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    First Annual HL2 vs TRP Admin Competitive hoot-nanny

    I cant just leave my boys, let me in
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    First Annual HL2 vs TRP Admin Competitive hoot-nanny

    id say mw2 but considering how easy it is to get wallhacks in that game its absurd
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    The Thing RR (V2) - 12/20/2019

    Team Maintenance, Juan Marcello, medical staff @moogaloo it begins
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    Banner Contest

    Only thing I think could be different is the font, but the banner itself looks decent.
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    The Infection

    The 'types' of zombies are ones that walk and run, and the location is ~somewhere in America~. Likely east coast.
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    The Thing RP

    that's why we're doing it wait a while longer and you'll see
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    What Comes Next Part 2 Sign Ups - May 25TH 5PM EST

    Militia | Juan Marcelo | helios
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    HL2RP Uprising

    i always have and still am maintaining that trps gonna keep more pop than hl2rp, but thats not really a bad thing; its a good setting for what it is and im enjoying my time there. hl2rp isnt gonna go away unless we want to pack it up so its just up to the players to decide if they want to...
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    HL2RP Uprising

    id like to remind people that simply watching the planning boards does not constitute having access. if you're going to ask for access, you're expected to contribute.
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    Merry Christmas, TnB

    merry xmas and other holiday celebrations for those who do not celebrate xmas dont sue me rogers
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    Warsaw Uprising RR

    i don't know why you're fighting this so hard but maybe bear in mind that there were ideological differences from vietnam; such as the subjugation and the intended systematic extermination of slavs to be replaced with ethnic germans (see: lebensraum). the americans also didn't kill upwards of...
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    Warsaw Uprising RR

    britain during the blitz; buried under rubble rp
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    Warsaw Uprising RR

    the idea of something based in european ww2 has been thought about but tbh i don't trust anyone here to rp a nazi at all; sounds like a recipe for disaster, even in small amounts
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    RR- Alien - Monday 11th, Thursday 14th, Saturday 16th

    pop me in as a pilot for whatever day has a free slot Jóhannes Þórirsson