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    Same that happens to every other RP'R... They grow bored of RP or the servers they play on and turn into retards or just stop rping.
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    Box Logs - Now YOU Can be an Internet Sleuth

    Looks like some good old swap right there gents!
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    Ban Request : Steve

    Operator doesn't fuck with people's signatures or moderates the forum though.
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    Ban Request : Steve

    Steve outserved his purpose to TnB long ago. I never understood why he has power still. E: Apparently he still scripts for TnB? If so what exactly does he script for TnB.. And why does working on a script supposedly allow him to moderate these forums as if it's North Korea
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    dunjam, daebae, and Boxcar Joe

    Dunjam strikes again... When will we learn.
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    Knowing Dunjam and the countless of chances he has been given, this'll be dealt with swiftly. ------------- Quick update/edit: After talking to several of the other admins that I have present on my friends list and what not, purely for the sake of solving this repeated offense quickly and...
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    Yes. I was one of the admins that banned him repeatedly at the time.
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    3 months later. Exactly... He's already back in a span of no time. If the admins don't want anymore CCC's from Cup they can just remove his ability to post in that section which is possible as it was done before to have him out of the TRP section. But so far I don't see any real reason to have...
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    For crying out loud we have a person on SRP currently who admitted to blatant pushing people to RDM him, admitted to severe manipulation! And he's still on the server and he continues to do that at times. E: And person also used ESP's.
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    If we're going to ban people for posting CCC's (sure Cup posts more then others), ban someone for spying on RP, being a bit of a cunt to others or lying. How about we ban 75% of SRP that posted a CCC, lied about things and everyone with observe spies on roleplay at one time in their usage of it...
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    Dinner, Osprey, Lonewolf, Keefe, Tami, Michael Scott - Hardcore metagame

    Underground bases. (UNDER the MAP) are the dumbest of the most retarded things. It's the perfect escape mechanism for everything. People hunting you down? Back to our under the map lair and if they do find us call dat metagame!!!!!!. Captured this big up dude and want to PK him without a rescue...
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    Pirate, Osprey, Rainbow

    This pretty much. Once more we have the same people that do the same shit. And every time they get away with it or a slap on the wrist (a short ban). I mean after all the shit Clavier did he should be on the shortest leash you could possible imagine. After some of the things Pirate possibly...
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    Two people, multiple accusations.

    Thing is.. If they're just new trolls. How do they have observe? :(
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    Then you read the previous ban appeals that were made by Tami/Clavier and you realise he did alot worse.
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    This entire thing is spiraling out of control so fast and so hard. Please just... Stop.