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    Terminator RRs?

    I've always wanted to do a Labour Camp uprising sort of scenario
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    Warhammer 40k: Cadia's Revenge

    As much as im totally obsessed with the 40k thing atm (probably the main reason im not involved in the servers much right now) its not really a great setting for RP for most of the reasons listed above theres almost toooo much possibility - the theme is so vast that youd barely even scratch 1%...
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    On behalf of Pilotfish/Hellfang:

    dosnt bother me just unban him
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    Just a note - please do not request any more model ports until after launch, im gonna be way too busy
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    HL2RP Donator Models Info

    Upped the porting cost from TRP > Eternity to $30 just getting way too much workload right now to do it so cheap
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    Dave Holiday

    Just a notification as I have had a HUUUGE amount of forum PMs in the last few days regarding donator stuff, half of which is pre-launch model reservations for HL2RP and so forth. Im away from this Wednesday until the following wednesday in Berlin for a week of standard zara kane debauchery so...
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    Fitz Unban

    Unbanned from forums so they can make an appeal. Personally dont think it needs to any more than a month ban for something like this.
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    HL2RP Donator Models Info

    A lot of people have been asking me about this in the last week as HL2RP launch comes closer (dont ask me when, i dont know exactly). The new script will use a similar bodygroup system to TRP and ZRP, which allows for mix-and-match of clothes and headgear etc. Here is a simple overview of how...
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    Metro RP

    been done loads of times before
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    [ZRP] Jewish Stereotype Characters Are Bad

    honestly just get over it i mean i dont get upset when other people RP as stereotypically horrific big fat scary trannys not that many people do, to be fair
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    Aliens Versus Predators Roleplay

    Just gonna jump in here and let you know it wouldnt happen at TNB. Well, possibly as a short-term RandomRoleplay event server, but nothing more. The way that AvP scenarios fit together are not well suited to a long-term RP server. Dont get me wrong, id love to do it, as a huge fan of both -...
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    Xmas S2K - TRP vs HL2RP Clan war

    Im on now
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    Xmas S2K - TRP vs HL2RP Clan war

    thats actually a p sick idea lol
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    Xmas S2K - TRP vs HL2RP Clan war

    as is customary, the night before christmas we always partake in a big shootout however since TRP is basically a big shootout every day anyway then it wont really be any different from usual cus HL2RPers need a place to fight and their own server is probably empty i figure we should just bring...