Your Favorite Moments (HL2)


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May 26, 2011
Walking the the beat with 88/Tej Santoro Santoro on 056/Cassius and getting roped into helping him with one racket or another, whether that was selling watches, stealing furniture or earching for bird nests so 88 could breed and race pigeons. Investigating crimes and sweeping the sewers. Sneaking off to smoke/drink and looking the other way in exchange for a freebie.

Seeing 846 sgtchico sgtchico go from a laid back, substitute uncle chief of the squad who'd done no end of favours for everyone (including getting Cass' nephew under his protection)
to a restructured, re-educated figure - and the horrifying implications that came with it that no doubt were also considered by 996 Nap Nap

Bluffing that some random detainee 330 Doggo Doggo had pulled off the street was actually an informant working for me to save them from torture, then actually strongarming the guy into working for me to keep our asses off the line.

Also during BTS wester wester you took our concept with the vortigaunts exploring the subway hive for the extract and just rolled with it, your character was a far better prophetic figure than I could've done. And that itself snowballed into something greater.

There's many other greats here I'm just bringing up those that I can think of at the moment.


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Oct 5, 2016
Puffin Puffin
Yekaterina and Halina. They ended up happy in my head.

Miguh Miguh
Claudio and Halina, real OGs. The first operation on the boat was one of the most memorable things ever.

Snaparoni Snaparoni
For Elaine, Halina's best friend in her final days.

feelsgoodman feelsgoodman
Algers and Halina was one of the most interesting and riveting character rivalries ever. We did alot with them.

Doggo Doggo
330 and Halina. Thank you for being conducive to the type of rebel roleplay I was really interested in.

ShadowPrime ShadowPrime
I miss Kara every day. Ily.

Desrat456 Desrat456
You helped me alot in doing the things I wanted to do, and for that, I appreciate you alot.

@labour union boys
Thank you a bunch! I think our time together turned out to be alot of fun.


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Dec 21, 2011
I don't even know how to do this. Everything was so fun that I'm definitely going to forget someone and even those who I do mention, I'll never be able to write you justice. Here's my attempt.

Doggo Doggo Santoro Santoro Especially at the beginning the crooked group we had was always super fun to plan around. 330 and 885 were really the types of units I had hoped to see this iteration and y'all executed them so well.

100%Olive 100%Olive Our newspaper corkboards connecting the dots were always so funny to do, especially when we nearly got caught and had to throw stuff over it.

moogaloo moogaloo Micky Lynch.

rosecoloredryan rosecoloredryan Halina and Algers was definitely one of the most fun rivalries I've ever done. My only regret is that we didn't get to do it more.

Mooondy Mooondy From your awesome builds and graphics to your always chipper and eager attitude, you were one of the the best people I had the privilege of working with in Civil Outreach.

Foxicus Foxicus Fuck anyone who says you can't make fruit and vegetable last names. They're based. You're based. A golden moment was when Carla, totally new, strutted into the Archives and intimidated Algers, a dude with a good half a foot and thirty years on her. Each of your characters had such excellent...characterization...or something...that made each wholly unique to interact with. You played SO WILDLY DIFFERENT CHARACTERS AND EACH SO WELL. FUCK.

Guy! Guy! You were one of those people who I'd check the server playerlist for before getting on. The arc with Lorraine figuring out what was up with Paul was one of those rare moments when I realized /that's/ why I roleplay. Not only that, you were just someone who was always /doing stuff/. Between trying to mess with the helicopter and the pauses you'd take to examine things, your initiative was inspiring and it was always a pleasure to try and reward that.

_newticuS _newticuS The stuff you did with Quinn was always really top notch--especially the bursting water pipes that you used to distract from the first search for Halina.

Kemikals Kemikals A moment that keeps coming back to my head is when Algers found Klara sitting beat-up on the side of the road and gave her his hankerchief.

anschib anschib Your support and input during the Claudio issue was really important to me and helped me get a much better idea of how to introduce a healthier resistance-CA dynamic.

Chiss Chiss SEE?! HL2 IS FUN!


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Nov 30, 2018
With the server coming to a real close now and Halo coming around, I figured I'd bring this thread back.

@whoever played Jack Lieberman - I remember playing as Casey Morgan back at the start and these two met. After a few weeks of not having seen each other, they met again, and the day after, Jack died. This was one of those things that me love playing on this setting - how suddenly it could all change.

Jackround12353 Jackround12353 - interacting with Abruzzi on Casey was a great, and it was a good introduction to the universe. Gave the character something to do and a whole lot of possibilities working at his 'restaurant.'

@whoever played Billy Peppers - <3

Henry Ryan Henry Ryan you get a lot of shit, but I always particularly enjoyed interacting with your characters whenever I got the chance. The time with Renata harassing Clark in his butcher shop comes to mind.

@whoever played Blueprint and diff diff - This was one of my more memorable moments. It was 747's first patrol into the canals and units quickly got cut off, and 261 got killed by Tunde. 747 killing Blueprint in retaliation and being forced to carry 261's body back to the Nexus in return was one of her first defining moments.

Nap Nap sgtchico sgtchico Pineapple Pineapple - I remember your units making my time on the first half of this iteration very memorable, especially with the Union vs. Judge conflict. I remember 747 first fighting with 180 before warming up to her after scuffling with 330.

Foxicus Foxicus - it was a very brief interaction on Inspector McCarrot, but I remember 747 and her talking after 921 was sent off. That small moment of her being threatened was one of her defining moments, and I thank you a lot for it.

feelsgoodman feelsgoodman - interacting with paul and halle at the laundromat was very fun, i remember every interaction they had, wish they had a chance to interact more. and then on valentina too

anschib anschib - you're banned now, and regardless of whatever reasons that entailed OOCly, I always thought you were a great roleplayer. 921 gave 747 some real purpose, and 003 was one the reasons that I wanted HL2 back after November so much - a story unfinished. I wish it could've come to fruition.

Miguh Miguh - kiko and kazzy were based

Joker Joker - 21246/Sophia <3 it's a shame kaz/747 went rogue. Su-Jin deserved more

scramble scramble - I loved Klara's character so much, especially interacting with her on Kaz. I wish they had the chance to interact more often. <3

Salty_ Salty_ - Altin's death at the hands of 747 and 231 was very interesting, it really helped to define 747 and ultimately some of her reasoning for leaving the CCA. Altin had saved 747 on one occasion from a mugging and I'm not sure he ever realized it was her :D

Chiss Chiss - I always really enjoyed 747's and 231's interactions, especially after Altin's death and how she got baited into a beat-down with 330. The rest of their interactions were also very fun and I loved trying to decipher 231's character. Lacey was also a great character and I remember going off-duty as Kaz to go interact with her, like two sides of a tale.

Doggo Doggo - you're a bumbling idiot lol

Zippo Raid Zippo Raid - Hands down, my favorite moment of this entire iteration was every interaction that Kaz/747 and Renata had. I remember looking forward to logging on just to interact with Renata, especially in the earlier days. Even if their story was never finished, it was amazing to see how Kaz started as a rogue unit in assisting her and having that eventually flip with Renata chasing her as a unit. Hermanas <3

erkor erkor - han and anselmo were so great, i miss them

Snaparoni Snaparoni - i enjoyed rosie's character a lot and her interactions with val/tunde, and i think i'll remember kaz trying to confront sara in the bar for a while, it was one of the more memorable moments.

rosecoloredryan rosecoloredryan - Interacting with Tunde on Val was one of my favorite things to do. They had a very nice back-and-forth dynamic and it's a shame that the server didn't last long enough to be able to explore it. Brigada Roza was also one of the more memorable parts of my experience on the server.

im probably forgetting a lot of people, but i thank all of the players for making this iteration a very memorable one, however short-lived.

goodnight, sweet prince!
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Oct 24, 2015
Every single interaction between Paul, Halle, and Frankie was so much fun.

feelsgoodman feelsgoodman
Nerdbird Nerdbird

You guys blew me away with your writing so many times, and helped me create memories I can't imagine I'll forget.

edit: Double L's gang lit.


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Jun 7, 2015
where does the list start or end...ill do this properly

sgtchico sgtchico Some of the best roleplay I've had this entire iteration was between 846 and 996. From the start it was fun and games. Late night card sessions with the usual suspects and dealing with the shit together. Watching 846 go from a generally caring person to a sinister loyalist was a great arc to watch over this entire iteration. One of the most tense moments on where I wanted to decide whether to even keep 996 was when you were mind altered. The tension that surrounded the room when 846 was being taken away and whether or not 996 was going to possibly draw his gun and get gatted down by Midnight was enticing. I'll never forget that.

Pineapple Pineapple The interactions between Jeff, Charlene, Jasper, Kevin and Thomas were honestly the best. I know you didn't want to play that character before the server shut down again but you honestly did a great job playing her. Whether it was going to be a chaotic day was based on 180 flagging up or not. Thank you for adding to the dynamic of the OG Judge hierarchy. It was much appreciated and well executed.

diff diff Even though you don't play anymore, 261 was a damn good character. You honestly played a graduate better than most and watching 261's sanity and humanity slowly fade from him in the time we roleplayed together was fantastic. I hope one day you return and offer your writing abilities again here at some point. The friendship between 261 and 996 was great and when 261 died I remember nearly balling over it irl. Good job man.

Cossack Cossack Kevin was usually the brutally honest voice of reason and you did a damn good job at playing him. I wish things would've worked out better for this iteration the first time around and that we would've never lost the OG Judge FC. After the hole with 261 came about, you filled it pretty damn well. The devious planning we went into around killing Nicole Nuttsworth back in the day was honestly some top tier planning on our part and I am glad to have been able to roleplay with your character. Perhaps we will again in the future (when hl2 returns ;).)

meno meno Lily's arc was very good and ultimately I'm glad we voided her death in the end. You did a fantastic job playing that character and I'm glad you were able to be field command for a short while. Thank you for contributing to the dynamic we had in JUDGE.

Doggo Doggo 330 is a pain in the ass to deal with but you have always been loyal to JUDGE always and I thank you for contributing to inner-conflict in the squad and the rivalry we had between our characters. It was always tense RP and added to the many list of reasons that I love HL2RP.

feelsgoodman feelsgoodman Colonel Algers was played brilliantly by you and I thank you for creating a solid dynamic between him and JUDGE. I wish he never faded into the limelight and honestly could've pictured him becoming the CA. Would've been a very interesting arc. But none the less, thank you for the roleplay.

jules jules Honestly wish Joey never died when he did. The roleplay we had between our two characters was crazy good from the starting days of the server and up until your death. Had units not been watching, 996 definitely would've left your body somewhere for your boys to find rather than the CCA dealing with it. Thanks for the roleplay.

