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    Bristol Trip Advice? They've all really good as far as I know. Prostitution is probably around but fucking obscure, you'd...
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    Bristol Trip Advice?

    filton and fishponds isn't that bad rofl. st pauls is but.
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    Bristol Trip Advice?

    hi i live in bristol as well and study at the same place as hoplite. it's a pretty cool place; not too touristy but has enough stuff to do and shit. couple of good museums, shopping is good and as other people mentioned the nightlife and music scene is good.
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    Official Appreciation Thread (A Non-Typical TnB Thread)

    i am always here for you sinbues, like jesus christ
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    Official Appreciation Thread (A Non-Typical TnB Thread)

    thanks for who appreciated me (advantage), wooo!!! There are loads of people who I appreciate in TnB but to name a couple; Advantage, Dave, Zo, Operator, DarkDwarf, Cole, Tomas, Symmetry, Caroline, NOT BENNET DYSON... i dunno, pretty much anyone that has helped make the community what it has...
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    Hello, Tacos and Bananars.

    how many times have you done this now fuck
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    Birthday Giveaway

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    Birthday Giveaway

    Wow, Gentlemao is a lucky fucker. Won two give-aways now!
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    Birthday Giveaway

    Garfy! :) Prison Architect. <3
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    In need of photoshop assistance

    That would have been funny if you spelt "your" correctly.
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    Some TnBers play Borderlands 2

    QiOuX155iUo Just a recording of Me, Lord, Midas and Ves playing Borderlands 2. :3 Thought some of you might be interested to watch!
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    Steam Summer Sale #1 Item raffle. Details inside

    Tomb Raider It's me, Garfy! I don't even know what numbers.
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    I hope this is what happens to me when it starts...

    -SGCWhWBjYc Epic.
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    My apology to TnB.

    hi rick