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    Accepted Ban Appeal - Drewerth, Community Ban

    Drew isn't malicious, but what I've personally seen from this community is it has people relapse back into old habits far too often. I actually really like him and I'm still upset that he got banned, but it really was for his own good and the good of everyone that was involved with them. He was...
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    Content TnB Donator Models, Sweps & Misc

    Whoops it's been a little bit. Donation sheet has been updated and all the donations from the past 3 months have been added (Aside from that Desert Eagle which I hope is a joke). If there are any issues shoot me a DM on the forums.
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    Chances ban appeal

    When I saw Zombie ask about you this morning I had this sinking suspicion you wouldn't even try to give a shit on your appeal and also list you ban reason as "idk". Low and behold you didn't even bother to look at your last ban appeal for the info or rack your brain for more than five minutes to...
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    Roster Admin Roster

    Finally, it's all coming together.
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    Hanks Unban

    iirc he wasn't minging around a little, he was doing it a lot. Even after being told to stop by the admins. I'm fine with an unban but cut all the mingey shit on server or you're going back in the bin.
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    Unban Appeal

    Lol you waited 3 months to ask for an unban then try and say you don't know who banned you or why? That makes it doubtful that this was an accidental ban, be straight up from the get go or stay perma'd.
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    vika unban haha oh boy

    So in future ban appeals I have a reference to who doesn't know wtf they're talking about
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    vika unban haha oh boy

    Just as I said on Polonious' unban appeal, I'll say again here: That's not how this sort of thing works. At all. You don't just unban someone because you feel it's the right thing. The team needs to agree on it, especially the person who invoked the ban to begin with. The person who invoked...
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    Roster Admin Roster

    @shinzokk Promoted to HL2 TRP SCL.
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    Content TnB Donator Models, Sweps & Misc

    List is updated btw!
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    Unban Appeal, Multisovl

    Spoke with the admins and agreed it's well past time to unban you. Don't do something stupid like posting spoilers again cause that isn't very cash money of you. Thank @thecatwhomines for doing the unban deed.
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    Chance unban appeal

    It's been extended cause we don't take kindly to that sorta stuff in these parts
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    Chance unban appeal

    Lol did you really think outright lying would work for you here? This is denied, come back when you wanna be a little more serious and not try to play us as fools.
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    Roster Admin Roster

    With my life back in a not-so-hectic spot I can happily say my LOA is over.
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    Accepted [HL2] Bernard and Oliver Hawaii

    Also they hurt zombie's feelings and that's not very cash money of them