Robe Robe Thank you for being a JUDGE boy. The interactions we did have between our characters was good.

Kami777 Kami777 too many reasons to list. You created some fucking good roleplay in JUDGE and I thank you for it.

anschib anschib You prolly won't ever see this....considering all things. But one thing you did good at was providing good conflict between the two squads back in the day.

Santoro Santoro Hate him or love him, he was another heavy hitter in Judge. Sleipnir provided memes for the community and created one of the most heated inner-conflicts we had in the CCA when he drew a gun on Bekah's commander. Was some good roleplay watching him come back from that mentally tortured and blaming 846 and 996 for what happened to him.

Guy! Guy! Where do I begin this one? Lorraine was the start of Jeff questioning how the CCA handled things and forced him to think for himself at times. You undoubtedly were a great core member of JUDGE and I'm sad your character had to be ended. If the conflict between the CCA and CA vs Lorraine could've gone on forever it still wouldn't have been long enough. You created some great roleplay for us and you were a helluva good admin. Thanks for sticking around as long as you did.

Foxicus Foxicus You created some crazy good RP for Judge FC and I thank you for it.

rosecoloredryan rosecoloredryan Halina's death was another breaking point that added to my character. Watching how they tortured Halina with the thought of their lover being in danger was some very enticing and heated roleplay. Thank you for contributing to HL2.

Cato Cato The roleplay between 065 and 996 was always great. Watching him be sunken and the development you had from Lily's death (albeit voided now, but still) was great and watching you grow to a role in Field Command was even better. Thanks for always being a lad and helping out.

also yea billy peppers was def a lad. im prolly missing a lot of people and not so much describing my 'favorite moments' but definitely giving credit to all these people here who impacted my roleplay/character. thank you for that and ty for all who contributed to hl2rp.

Salty_ Salty_ almost forgot you lad. Thank you for being another loyal judge boy and always giving me good roleplay on 996. Thanks for being field command for the time you did. Judge boys we lit.
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Jul 9, 2016
my favorite was day 1 - the beginning of it all. not knowing who anyone was OOC or IC, just trying to get familiar with an unknown world and totally different faces.
Didn't you play as your TRP character......

I liked the beginning too, especially playing as a cop in the most epicest squad of all time, Union

e: oh I thought this thread was new


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Feb 18, 2016
@judge gang we lit
@union @shield @lance u smell lmao

fr though, literally everyone ive interacted with on this iteration was a blast, maybe ill post a longer one later.


Feb 16, 2016
Since when HL2 went down fully and I never explored my characters out more when I could've, it's time to post here. Aw ye.

1. My interactions with Mox's character, the one with the unibrow. Or did had one. I played a mime at the time, Poppy/Ruben. Probably my best new HL2RP iteration character to date. Favorite moment was when she never met him before. She's nearly drunk unconscious, and her eyes blink open to see a mime acting like he's sitting on a chair, but there's nothing there. He's watching TV, but the TV isn't on. Then eventually, he uses his hands to mime a flower going out of imaginary ground before producing a real flower to give to her. It was one of the those moments where I felt a lot of life be shown in the setting for me personally.

2. My interaction with Zippo Raid's character - Renata - as the pragmatic Chinese Librarian, Yi Wen-li. She went out of her way to look out for her, even though she constantly sprouted about how we're all tools and etc. I didn't play the character as much as I could've, but having her seem to go out of her way so much for one particular troublesome citizen even though it went against her whole doctrine really was lovely to explore. Since the iteration is gone now, I can also safely say that YI Wen-li's accent was fake. Her philosophy was fake. She only said and sprouted such philosophy to see who would argue her successfully so. It would be then where she'll expose her true intentions. She was never an olympic basketball player like she told Kaz. Sorry, Kaz (ELF). She's an actress. An American actress.

3. Kerry Chen in general, but mostly her interaction with whomever plays uhhhhh- Niko. Real talk, she's just Karen Chun from TRP ported over to hl2, but she's very very fun to roleplay as, and having her be this sorta escort therapist and being this weird redneck asian woman that throws a lot of people off with her mannerisms was just genuinely fun to play, and it's not like it's rare. Plenty of them exist. It really helped shows just how jumbled the civilian populace can be due to the Union and all that. That some girl from Kentucky or Narleans or Alabama can end up in friggin' Russia due to the relocation. Constant relocation. Other person I loved rping with as Kerry was Brenton, Krystal, Hannibal, etc.


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Nov 30, 2018
Sorry, Kaz (ELF). She's an actress. An American actress.
omg i totally forgot about wen-li!! my interactions with her were so great, i remember having looked forward to getting on to interact with her whenever i logged on. whatever happened to her?


Feb 16, 2016
omg i totally forgot about wen-li!! my interactions with her were so great, i remember having looked forward to getting on to interact with her whenever i logged on. whatever happened to her?
Well, if we can decide our fates now due to the server being gone, Wen-li joined the resistance in time. She was my only actual 'resistance' char to date for the new iteration.

The rest were all civilian only chars. Poppy would've too, though. Maybe. I dunno, who knows now!

Other than that, she became a fruit vendor on a bicycle since her library went up in flames (because there was a shit ton of bookstores/libraries after I went a bit inactive).


Aug 3, 2011
whoever i rped with on paul duncan, how you people made city rp interesting for even a month is beyond me


Sep 9, 2016
Hard to go down the line. I appreciate everyone that contributed to Field Command this iteration before and after me, it was a lot of dedication to the server not a lot of other people show to maintain a faction and pump out content for the people to interact with.

(this isn't a ranked list, just people that I appreciated, i could write paragraphs about all of you but I'll keep it short and sweet).

Helios Helios you helped me end up pushing two squads which I feel made a great impact on the server. Offering two different play styles to units who didn't want to be punished for being the character they were.

Cato Cato While we've had our fair share of disagreements, I enjoyed 065 and 052's interactions between each other, especially when I was a recruit. I'm not sure if I would have stuck around the CCA so long if it wasn't for the interactions our characters had in the early days.

baby baby Betraying 450 was a true turn in the character, it was the shedding of the skin and transforming them into who they were near the final days I played them.

diff diff Jasper dying was one of the greatest scene I experience unraveled. Was definitely one of my more fond memories from before the server shut down from the chaos it sparked.

sgtchico sgtchico Probably one of the best picks there could have been for a command figure ic and ooc. The way you handled Judge was something different, and it felt so refreshing to have someone like you leading the CCA.

Nap Nap I still remember busting in the door of a unit erping someone in CCH-A that we saw through body cams. Funny as shit.

Joe357 Joe357 always appreciated what you did with the adjutants, even if your hands were normally tied with the amount of people unwilling to join, you tried your best to make it something interesting and succeeded, if not the way you wanted, in the way that was probably best for what the server wanted.

Dandy Dandy ran it up as FC during Judge when Nap resigned, I remember stressing over what the next move was with you. I enjoyed being a goon ofc with your character that probably couldn't spell.

Finallly thanks for all the people that put in work to try and keep the server going, ( Decepti Decepti Sinclair Sinclair Polioman Polioman EOS EOS Nat Attack Nat Attack shneezing shlug shneezing shlug _newticuS _newticuS )

the list can go on but you get the point, I appreciate everyone who connected to make this iteration unique and interesting, although it was only a short time it was enjoyable.

e; erkor erkor
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May 26, 2011
Just managed to dig out the logs from the night Lenker and Lambda's crews killed each other, figured it was worth posting because it made for some fun RP outside of the OOC clusterfuck. Shoutout to wester wester Fury Fury blooregardo blooregardo Guy! Guy! and others I can't recall right now

Azlan found Lenker's crew limping back through the side streets on c11, they were wounded so he led them down a safe route and left them in a breaker room while he checked coast was clear. CCA unit came up, Azlan bullshitted and sent him off in the wrong direction and they went back to station 6. Only Roland is there and doesn't want to let them in and it comes to a standoff as Lenker's group are badly wounded. Eventually Hannibal manages to broker a sort of peace, gets Lenker's people to drop their guns and has Roland promise safe passage. While their wounds are being tended to by Azan in s6's medbay, Roland and his guys come up and threaten Lenker, then start shooting, killing Lenker, a few of her guys and injuring other people including Azlan. Roland then gets shot, mexican standoff breaks out again. Tobias Ryker is one of the guys about to start the shooting and Azlan shoots him point blank in the chaos with a Makarov PB stuffed in a toolbag. EVENTUALLY he and Hannibal manage to stop anymore shooting from happening, Azlan begrudgingly treats Roland's injuries with the impression that the man will owe him a number of favours as compensation.

