so it'd need a...
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    Wild West RR

    ok small update someone released a very nice map for this, all we need at this point are actual playermodels
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    Basewars Ban Request raklo

    how can we tell that you didnt put those props up yourself???
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    he only used aimbot so he could use his mighty thinking power to process on how to shoot like hes got an aimbot that doesnt seem too unfair yknow 'cause that means hes not going to hack anymore?
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    LuffyH + Aceteam Ban Request

    i just wanna see bungo live out his dream of opening a successful retirement home whys everybody gotta be so bad and mad
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    RR: HEAT

    Okay tanknut confirmed that TDM works, still have to see about that LUA vehicle pack. I sincerely hope the latter functions, it's so fuckin' good to drive and it's got tons of shit we can use.
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    RR: HEAT

    okay i got pretty excited when i saw it was the original boxy 1990 model there might be an issue with the odd LUA base pack, but i'll def. keep this in mind you might also wanna see this too @blooregardo
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    RR: HEAT

    mainly my issue is on whether or not we even know TDM cars works on CC or not, let alone photon. If it does, then I'll gladly organise the content into it. The base content you need to download for the Nevada police cruiser comes with other emergency vehicles we can use, and the L4D cars can be...