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    [ZRP] Jewish Stereotype Characters Are Bad

    honestly just get over it i mean i dont get upset when other people RP as stereotypically horrific big fat scary trannys not that many people do, to be fair
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    Xmas S2K - TRP vs HL2RP Clan war

    Im on now
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    Xmas S2K - TRP vs HL2RP Clan war

    thats actually a p sick idea lol
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    Xmas S2K - TRP vs HL2RP Clan war

    as is customary, the night before christmas we always partake in a big shootout however since TRP is basically a big shootout every day anyway then it wont really be any different from usual cus HL2RPers need a place to fight and their own server is probably empty i figure we should just bring...
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    The Infection

    It wont die out. But it will drop in population after the "honeymoon period". And you want people to experience that full story arc before it loses its appeal. TRP's honeymoon period lasted about 2 months. Which is longer than I expected. Keep in mind that TRP is currently around 5 months old...
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    The Infection

    Personally I think planning for 8 months is a bit honestly suggest shortening the period so that it comes to a reasonable resolution before it runs out of steam
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    Roster Admin Roster

    abaddon to terminator boss >>> flower: did u finish the map yet
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    Roster Admin Roster

    who fuckin changed the color of my name
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    Roster Admin Roster

    wtf is a game moderator and how is that different from an admin
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    SRP Stuff

    To answer any questions- I simply put the SRP server up yesterday because I was just curious if the script was even working. I left it up to see if people would join just out of interest. If people want to play it, thats totally fine by me and I expect it not to be treated like a mess-around...
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    Roster Admin Roster

    Rob removed
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    SRP Launch

    Stalker is officially going live - now. You can join through the icon at the side of the main forum page or on IP You will need to subscribe to this Collection on workshop. Joining the server will automatically do it for you , but always best to properly subscribe...
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    Jonathan Tylers/Owen Johnson

    Id like to just remind I dont like the wrong ideas being taken too far. It is not against the rules to "scriptplay". You cannot outlaw something which is an opinion of another player rather than a direct quantifiable action. It is however, looked down upon - and something we try...
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    Custom Model Competition

    Announcing the Winner - CRONA Your model will be in the update shortly, hope you like it. My first choice was actually Surgeon Scone "Oka Mi" however I tried for hours to make the model and I just couldnt do it without it looking Anime so.....I just had to scrap it. As runner up prizes, I am...