CCA.C45-JUDGE.01.52375: Been around a week or two.
CCA.C45-JUDGE.01.52375: Oi.
CCA.C45-JUDGE.01.52375: Take the mask off.
Paul Duncan: Normally ad me stuff washed in D-2, but-- dunno if ye've seen that place, th' tumblers are all messed up. Machines shake summat awful.
** Renata Moreno Vasquez is carried over Imre's shoulder.
Imre Csaky: -fuck!
Cole Smith: You.... you work with roger-
Lorraine Lenker: I do.
** Cole Smith Looks at imre.
Lorraine Lenker: Listen, now's not the time.
** Lorraine Lenker is wounded.
Azlan Khan: You need to move-
** Renata Moreno Vasquez groans.
** Lorraine Lenker stumbles forward, slowly.
Imre Csaky: Man! Workshift, injured.
Lorraine Lenker: Got it.
Imre Csaky: Make way!
Azlan Khan: There are metropolice around this corner.
Imre Csaky: Oh, we will.
Renata Moreno Vasquez: ....they.... foloow...
Imre Csaky: I know.
** Renata Moreno Vasquez barely points.
Imre Csaky: A wlot.
[L] ** Azlan Khan tugs at the toolbag undearm.
Imre Csaky: Lot.
** Imre Csaky barely manages to lug Renata down.
Azlan Khan: Steady-
** Imre Csaky masks up, again.
Lorraine Lenker: Units are still by the old oasis.
Lorraine Lenker: Might need to fight.
Azlan Khan: No need.
Azlan Khan: I have pass.
Imre Csaky: Let's see if we can avoid them.
[L] ** Azlan Khan raises a hand.
** Lorraine Lenker peeks a corner.
Lorraine Lenker: Nothing.
Azlan Khan: Fall in line with me, if need be.
Lorraine Lenker: - both ends.
Lorraine Lenker: Let's go.
[L] ** Lorraine Lenker manages the ladder. She's slow. Whatever's hidden under that coat is hiding her wounds.
Imre Csaky: This is probably D2, housing.
Imre Csaky: -maybe.
Azlan Khan: No.
Azlan Khan: Subway.
Imre Csaky: Nope. You're right.
** Imre Csaky painstakingly lugs Renata up.
** Lorraine Lenker nearly doubles over.
[L] ** Azlan Khan offers Imre a hand as he hits the top.
Lorraine Lenker: [WHISPER] Hnnfff... God...
Lorraine Lenker: [WHISPER] God...! God!
Imre Csaky: [WHISPER] Thanks.
[L] ** Lorraine Lenker grunts and moans as quiet as she can the entire way over. Moving isn't the best route.
Azlan Khan: [WHISPER] What is your intent, woman?
Lorraine Lenker: [WHISPER] Hnnfff...
** Azlan Khan prods the door shut before she can reach the exit.
Lorraine Lenker: [WHISPER] Hnnfff...
Imre Csaky: -oh, yeah.
Azlan Khan: [WHISPER] You are in no state to continue dragging yourself around.
Imre Csaky: We can double back through here.
Lorraine Lenker: [WHISPER] Serve...
Imre Csaky: -he's right, though.
Lorraine Lenker: [WHISPER] ...Mankind...
Imre Csaky: We need to be fast.
Lorraine Lenker: [WHISPER] This has to end.
Lorraine Lenker: [WHISPER] This has to end...
Lorraine Lenker: [WHISPER] This has to..
** Renata Moreno Vasquez groans and points.
** Azlan Khan shakes his head, "Bah, semantics."
Renata Moreno Vasquez: .....whoooo....
Azlan Khan: [WHISPER] Wait here
[L] ** Lorraine Lenker calls out, "Choi!"
** Imre Csaky moves past Lorraine. He continues on.
Azlan Khan: [WHISPER] I will tell you if is clear.
Imre Csaky: -oh!
Azlan Khan: [WHISPER] Work-pass.
Imre Csaky: Keep going, thank you.
** Renata Moreno Vasquez is jostled and carried over a shoulder by Imre, pointing hand plopping against his back.
Choi Il-Seong: Daeche museun il-iya?
Imre Csaky: How is it?
Lorraine Lenker: Hepl me...
Lorraine Lenker: - up...
Azlan Khan: Metro tunnel is clear, for now-
Azlan Khan: Wait here.
CCA.C45-JUDGE.OfC.06555: The hell you doing down here.
CCA.C45-JUDGE.OfC.06555: You hear any screaming?
[L] ** Azlan Khan immediately flashes their ID, "Work pass, officer. Yes, that way! They looked dangerous."
CCA.C45-JUDGE.OfC.06555: Go, get out.
Azlan Khan: [WHISPER] Metrocop. Armed with long rifle.
Imre Csaky: [WHISPER] Where?
Azlan Khan: [WHISPER] Just passed this door. I directed them to street.
Imre Csaky: Good.
Azlan Khan: [WHISPER] It will not be clear for long-
Azlan Khan: [WHISPER] Just hold this door until I knock thrice.
Imre Csaky: [WHISPER] Okay. Be fast.
Azlan Khan: [WHISPER] We may have to run
** Imre Csaky doesn't set Renata down. He shoulder almost giving into the pressure.
** Azlan Khan gently raps three times.
Azlan Khan: We move now.
Lorraine Lenker: [WHISPER] Stay close to me.
Azlan Khan: Is no time.
Lorraine Lenker: [WHISPER] This ends now.
(Choi Il-Seong) ** Even when spoken lowly, Il-Seong's english is terrible. **
Imre Csaky: Okay, move.
Azlan Khan: You want safety, you follow. Quick.
** Imre Csaky gestures the band of misfits.
Azlan Khan: Remove your mask.
** Imre Csaky unmasks.
Azlan Khan: You must be under my authority-
** Azlan Khan taps at their ID.
Azlan Khan: Workshift.
Azlan Khan: Civil Maintenance.
Renata Moreno Vasquez: ...unnnggh..
Renata Moreno Vasquez: ...they... know me...
Azlan Khan: Tell the wanted woman to keep her face covered, then.
Imre Csaky: Workshift, civil maintenance. I have papers.
Azlan Khan: Now, we must move.
Azlan Khan: And your friend?
Renata Moreno Vasquez: ....bad....
Imre Csaky: She'll come.
Azlan Khan: [WHISPER] This door is dangerous.
Azlan Khan: [WHISPER] Watch-
** Azlan Khan hastily tugs something out of their toolbad and wedges it in the mechanism
(Lorraine Lenker) [EVENT] ** Those in the underground are right in their fear of Civil Protection. Rounded up one by one, a sizeable portion of a few holdouts are purged. The green sociostatus remains. For those still fighting underground, another problem arises - they come in small groups. The malignants are wary of even one another. Tensions are high in D2. **
** Renata Moreno Vasquez pulls the blanket over her head.
Azlan Khan: Put your weapon away, idiots.
Lorraine Lenker: This is it.
Lorraine Lenker: This is...
Lorraine Lenker: Thank you.
Imre Csaky: Through here.
Imre Csaky: I need you to knock for us.
** Azlan Khan sets their palm on the concrete, idly knocking.
Lorraine Lenker: I can handle it.
Imre Csaky: The occupants of this station may not--
Lorraine Lenker: [YELL] ROLAAAAAAND!
Imre Csaky: You will--
Imre Csaky: NOT.
Imre Csaky: DO NOT DO THAT.
Hannibal Remington Newport: [YELL] SHUT UP.
(Azlan Khan) ** Azlan shoots a glare at Lenker **
Imre Csaky: Cover her mouth.
Roland Stieglitz: [YELL] FUCK YOU!
** Imre Csaky sets Renata down. He moves to the entrance.
** Lorraine Lenker is steaming. She considers a panel on the side.
Renata Moreno Vasquez: ....they.... they will shoot....
** Renata Moreno Vasquez is settled onto the ground.
Philippe Cohen-Bendit: Not if we shoot first!
Imre Csaky: Watch the entrances.
** Philippe Cohen-Bendit flicks the switch to the heavy door.
Imre Csaky: We'll try and make peace.
Lorraine Lenker: We'll send him forward with Renata.
** Lorraine Lenker points to Azlan.
** Renata Moreno Vasquez paws about herself and drags her pistol out.
Lorraine Lenker: They're uninvolved.
Azlan Khan: I will take her-
Lorraine Lenker: She needs to be treated.
Renata Moreno Vasquez: ....noo.....
Lorraine Lenker: This is between me and Roland, Renata.
Lorraine Lenker: This isn't your fight.
Azlan Khan: Sheath your weapon, woman.
Renata Moreno Vasquez: ...he... he will... kill me....
** Renata Moreno Vasquez jams the gun away.
** Azlan Khan takes a knee beside the hispanic, offering her a shoulder up to lean on.
Roland Stieglitz: [YELL] Talk through the door!
Roland Stieglitz: [YELL] Your not coming in!
** Renata Moreno Vasquez can't even get to her feet.
Imre Csaky: [YELL] We're here to talk.
Azlan Khan: Help me-
Imre Csaky: [YELL] No guns, nothing.
Roland Stieglitz: [YELL] You gonna stand against me to?
** Azlan Khan grunts, drops a little lower, then tries to shoulder the burden of her weight on his own.
Imre Csaky: [YELL] You? Man, you just got here.
Renata Moreno Vasquez: ....unghh--
Imre Csaky: [YELL] I'm just trying to make peace.
Azlan Khan: [WHISPER] There is no time.
[L] ** Choi Il-Seong was inside this entire time.
Hannibal Remington Newport: [YELL] Roland, they can't open it from the outside. We're talking in here.
Roland Stieglitz: [YELL] You want it?
** Azlan Khan carries her in like a beast of burden, cursing in Pashto.
** Choi Il-Seong nudges Lorraine to the wall. He goes to unfurl his right hand from her to reliably hold his gun.
Roland Stieglitz: [YELL] Come get me! Tobias! Get out here!
Imre Csaky: [WHISPER] Stop the rhetoric.
Imre Csaky: [WHISPER] These are lives.
Azlan Khan: Slav!
** Lorraine Lenker readies herself.
Azlan Khan: Help me carry her up, I cannot do it alone.
[L] (Lorraine Lenker) [EVENT] ** For all intents, their yelling is enclosed within the caves. **
Imre Csaky: [WHISPER] We're going to solve this, without--
Imre Csaky: [WHISPER] Fuck it.
[L] ** Azlan Khan is apparently addressing Imre.
** Choi Il-Seong raises up the firearm.
Lorraine Lenker: [YELL] We want peace, Roland.
Imre Csaky: Choi. Help.
[L] ** Azlan Khan, still bearing Renata's weight on his shoulders, begins making his ascent, slow-but-steady.
Lorraine Lenker: [YELL] You made a /grave/ misunderstanding.
Imre Csaky: Him.
Roland Stieglitz: [YELL] You wanna shoot me in the back!
Tobias Ryker: [YELL] Roland man! Stop before you get us both killed. I... I can't walk man!
** Lorraine Lenker helps him.
Lorraine Lenker: [YELL] Renata is dying.
** Choi Il-Seong glances down. His right hand goes over to help Azlan with getting them up, too.
** Imre Csaky digs into his backpack.
Roland Stieglitz: [YELL] You said! If I do not listen to you, you will shoot me!
** Imre Csaky masks up.
Roland Stieglitz: [YELL] Fuck you!
** Choi Il-Seong then does the same -- just out of security, probably.
Lorraine Lenker: [YELL] You misunderstood me, Roland.
Lorraine Lenker: [YELL] You were in shock from the gunfire.
Hannibal Remington Newport: [YELL] ROLAND, WE'VE HAD ENOUGH DEATHS.
Lorraine Lenker: [YELL] You're confused. End this madness.
Emilio Morales: Roland, you will not survive this. Do not throw what you've made of yourself away! You're better than this, boss!
Imre Csaky: [YELL] We're just trying to solve this.
Lorraine Lenker: [YELL] We have wounded and unrelated people out here.
Roland Stieglitz: [YELL] Not enough! You are gonna try and kill me!
[L] ** Azlan Khan sets Renata down against the wall once they're up top.
Imre Csaky: [YELL] Don't end yourself with rhetoric.
Lorraine Lenker: [YELL] Station Six is a /sancturary./
Imre Csaky: Lorraine, please.
Choi Il-Seong: Geuneun michyeossda.
** Choi Il-Seong mutters to himself.
Lorraine Lenker: ...put down your guns.
Hannibal Remington Newport: [YELL] Roland, I'm walking in there. I'm still unarmed. Don't shoot me.
Roland Stieglitz: [YELL] You kill me! And Snow will avenge me! Sebastian will avenge me! Lambda! Will avenge me!
** Choi Il-Seong glances to Lorraine, as if he didn't hear right.
Azlan Khan: [YELL] Enough of this idiocy, you fucking halfwits! Do you understand what you're doing?!
Imre Csaky: [YELL] We're not going to kill you.
Azlan Khan: [YELL] You're arguing as the metropolice converge outside.
Hannibal Remington Newport: [YELL] Roland, we need a doctor to work on the wounded.
** Choi Il-Seong slowly lowers the weapon.
Roland Stieglitz: [YELL] Yeah, your not! But your gonna try!
Azlan Khan: [YELL] Save your debates for another time.
Imre Csaky: -this fucking guy.
Roland Stieglitz: [YELL] I will kill you all! Dont fuck with me!
[L] ** Azlan Khan utters a slew of abhorrent curses in Pashto.
[L] ** Hannibal Remington Newport still has his hands up.
Imre Csaky: [YELL] Roland.
Roland Stieglitz: [YELL] Why Lorraine! WHY!!!!
Imre Csaky: [YELL] You don't want to be remembered like this.
Roland Stieglitz: [YELL] You betrayed me! I loved you!
Imre Csaky: [YELL] Is this your legacy?
Roland Stieglitz: [YELL] I would have died for you!
Imre Csaky: [YELL] Violence? --come on!
Imre Csaky: [YELL] Open the DOOR.
Hannibal Remington Newport: [YELL] Lorraine doesn't enter. Just the wounded and a doctor. Everyone agree?
Imre Csaky: [YELL] Yes!
Tobias Ryker: Roland.. we need that doctor.
Hannibal Remington Newport: [YELL] ROLAND. Agreed?
Tobias Ryker: I need that doctor.
Roland Stieglitz: [YELL] How do I know, that you are all not gonna come storming in here!
Azlan Khan: [YELL] This is Massoud, you recognise my voice, yes?
Azlan Khan: [YELL] Hannibal.
Roland Stieglitz: [YELL] If I see a weapon, I fire!
** Choi Il-Seong glances to Lorraine.
Roland Stieglitz: [YELL] I am not putting my gun away! I got two shells, and a bad arm!
** Philippe Cohen-Bendit starts fitting his SMG in his coat.
Hannibal Remington Newport: [YELL] Because Lorraine gets her guns from an outside party like everyone else and she won't get any help from our people ever again if she abuses the situation.
Roland Stieglitz: [YELL] There is more of you than me, if I do shit I die, but if you try shit! I TAKE FUCKING MOB!!
Hannibal Remington Newport: [YELL] Right?
** Renata Moreno Vasquez's blanket falls away, revealing his messy, bloody form once more. She doesn't react, holding her abdomen loosely.
Renata Moreno Vasquez: y.// her*
** Choi Il-Seong stares at the door. He slings around his weapon so it's on his back.
Imre Csaky: [YELL] People are dying.
Azlan Khan: Grh-
Imre Csaky: [YELL] There's people bleeding out here, Roland.
Imre Csaky: [YELL] Badly.
Lorraine Lenker: [YELL] Roland! If she dies because of you...!
Hannibal Remington Newport: [YELL] Lorraine, stop talking.
Imre Csaky: Don't threaten him.
[L] ** Lorraine Lenker wheezes.
Imre Csaky: [WHISPER] He's extremely reactionary.
Hannibal Remington Newport: [YELL] Who's wounded?
Imre Csaky: [YELL] Renata, Lorraine.
Azlan Khan: [YELL] A woman.
Imre Csaky: [YELL] Others, too.
Roland Stieglitz: [YELL] I dont wan-- fuuuuucckkk!!!!
Tobias Ryker: Roland..
** Choi Il-Seong rolls his shoulder. He mutters something, again.
Hannibal Remington Newport: [YELL] Lorraine, you leave any weapons outside.
Hannibal Remington Newport: [YELL] Everyone. No voilence in here. Only healing.
Tobias Ryker: This basic first aid ain't gunn.. help me. My leg is fucked if it ain't treated.
Imre Csaky: [YELL] Weapons are being left outside.
Imre Csaky: [YELL] Open the door.
** Tobias Ryker lowers his firearm, the first to do so. Placing it on the floor.
** Choi Il-Seong peers at Lorraine. The gun around his back is shuffled a little bit.
Roland Stieglitz: [YELL] Fuck you! If you come in, and I see a weapon, I shoot.
Hannibal Remington Newport: [YELL] Roland. Can I open the door?
Lorraine Lenker: [YELL] They'll be slung.
Lorraine Lenker: [YELL] Open the door.
Hannibal Remington Newport: [YELL] They'll be left outside.
[L] ** Azlan Khan prepares to haul Renata's weight back over his shoulders, taking care as much as one can not to exacerbate her wounds.
** Imre Csaky sets his gun to the floor.
Lorraine Lenker: [YELL] We'll leave them with Massoud.
Roland Stieglitz: [YELL] I see a gun, I shoot, I got two shells. And nothing to lose!!
** Lorraine Lenker sets her sidearm on the floor.
** Philippe Cohen-Bendit pats his his coat with an inquisitive glare.
** Lorraine Lenker nods.
Lorraine Lenker: [YELL] We're unarmed.
(Philippe Cohen-Bendit) ** The lump in his coat rather. **
Lorraine Lenker: [YELL] Let us in.
Azlan Khan: [YELL] They have obliged your man, Hannibal.
** Choi Il-Seong sighs. He takes the slung Kalashnikov and puts it on the ground, too. He can't hide it, really.
Imre Csaky: Stay down, please.
Imre Csaky: Too many people up here.
** Philippe Cohen-Bendit crosses his arms over his torso.
Azlan Khan: [YELL] Their arms have been set aside.
Emilio Morales: [YELL] No one harms Roland in any way, shape, or form!
Roland Stieglitz: [YELL] Dont fuck me again!
Imre Csaky: [YELL] Open the door, man.
Hannibal Remington Newport: [YELL] Come in slowly. When Roland's sure there are no guns, he'll lower his.
Roland Stieglitz: [YELL] I will haunt you! I will see you in your dreams!!
Azlan Khan: Slav.
Roland Stieglitz: [YELL] One at a time!
Azlan Khan: Wanted-woman.
Roland Stieglitz: [YELL] Lorraine first!
** Azlan Khan appears to have been addressing Imre and Lorraine.
** Choi Il-Seong glances at Lorraine.
Jack Carmine: [WHISPER] What's going on?
Roland Stieglitz: [YELL] You have my word, I will not shoot, if you dont shoot!
Lorraine Lenker: ...this might be it.
Imre Csaky: [WHISPER] Long story.
[L] ** Hannibal Remington Newport blocks his view slightly, but leaves him room to shoot if needed. A willing hostage.
Lorraine Lenker: Listen - for whatever time I'm still alive.
Jack Carmine: [WHISPER] Mutiny?
Jack Carmine: [WHISPER] That's what this looks like.
Imre Csaky: [WHISPER] Something like that.
Lorraine Lenker: We built it from the ground up. All of this.
Lorraine Lenker: - all of this.
Azlan Khan: Save your posturing, wanted-woman.
Lorraine Lenker: Thanks to people like you, people have a chance to survive.
Lorraine Lenker: Shut up, Massoud.
** Imre Csaky sidesteps forward.
[L] ** Roland Stieglitz aims the weapon at the door, shaking but at this range with a double barrel, that does not matter.
Lorraine Lenker: So if I don't come back out from there -
Lorraine Lenker: Assimilate.
** Azlan Khan barges past Lenker, as much as one can when he's carrying an injured girl on his shoulders.
Roland Stieglitz: [YELL] Come in, slowly!
Lorraine Lenker: One Resistance.
Philippe Cohen-Bendit: The world is behind you, Lorraine.
Choi Il-Seong: Mh.
Lorraine Lenker: Serve Mankind.
Roland Stieglitz: [YELL] Is that Phil?
Lorraine Lenker: That goes beyond any petty squabbles.
Roland Stieglitz: [YELL] You alive buddy?
** Renata Moreno Vasquez is lugged limply over one of Azlan's shoulders. Her arms swing and dangle. The man's shoulder is stained with blood.
Imre Csaky: Slow.
Roland Stieglitz: [YELL] One at a time!
** Renata Moreno Vasquez is lugged limply over one of Azlan's shoulders. Her arms swing and dangle. The man's shoulder is stained with blood.
Lorraine Lenker: [YELL] Let her through.
[L] ** Azlan Khan methodically steps inside the confines of the bunker, Renata's limp form hanging on hisbody.
Lorraine Lenker: [YELL] Make room.
** Emilio Morales doesn't move.
[L] ** Roland Stieglitz sees the eyes of the tryant.
Imre Csaky: [YELL] We're unarmed.
Imre Csaky: [YELL] Leave it, Roland.
Roland Stieglitz: [YELL] Wanna die? Bitch!?
[L] ** Azlan Khan sets her down on the bed, gently as can be. For an older man of average frame, he's at least got some experience carrying a human's weight.
Hannibal Remington Newport: [YELL] Lorraince, I swear to God, I will throw my shoe at you.
Imre Csaky: [YELL] Don't.
** Lorraine Lenker took in a deep breath.
[L] ** Renata Moreno Vasquez shakes and shudders once more, eerily pale for someone hailing south of the border. Her lips are turning blue. She doesn't move much when she's set on the bed.
Roland Stieglitz: [YELL] Jack!
Roland Stieglitz: [YELL] With me!
Jack Carmine: [YELL] What's going on?
Azlan Khan: Wanted-woman.
Roland Stieglitz: [YELL] That fucking bitch betrayed us!
Lorraine Lenker: She's stabilized as best as we can manage her.
Lorraine Lenker: The most I can do now, is to give her saline and antibiotics.
Azlan Khan: I am not a doctor.
Lorraine Lenker: I'm not one either.
Hannibal Remington Newport: [YELL] The new rules for station six are this.
** Lorraine Lenker cleans Renata's worst wounds off, should they still be bleeding at this point. It's a coin toss on whether or not she'll survive
Hannibal Remington Newport: [YELL] From here until the situation is resolved.
** Azlan Khan fiddles with the saline stand, offering Lorraine the line once she's ready to insert it.
Hannibal Remington Newport: [YELL] No guns. This fellow behind me being the exception because he has one at my back. But he'll play ball if you do.
Hannibal Remington Newport: [YELL] Do not play with my life, or I'll cockslap you.
Roland Stieglitz: [YELL] I am alone! I AM ALONE! YOU FUCK!
(Lorraine Lenker) ** Renata lives. She, however, ends up just like Lorraine. A permenant limp on her right side. **
Roland Stieglitz: [YELL] You all stand against me, I see what is going on her/
Imre Csaky: [YELL] Hey. Come on.
Emilio Morales: [YELL] No, Roland. No!
** Lorraine Lenker was in hard cover. She'll live, but, a good chunk of her left abdomen is blown away.
** Lorraine Lenker is disfigured, horribly so. Breathing is gonna be harder.
** Renata Moreno Vasquez lays, hooked up with an IV and mostly unresponsive. She seems clinging on the edges of life. Her ruined kevlar would've been cut away.
Hannibal Remington Newport: [YELL] If you aren't injured or tending to the wounded, I strongly suggest you leave.
Azlan Khan: Sit down-
** Lorraine Lenker does so.
Hannibal Remington Newport: [YELL] A little clausterphobic in here and all.
Azlan Khan: I'll see what I can do.
Roland Stieglitz: [YELL] Imre? Phil? Emil? You betray me! Why? I want to bring freedom to this city! Not leave it in darkness!
Imre Csaky: [YELL] I haven't betrayed anything.
Lorraine Lenker: [YELL] You are /confused/, Roland.
Imre Csaky: [YELL] We're all here--
Lorraine Lenker: [YELL] Put down your weapon.
Imre Csaky: [YELL] STOP.
Emilio Morales: [YELL] If I was betraying you I would not have came here first than going with them, Roland!
Roland Stieglitz: [YELL] It's down!
** Azlan Khan takes a knee beside Lorraine, eyeing her injuries - or at least trying to make an assessment as best as one can for a man with no professional medical training outside of a warzone.
Hannibal Remington Newport: [YELL] Boy, you best tend to the wounded before I shove my boot so far up your ass you grow fond of the taste of shoe polish.
Lorraine Lenker: [YELL] Renata's being stabilized.
Lorraine Lenker: [YELL] Bring whoever else is hurt into medical.
Azlan Khan: You're making it worse-
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Lorraine Lenker: Talk - not talk.
Lorraine Lenker: It doesn't matter.
Roland Stieglitz: [YELL] Help Tobias!
** Azlan Khan frowns, their features creasing - he glances back towards the medical cabinet.
Azlan Khan: You will need to change this dressing.
Azlan Khan: Crawling through-waste tunnels will see you dead in days.
** Lorraine Lenker wheezes.
Lorraine Lenker: [WHISPER] I know it's hard to believe, but I am /seriously/ in pain.
Lorraine Lenker: [WHISPER] Oh, God...
Lorraine Lenker: [WHISPER] Is this what labour's like...?
[L] ** Lorraine Lenker frowns, grimacing. She mutters a few more choice words.
[L] ** Azlan Khan removes their gloves, stowing them in the pocket of his now-ruined coat. He retrieves what he needs, some rudimentary alcohol based cleaning solution and a dressing for the injury.
Azlan Khan: [WHISPER] I would not know.
Azlan Khan: [WHISPER] But I have seen wounds as these before-
** Azlan Khan unscrews the cap on the bottle of some Soviet-issued vodka, half-full. He offers her the neck, as though to fill a cap.
** Renata Moreno Vasquez just lays there, saline pumping into a vein. Her back rises and falls. She seems deeply lost in a dream, eyes shut. Every exhale is ragged and gurgly.
Azlan Khan: Pain relief.
** Lorraine Lenker took in a deep breath. She downed in.
** Jack Carmine Places Tobias on the table.
** Azlan Khan nods, then sets about with a pair of scissors, cutting away Lenker's now-filthy dressing, taking care not to be too rough, as much as one can. "Stay still," he chastises her.
Lorraine Lenker: [Duncan finds that the frequency had been switched after his capture.]
** Tobias Ryker lies against the table, glancing around the room. He couldn't help but crack a joke in his immense pain. "Hell of a shot... Lorraine. Fucking hell." He chuckles but quickly stops with the pain in his abdoment taking over.
** Jack Carmine Pulls out whatever medical supplies he could find.
Lorraine Lenker: That's unit... training for you...
Lorraine Lenker: ...only wish Roland wasn't such a fuck-up.
Hannibal Remington Newport: [YELL] Fuck off, we're closed.
** Lorraine Lenker wheezes.
Roland Stieglitz: [YELL] WHO THE FUCK IS THAT?!
** Renata Moreno Vasquez's back just.. rises and falls. Rises and falls.
Imre Csaky: [YELL] Who's--
Cyrille Mounir: [YELL] Open the door 'fore I slap the fuck out you.
Roland Stieglitz: [YELL] LET HIM IN!
Hannibal Remington Newport: [YELL] No guns.
Cyrille Mounir: [YELL] Nigga' my arms is guns.
** Azlan Khan applies some of the alcohol solution to some generic cotton-swab issued by the UU, then starts dabbing at the site of the injury. It will likely sting, painfully so for Lorraine, but better than being dead from sepsis.
Lorraine Lenker: [YELL] AEYEUUUGH!
** Jack Carmine Gets started on cleaning the wound first removing the bandages at first his inexpierence showing as he turned away from the sight on Tobias wounds but he eventually mans up, and starts by placing some Antiseptic liquid onto a piece of cotton, and trying to clean the wounds on his shoulder.
[L] ** Lorraine Lenker screamed. She barely contains the terror in her eyes.
** Imre Csaky strides inside.
Imre Csaky: Everyone, alive? Stable?
** Azlan Khan continues their work, to the best of his ability for a Khyber Pass runner-turned-amateur medic.
Lorraine Lenker: Hrrnnnngh!
Lorraine Lenker: IMRE.
Lorraine Lenker: COME HERE.
** Lorraine Lenker says, through clenched teeth.
** Tobias Ryker revels in pain as Jack cleaned out his wound. He swollows his pain but he entire body is clenched up.
[L] ** Azlan Khan is knelt beside Lorraine, dabbing at her lower abdominal injury with an alcohol-soaked pad, clearing the site of blood and detritus.
Lorraine Lenker: .
** Lorraine Lenker seems insistent. She motions for either Imre or Cohen to come forward.
[L] ** Lorraine Lenker shudders, releasing a spiked set of high-pitched chitters. She held him in a vice grip - not unlike someone in labour. She breaths, her stomach retracts and her eyes shut tight during the operation.
** Jack Carmine would finish cleaning up the wounds, and afterwords places the cotton with the Antiseptic aside, and got to work on bandaging the wound again pulling out a single roll of bandages that looked to be elastic, and compressed "Guess this'll have to do" he then begins to rebandage some of the mans wounds.
** Lorraine Lenker had a very, very strong grip on Imre's arm.
[L] ** Renata Moreno Vasquez lays there in a catatonic state, tanktop mostly in shreds along with the kevlar vest that once adorned her torso laying in tatters nearby. She breathes, barely, and is clung to life by a IV strand taped to one of her bloody forearms.
Lorraine Lenker: [WHISPER] Hrnffff...!
Jack Carmine: Alright I didn't do much but hopefully I prevented some infection, and managed to bandage him up again.
Imre Csaky: [WHISPER] -just let him work, Lo.
Imre Csaky: [WHISPER] Okay? You're fine.
Lorraine Lenker: [WHISPER] ...I'M NOT FINE.
(Azlan Khan) ** After a period, the work is done. Khan unfolds the dressing - it's a little improvised, a woman's sanitary towel with some bandage-roll affixed over it, but it's the best of what there is. **
** Lorraine Lenker's grumpy. She has a nasty scowl over her face and she takes a moment to recover.
** Lorraine Lenker, holding onto Imre, tries to stand.
Lorraine Lenker: [WHISPER] I've been SHOT! How is that BULLSHIT?!
Lorraine Lenker: [WHISPER] I CAN'T FAKE THIS!
** Imre Csaky is whispering very loud. He presses her back with his free hand.
** Philippe Cohen-Bendit pushes Imre out of the way, going to crouch beside Lenker.
Lorraine Lenker: [WHISPER] Hrrnnnngh!
Lorraine Lenker: [WHISPER] Come on! Let me up!
Lorraine Lenker: [WHISPER] Let me - UP!
** Azlan Khan steadily rebandages the wound, murmuring a few silent curses in Pashto - when Lorraine tries to stand, he insistently shoves her back down with his other arm, pressing into her shoulder, "Stay. Still." He chides her, harshly.
Imre Csaky: [WHISPER] No.
Imre Csaky: Stop it.
Imre Csaky: You're going to die.
** Lorraine Lenker tries the same thing on Cohen, to try and get on her feet.
Lorraine Lenker: [WHISPER] Hrrnnnf!
Philippe Cohen-Bendit: [WHISPER] No, Lorraine. We need you alive. We need you better.
Imre Csaky: Stop moving, or it'll get worse.
** Lorraine Lenker relents.
Philippe Cohen-Bendit: [WHISPER] You can't leave this behind! Firebrand needs you. /Mankind/ needs /you/.
Azlan Khan: [WHISPER] It would have been easier to sell your face to the metropolice passing through the tunnels, woman!
(Lorraine Lenker) ** Her body sinks. Cohen's played her like a fiddle. She stops fidgeting so much. **
Azlan Khan: [WHISPER] Be grateful and stay still, I cannot finish this work if you won't sit there.
** Lorraine Lenker shuts her eyes.
Lorraine Lenker: [WHISPER] I have no idea how we're all still alive.
Lorraine Lenker: [WHISPER] Oh... Claudio. I wonder how you'd handle all of this...?
Imre Csaky: Me neither.
Imre Csaky: I don't know how we're still alive.
(Azlan Khan) ** Irritation creases Khan's features, "Because you had a foreman, ensuring you safely got back from your workshift. Remember, yes?" **
** Lorraine Lenker rubs her face. She sniffs, a few tears rolling down her cheeks.
Imre Csaky: I'm also a foreman, by the way.
Imre Csaky: We'd have been fine.
** Lorraine Lenker wipes at them quickly. She's not one to show emotion very often, for those that are near her.
** Choi Il-Seong steps into the medbay.
** Azlan Khan finishes affixing the dressing around Lorraine's abdominal region, tying it off.
Choi Il-Seong: Wae bimyeong-eul jileungeoya?
Azlan Khan: Perhaps so.
** Choi Il-Seong eyes Lorraine up and down -- more importantly he's looking at what's being done to her.
Azlan Khan: Perhaps not.
Imre Csaky: Everything.
Imre Csaky: Whatever you can get.
Imre Csaky: Il-Song. Watch her.
** Choi Il-Seong nods to Imre.
** Imre Csaky shuffles out.
** Azlan Khan glances towards the other two men in proximity, then Lorraine, "I've re-dressed this. You will need to keep it clean, be careful crawling in these tunnels. You will die of sepsis if not."
(Azlan Khan) ** His words don't come across as particularly mean-spirited, perhaps just a consequence of coming in as a non-native speaker. **
** Lorraine Lenker doesn't quite muster up the courage to respond to him. She just stares at the doorway in the meanwhile.
Hannibal Remington Newport: [YELL] No guns.
Lorraine Lenker: [YELL] If there's new people, maybe /grab/ the guns we left lying on the floor?
Hannibal Remington Newport: [YELL] My man here is the only one with a gun.
Hannibal Remington Newport: [YELL] JACK.
Imre Csaky: Go back, man.
** Renata Moreno Vasquez's breathing has her back just rising and falling gently.
** Roland Stieglitz enters the room, weapon in hand.
** Imre Csaky pauses.
** Roland Stieglitz moves to Tobias.
Hannibal Remington Newport: Jack, put the pistol away.
** Lorraine Lenker looks at Roland. Her face is proud - indignant.
Hannibal Remington Newport: That's the rules.
Roland Stieglitz: You ok?
** Philippe Cohen-Bendit rises as Roland enters, keeping an almost protective arm on the back of Lorraine's chair.
** Choi Il-Seong looks at the incoming group
Jack Carmine: I'm with Roland here.
** Cyrille Mounir steps into the doorway, hand inside of his jacket.
** Tobias Ryker looks up, opening his eyes. "I.. I should be fine."
Choi Il-Seong: [WHISPER] david do u have the ak-74 visibly on u
Hannibal Remington Newport: Your boss is the only one with a gun. His rule.
** Azlan Khan glances back towards the new company, his features creasing.
Hannibal Remington Newport: Roland, we had a deal.
[L] ** Renata Moreno Vasquez lays there in a catatonic state, tanktop mostly in shreds along with the kevlar vest that once adorned her torso laying in tatters nearby. She breathes, barely, and is clung to life by a IV strand taped to one of her bloody forearms.
Roland Stieglitz: They are gonna pay. You watch..
Hannibal Remington Newport: You can't go bringing people in with guns. That ain't fair.
Imre Csaky: Get out.
Imre Csaky: Get your guy.
** Roland Stieglitz flicks the double barrel up to the three.
Hannibal Remington Newport: [YELL] Roland.
** Jack Carmine Pulls his gun out.
Lorraine Lenker: Goddammit.
Hannibal Remington Newport: [YELL] We had a d-- GOD DAMMIT.
** Imre Csaky instantly reacts. A pistol is drawn from his sleeve, and pressed at Roland's midsection.
Hannibal Remington Newport: [YELL] ROLAND. Point the gun at me, not them.
Roland Stieglitz: [YELL] You fucked, with the wrong people!
Hannibal Remington Newport: [YELL] GUNS AWAY, NOW.
Imre Csaky: [YELL] Do it, and you're dead.
** Choi Il-Seong glares at roland.
** Azlan Khan has a hand on their toolbag, rummaging through it, "I have no business with you-"
** Philippe Cohen-Bendit brings his hand to to his chest, pulling down the zipper on his coat. He, as quickly as he can, rips out an SMG.
David Blackmore: [YELL] If I have to see you fuckers kill each other this is gonna get fucking ugly.
Jack Carmine: [YELL] What's the play here boss?
** Cyrille Mounir draws his sidearm. Unless Hannibal moves to disarm him, he feels the barrel tickle against his abdomen.
Cyrille Mounir: Sorry, old man.
Jack Carmine: [YELL] I don't want to shoot anyone here I thought we were on the same side!
David Blackmore: Put it away.
Cyrille Mounir: But don't make anymore noise.
Lorraine Lenker: Moe. When I'm dead with buckshot, make sure the right people lead this Station.
David Blackmore: And let's talk.
** Jack Carmine Points the weapon at Imre his arm shaking.
Cyrille Mounir: [YELL] Lorraine, what have you done?
** Hannibal Remington Newport doesn't move, frozen in place until Cyrille shoves him outta the way.
Jack Carmine: Do-Don't point that at him.
Roland Stieglitz: [YELL] You fucked up.
Jack Carmine: Please.
** Isaac Reyes steps around Cyrille, waving his gun against Imre and Hannibal.
Roland Stieglitz: [YELL] Everyone dies here.
Jack Carmine: I don't w-want to shot.
** Philippe Cohen-Bendit finally gets the SMG free.
David Blackmore: She shot someone dead. Someone who was beating on a rat. Guy named bokov.
** Hannibal Remington Newport has his hands in the air.
** Roland Stieglitz sends off both shots from the buckshot.
** Renata Moreno Vasquez is way too out of it. She doesn't react in the slightest.
Hannibal Remington Newport: [YELL] ROL-
** Jack Carmine Shots Imre in the head.
** Ricky Gutters Slides into another room
** Jack Carmine Pulls the trigger firing Imres leg.
** Philippe Cohen-Bendit fires at Roland with that.
** David Blackmore Pulled out his shotgun.
[L] (Lorraine Lenker) [EVENT] ** It's true. Everyone does die in here - not even her diving out of the way can save her - she's hit in the side. A whole lot of people fire. **
(Lorraine Lenker) [EVENT] ** Gunfire in the stormsystem. Buckshot, SMG's, rifles, pistols. An explosion of sound. **
** David Blackmore Seeks the only available cover.
** Imre Csaky shoots Roland, directly in the side.
(Lorraine Lenker) [EVENT] ** As quick as it came, it ended. **
** Hannibal Remington Newport keeps his hands in the air, gritting his teeth, eyes closed.
[L] ** Cyrille Mounir lifts his sidearm, shots flying downrange for Philippe. At the least, Cyrille intends on defending his ally.
** Hannibal Remington Newport flinches with each shot.
** Roland Stieglitz is riddles with bullets, dropping to the floor instantly, the vest does as well as can be imagined, but due to the heavy rounds sent forward he is sent down quickly.
** Isaac Reyes realligns his fire. He turns towards Philippe, pulling the trigger a few times. He wasn't to trigger happy, so not many bullets were fired in his direction.
** Jack Carmine Sends off several more rounds towards Imre.
Jack Carmine: [YELL] Roland!
** David Blackmore Blasts jack in the head. A buck of bockshot in the head.
** Philippe Cohen-Bendit is hit in the cross fire!
** Imre Csaky is sent down. His kevlar catches some, but not all. David is his saving grace.
** Hannibal Remington Newport's face gets rinsed in Jack's brain juices.
** Tobias Ryker flinches as the bullets engulf the room. He reaches for his 1911 on his side.
** Roland Stieglitz drops his weapon, now spitting up blood. Not sure if the rounds were fatal, though his abdomen. Heeeeaveee, the wind is knocked clean from his lungs, he cannot breathe.
Cyrille Mounir: [YELL] Holy FUCK.
Cyrille Mounir: [YELL] STOP.
David Blackmore: [YELL] Cease fire. Cease fire.
Cyrille Mounir: [YELL] STOP, ENOUGH.
** David Blackmore Holsters his weapon.
[L] (Azlan Khan) ** Khan flattens down, a red haze erupting from his flank. Perhaps it's adrenaline, perhaps else. **
** Imre Csaky rithes on the ground.
Cyrille Mounir: [YELL] Everyone drop your fuckin' weapons, god-damnit. FUCK.
Cyrille Mounir: [YELL] NO MORE SHOOTIN'.
** Hannibal Remington Newport's trembling in place, drenched in red. The open palms are now fists, but he doesn't move from his spot.
** Isaac Reyes keeps his gun raised, finger off the trigger. His eyes flickers towards Cyrille, breathing heavily. His gaze turns back to the room, eyes widening. "--so much blood."
** Renata Moreno Vasquez lets out a low groan, still clinging onto life through the tiny tube plugged into her arm. Gun smoke wafts through the room.
** Jack Carmine Brains aren't blown out, but he's left on the ground as a piece of the buckshot grazed his cheek he begins convulsing, and screaming from the pain.
[L] (Lorraine Lenker) ** Lenker had dived out of the way. She's about as bad, if not worse, than Roland. Her condition is critical and she'll die very quickly without treatment. The gunfire is over. **
** David Blackmore Takes off his mask he looks around the room in horror.
** Lorraine Lenker bleeds out, uncerimoniously.
** Cyrille Mounir mumbled to Hannibal.
(Philippe Cohen-Bendit) ** Philippe was simply hit by the considerable spread of buckshot meant for Lorraine. He's slumped on top of his dear leader. **
** Roland Stieglitz raises his palms, "There was a firefight!" is the only thing that plays through his mind. He is fucked, dying even, if not treated soon the blood loss will kill him. His vest shredded, bruising all around his center mass, in shambled, how did it come to this?
** Choi Il-Seong shudders and jerks away as gunfire rattles the entire cave-base. Just as quickly as it came and went, Il-Seong stood there, glancing around in an agitated fashion.
David Blackmore: Oh.... god...
[L] (Lorraine Lenker) [EVENT] ** Well. There comes a dilemna. **
** Cyrille Mounir seems a bit paralyzed, expression as still as stone; he's seen this exact situation before and it's bringing back haunting memories, harsh enough to send a slight tremble through his hands.
[L] (Lorraine Lenker) [EVENT] ** There are medical supplies. **
[L] (Lorraine Lenker) [EVENT] ** There is not enough to treat everyone in this room. **
** Hannibal Remington Newport clears his throat.
Hannibal Remington Newport: [YELL] LISTEN UP.
Cyrille Mounir: [YELL] -if you're not injured, speak.
Roland Stieglitz: Huhhhhh!!!! Huhhhh!!!
Isaac Reyes: We-- We need to treat them.
Cyrille Mounir: [YELL] We have to start treating people.
** Roland Stieglitz is gasping for air.
David Blackmore: Not injured....
** Isaac Reyes lowers his weapons.
Ricky Gutters: [YELL] The fuck just happend?
** Tobias Ryker lifts himself up, 1911 in hand. "Treat Roland, now."
** Imre Csaky is still rithing on the ground.
Choi Il-Seong: Fuck you!
Cyrille Mounir: -old man.
** Choi Il-Seong blurts out to Tobias, defiant.
Azlan Khan: Easy-
Cyrille Mounir: I don't suggest you start making demands like who lives 'n who dies.
Imre Csaky: -fuck, okay.
Hannibal Remington Newport: y
** David Blackmore Let's out a sigh.
Choi Il-Seong: Sal-injaui pyeon-eul deul-eossseubnikka? Dangsin-eul sswayahabnida!
** Renata Moreno Vasquez pushes herself up slightly, reeling with pain. She only lifted herself enough to swing her head over to look at the carnage.
Hannibal Remington Newport: I tried-
Hannibal Remington Newport: I-
** David Blackmore Looks at lorraine.
[L] ** Azlan Khan curses, a red haze spattered across his coat. By some show of luck, Stieglitz's buckshot sheared off the top of his cap and nothing else, though being outside Lorraine's immediate proximity played a role.
Azlan Khan: Put that gun down.
** Hannibal Remington Newport finally opens his eyes, observing the carnage. He looks at everyone like a stranger.
Cyrille Mounir: Isaac.
** Roland Stieglitz is catching his breath, rolling on the floor in pure agony, though the shock begins to settle in, the pain dies down quickly as total system shock rushes through his blood stream.
** Choi Il-Seong glances back at Lorraine, then. He grimaces, and jerks aside to go for the medical cabinet.
Cyrille Mounir: Go up there, get some medical supplies-
** David Blackmore Looks at the body of jack carmine.
** Cyrille Mounir bites his tongue briefly.
Cyrille Mounir: -and treat Roland.
Hannibal Remington Newport: Can I leave, or am I still a hostage?
** Azlan Khan glares up at Ryer, breathing at a rasp - his palms set on the cabinet in front of him. His other arm, sleeves bloodied, wedged in his toolbag,
Isaac Reyes: Up where? I can' jus' go to the damn medical center.
Imre Csaky: Let Hannibal treat Roland.
Hannibal Remington Newport: I'm not a doctor.
** Renata Moreno Vasquez lets her head plop back onto the mattress, powerless to do much. Miraculously, the gunfire missed her. She shuts her eyes once more and rests her head away from the bodies.
Imre Csaky: Try, damn it.
Cyrille Mounir: -you can leave, or you can try to save whoever you can here.
Cyrille Mounir: It's up to you.
Cyrille Mounir: I'm not holdin' no hostages.
Cyrille Mounir: I'm defendin' myself here, man.
Isaac Reyes: We should treat everyone-- At leas' try.
Azlan Khan: Your friend will die without their help.
** Choi Il-Seong takes up a medkit -- and a smaller one. He steps towards Lorraine without wasting even a heartbeat in pauses.
Azlan Khan: Do you expect them to help you with a gun at their heads?!
Tobias Ryker: [YELL] AY!
** Lorraine Lenker can barely manage to help herself up - she can't. She collaspes on the floor.
** Tobias Ryker yells out to Choi.
** Roland Stieglitz lays, growing more limp by the second.
Cyrille Mounir: Isaac, go to the medical cabinet, get some kits, help Roland.
Cyrille Mounir: GO.
Hannibal Remington Newport: I'm not sure how many friends I have left.
Cyrille Mounir: -you can consider me a friend, old man, if y'go try and help someone that's bleedin' out.
** Isaac Reyes huffs, taking a brief moment to stare at the scene. He's hesitant to leave, but eventually goes.
** Choi Il-Seong squats to a knee. He doesn't listen to Tobias -- instead, he tries to find any untreated or new wounds on Lorraine's body.
Hannibal Remington Newport: What about my friends that he shot?
Hannibal Remington Newport: He escalated. I tried to help. I tried to help.
** Isaac Reyes slowly goes over, grabbing on the supplies. He heads to Roland.
Hannibal Remington Newport: He-
** Philippe Cohen-Bendit whimpers, struggling to life his head from the growing pool of blood. "Lorr..-ain!" He manages to sputter out. "She didn't..-agh! She kept her word!"
(Lorraine Lenker) ** There's a large chunk of her that's just been blasted. Literally, just blasted, out of her body. It'll take everything that Choi has on him and a little bit of luck to even manage an attempt. **
Hannibal Remington Newport: Christ.
Cyrille Mounir: I killed someone over there. I don' know his name.
(Lorraine Lenker) ** Even if she /does/ survive, she won't survive for very long. **
Philippe Cohen-Bendit: Treat /her/!
** Choi Il-Seong snarls.
Cyrille Mounir: I ain't feelin' to happy.
Choi Il-Seong: Geu jasig-eul jugge naebeolyeodwo.
** Isaac Reyes huffs, placing the supplies to his sides. He rolls his shoulders, looking over Roland.
Tobias Ryker: [YELL] *A shot is discharged, sent towards Lorraine. Ironic, fired upon by one of the first people she met in Forty-five. Smoke extends out of the barrel as Tobias sits there shaking.*
Cyrille Mounir: -old man, treat someone. I don't care who right now. Imre or Jack-
** Imre Csaky crawls towards Roland, hands--
** Hannibal Remington Newport flinches.
** Choi Il-Seong mutters into the room. He doesn'T waste any time to try and save h-- Oh, no.
[L] (Azlan Khan) ** Khan's arm is trembling, slightly - there's a tear in his sleeve. **
** Roland Stieglitz shows bullet wound to the left arm, right forearm, and left abdomen.
Hannibal Remington Newport: Who's alive?
[L] (Lorraine Lenker) [EVENT] ** Lorraine is shot. She's killed. Another victim of the war. **
** Cyrille Mounir feels his heart sink into his stomach.
Philippe Cohen-Bendit: Gah! NO!
** Philippe Cohen-Bendit rolls himself on top of Lorraine.
** Isaac Reyes flinches, covering his ears as the shot is fired.
[L] (Azlan Khan) [EVENT] ** There's an immediate pop, erupting from Azlan's toolbag. One, two, three, 9x18mm subsonic cartridges pointed up at Tobias' dead center. **
Philippe Cohen-Bendit: The bleeding stop the..-the bleeding!
[L] ** Choi Il-Seong glares at the corpse of Lorraine for an extended moment. He sits there unmoving for a solid second before, out of nowheer, the chair gets picked up and launched for Tobias right after the bullets come going.
** Ricky Gutters Flinches ath the shooting ducking low
** Cyrille Mounir steps over Jack carefully, handgun waving between Imre and Philippe - then his aim nigh-immediately centers onto Azlan, several shots flying for his body.
** Philippe Cohen-Bendit is on his last leg as well.
** Hannibal Remington Newport freezes as the shooting starts again.
Choi Il-Seong: [YELL] SAL-INJA!
Isaac Reyes: I don' think we got th' equipment to get th' bullet outta' your abdomen.
** David Blackmore Get's his makarov ready.
Roland Stieglitz: [YELL] David! NOOOo!!!!
** Imre Csaky holds his hands up. His handgun falls into his sleeve, as he shuffles away.
Imre Csaky: -please, god..
** David Blackmore Aimed it towards choi.
Isaac Reyes: [YELL] Hold still, Roland!
Cyrille Mounir: [YELL] David, help me the fuck out here! We need control!
** Renata Moreno Vasquez shudders ever so slightly with each round bucked off.
Cyrille Mounir: [YELL] This is bad!
(Choi Il-Seong) ** The chair was already thrown. **
Philippe Cohen-Bendit: [WHISPER] Soyons..-s-...soyon cruels!
(Tobias Ryker) ** *Tobias' flinches. A quick gasp of air extends from his mouth as his air is cut short. His 1911 falls from his hand as he slumps against the wall gasping for air as blood oozing out from his chest.* **
** Isaac Reyes removes his belt, gesturing to Roland. "Bite down, an' stop movin', you bastard!"
** David Blackmore Fired off a few rounds towards choi's mid center.
Hannibal Remington Newport: [YELL] Cyrille. Who's alive.
(Imre Csaky) ** Blood leaks from Imre's torn jeans. He backs off, limping. **
** Roland Stieglitz is not moving, not by much.
Cyrille Mounir: [YELL] I DON'T FUCKING KNOW!
Roland Stieglitz: [YELL] NO MORE!
[L] (Azlan Khan) [EVENT] ** It's not immediately clear what happened - only the jerk of Khan's trembling, bleeding arm wedged in the toolbag. **
[L] (Choi Il-Seong) ** He's not able to dodge by much, but he falls back in a haphazardous attempt. Two bullets pierce the right side of his chest, and soon he crumples ontop of the other two. **
** Roland Stieglitz bites down hard on the belt.
Hannibal Remington Newport: [YELL] One more kill and I help no-one.
Hannibal Remington Newport: [YELL] Just about everyone's dead anyway. Who do I help?
Imre Csaky: Hannibal, let's just..
Imre Csaky: Go.
** Renata Moreno Vasquez barely scoots herself over to the wall on the mattress as much as she can, her IV line tightening a bit.
Roland Stieglitz: Heeeeeveee!!!
Cyrille Mounir: -I would leave.
** Ricky Gutters Pats Imre on the back while riping a sleave from his jacket And saying "Start tearing and rapping people up"
Renata Moreno Vasquez says something in Spanish.
** Isaac Reyes shoves the belt into Roland's mouth. He grabs Roland's arm, digging a into his shoulder with his clean blade.
** Renata Moreno Vasquez stamemrs in espanol.
** Cyrille Mounir seems shaky as all hell.
Renata Moreno Vasquez says something in Spanish.
Imre Csaky: Mo, man.
Hannibal Remington Newport: [YELL] CYRILLE. NO MORE.
Cyrille Mounir: I would run 'n- try to figure out what the fuck is going on right now.
Hannibal Remington Newport: [YELL] Please. JESUS CHRIST.
** David Blackmore Acted calmly looking at azlan.
Imre Csaky: Mo, put it down.
David Blackmore: Don't try it. Not like this.
Imre Csaky: They're all dead.
Hannibal Remington Newport: [YELL] G-
Hannibal Remington Newport: [YELL] Guns down, everyone.
** Cyrille Mounir lowers his gun into a simple low-aim. It remains ready.
Cyrille Mounir: -Imre, my- my man.
Hannibal Remington Newport: [YELL] Ev-er-y-one.
Cyrille Mounir: I've seen this happen already.
Imre Csaky: I left some bandages, under the stairwell.
[L] ** Azlan Khan glances towards Blackmore, then the others - his palm presses into the cabinet, standing. His arm resting on the toolbag, but not wedged in like before.
Cyrille Mounir: Why the fuck is it happenin' again?
Imre Csaky: At the front.
Imre Csaky: I'll bring them, okay?
Hannibal Remington Newport: [YELL] Who's wounded and alive?
Cyrille Mounir: I already watched /my/ Resistance die.
** Ricky Gutters Looks at the bloodbath ahead of himself
Cyrille Mounir: Why is /THIS/ one dyin'.
Cyrille Mounir: What the FUCK.
** Imre Csaky shuffles out.
[L] (Choi Il-Seong) ** There's a pained wheeze coming from the pile of three people by the bed. **
Cyrille Mounir: [YELL] FUCK.
** Roland Stieglitz "Ahhhghghghh!!!" he yelps out, that bite clamp did not do shit. Even with system shock he feels that one, looking to Jack, and his brain splatter all around, he begins to cry.
David Blackmore: Lorraine broke her promise. She killed one of our own.... over the same fucking squabbles.
Cyrille Mounir: [YELL] TOBIAS. LORRAINE.
Cyrille Mounir: [YELL] SAY SOME'N.
Hannibal Remington Newport: Everyone with a gun broke their promise.
** Cyrille Mounir pinches his eyes, on the brink of what's a proper breakdown. He gulps and looks at the ground, staring daggers.
Hannibal Remington Newport: This is on y'all too. Now who's alive.
Roland Stieglitz: [YELL] I told yoU! They were not to be trusted!
[L] (Lorraine Lenker) [EVENT] ** Lorraine had been shot with small arms fire, in addition to a near fatal graze of buckshot. She has no weapon on her. **
[L] (Choi Il-Seong) ** The wheeze is coming from neither. It's coming from Il-Seong -- and it's followed up with a spit of blood as the pierced lung he has is starting to fill. **
Ricky Gutters: ...
(Isaac Reyes) ** The bullet is eventually dug out of Roland's shoulder. Isaac tosses it to the side, patching Roland's shoulder up; He rolls the bandage around the shoulder, securing as best as he can. "One down, two to go." **
Hannibal Remington Newport: [YELL] Guns holstered. Hellp the wounded.
** David Blackmore Puts away his weapon and goes towards renata.
Hannibal Remington Newport: [YELL] I- okay, I think Renata's still alive.
Cyrille Mounir asks something in Spanish.
Hannibal Remington Newport: [YELL] Roland?
Cyrille Mounir says something in Spanish.
Roland Stieglitz: I AM FUCKED!
(Tobias Ryker) ** Tobias coughs up blood, as his life fades away. What once was seen as something, has been split into pieces. He takes his last breath before fading away. Nothing comes from his mouth Cyrille called his name **
Hannibal Remington Newport: [YELL] Stay awake.
Isaac Reyes: [YELL] Shut up-- Fuck.
** David Blackmore Looked over renata with a cold look in his eyes. He watched if she had any open bleeding wounds.
** Renata Moreno Vasquez warily lifts an arm, IV slung into it. She barely musters up the strength to speak. "R.. Renata..."
Imre Csaky: [YELL] Help Renata, please.
Hannibal Remington Newport: [YELL] Help Renata, I'll get Rolan.
** Renata Moreno Vasquez is stabilized, still. A few shell casings lay about her.
** Isaac Reyes huffs, standing up. He claps his bloody hands together, dropping his knife to the floor.
** Hannibal Remington Newport steps over the shredded remains of Jack.
** Jack Carmine Is dead all that remains is his brainless bodies, and his gory brains lied about all over the place.
** Roland Stieglitz looks over to the corpse of his longest friend screaming out in pure shock and agony, "TOBIAS!!!! FUCK!!! HELP HIM!!! HELP HIM PLEASE!!!
Cyrille Mounir says something in Spanish.
Roland Stieglitz: [YELL] TOBIAS!!!!
Cyrille Mounir says something in Spanish.
** Hannibal Remington Newport looks at Issac. "What do you need?
** Cyrille Mounir says in a all-too shaky way.
Isaac Reyes: I-- I don'
Roland Stieglitz: [YELL] Help him! PLEASE!
(Imre Csaky) ** With both David and Cyrille distracted, Imre moves. His shotgun, concealed around the corner, comes into full view. Roland is the target. **
Hannibal Remington Newport says something in Spanish.
** Ricky Gutters Looks around has half the fucking reistance dies around him
[L] ** Azlan Khan's right-arm is red, blood trickling from a tear in the sleeve just below the shoulder.
** Renata Moreno Vasquez groans out a response.
Hannibal Remington Newport: [YELL] Where's Tobias?
Renata Moreno Vasquez says something in Spanish.
** Ricky Gutters Gets out of imres way
Renata Moreno Vasquez: ....por favor...
Renata Moreno Vasquez says something in Spanish.
** Isaac Reyes turns to the side, puking all over the ground. Well, there goes his lunch. He wipes his mouth his sleeve, turning back to the scene.
Hannibal Remington Newport says something in Spanish.
Cyrille Mounir says something in Spanish.
** Choi Il-Seong coughs and sputters. More blood is coming from his mouth.
** Roland Stieglitz is pulled over to the bed.
Hannibal Remington Newport: [YELL] Where is TOBIAS.
Hannibal Remington Newport: [YELL] Is he alive?
Cyrille Mounir: Tobias, he's-
** Cyrille Mounir turns around.
[L] (Azlan Khan) ** Tobias is dead, slumped on the wall atop the table. **
Ricky Gutters: looc Just getting out of the way of the body
Hannibal Remington Newport: [YELL] IMRE.
[L] (Azlan Khan) ** I'm assumign. **
Cyrille Mounir: [YELL] IMRE, NO.
Hannibal Remington Newport: [YELL] It's OVER.
Isaac Reyes: [YELL] Don'!
Hannibal Remington Newport: [YELL] GUN DOWN.
Azlan Khan: [YELL] End this, you idiot!
Hannibal Remington Newport: [YELL] GUN DOWN.
(Imre Csaky) ** With both David and Cyrille distracted, Imre moves. His shotgun, concealed around the corner, comes into full view. Roland is the target. **
** Roland Stieglitz is not much better than limp on the floor, an easy target. If no one is to react, he is surely dead.
** Cyrille Mounir is slowly turning towards Tobias to see his dead friend.
Hannibal Remington Newport: This will not end well, Imre.
Hannibal Remington Newport: It's over. At least for tonight.
[L] ** Azlan Khan had been emerging from their prone position, arm trembling, "What's your point? He's dead already!"
Hannibal Remington Newport: Lower. The gun.
Azlan Khan: End this, you fucking halfwit-
(Choi Il-Seong) ** Another thing that's over is Il-Seong's life -- as his lung filled up with blood and began to asphyxiate him. **
(Choi Il-Seong) ** Because he was shot. **
(David Blackmore) ** By me. **
(Ricky Gutters) ** In the lung **
[L] ** Azlan Khan's features crease, adrenaline-fuelled irritation clouding his normally subdued judgement. Those to his flank can see a patch of his sleeve, below the shoulder, that's been sheared off, blood slick down it.
** Isaac Reyes sighs, stepping to the side. Isaac steps up behind Azlan, placing a gun to his head.
** Roland Stieglitz only reaction is to hide behind the desk, maybe it will save him, maybe he wont.
Isaac Reyes: [YELL] You fire-- Your friend dies.
Hannibal Remington Newport: [YELL] NO. NO ONE ELSE DIES.
Hannibal Remington Newport: [YELL] IMRE. LOWER IT.
Isaac Reyes: [YELL] Put th' weapon /DOWN/. No more blood!
** David Blackmore Looks towards imre and then towards his weapon.
** Azlan Khan freezes in place, breathing at a rasp. He glares at Imre, "I didn't want any part in this spat!"
** Hannibal Remington Newport screams at Imre until his voice is hoarse. "NO MORE BLOOD. MAYBE TOMORROW, MAYBE THE NEXT TIME, BUT I SWEAR TO GOT IT WILL -NOT- BE TONIGHT.
Hannibal Remington Newport: [YELL] NO ONE ELSE DIES.
Hannibal Remington Newport: [YELL] NOT ONE MORE.
** Cyrille Mounir turns fully, his eye over Newport's shoulder towards Csaky.
Isaac Reyes: [YELL] Drop it-- We can all live another day!
** Imre Csaky doesn't relent. He's far too high on adreniline. However, in the spur of the moment, he finally stops himself. Creed, ideology, or just plain mercy; he spares Roland, if momentarily. He stumbles backward, towards the cave corridor, absolute fury bottled up. Justice fails to be served, for now.
Hannibal Remington Newport: Imre.
** Roland Stieglitz will remember the mercy he was shown, for now. He is fucked, and he knows it.
Imre Csaky: My leg is fucked.
** Hannibal Remington Newport keeps his hands raised. His arms are shaking from being up for so long.
Imre Csaky: Someone get my gauze.
** Isaac Reyes releases a long exhale. He shoves Azland forward, gaze still remaining on Imre.
Cyrille Mounir: [YELL] -look. I ain't gonna' put my weapon back up but I don't wanna' turn around 'n see another gun. Please.
Imre Csaky: [YELL] Okay.
Cyrille Mounir: [YELL] I gotta' try 'n help somebody out.
** David Blackmore Begins to tend to renata.
Imre Csaky: [YELL] I'm not after you, Mo.
Hannibal Remington Newport: [YELL] Who else needs treatment?
Renata Moreno Vasquez says something in Spanish.
Cyrille Mounir: [YELL] I know you ain't.
** Renata Moreno Vasquez murmurs.
Imre Csaky: [YELL] Help them, please.
** Hannibal Remington Newport looks under the desk at Tobias.
[L] ** Azlan Khan bristles as Reyes gives him a shove, briefly glancing backwards, he shifts his mass towards the wall of the cave.
** Ricky Gutters Watches the dead looking at lenker and the gang all of them fucked
Imre Csaky: [YELL] -someone, gauze. Please.
** Renata Moreno Vasquez looks to be stabilized, fortunately. Her wrapped wounds are bloody, but they don't seem to be actively bleeding. She's still hooked to her IV bag.
Isaac Reyes: [YELL] Y'all should get, man.
Cyrille Mounir: [YELL] But I'm the type of person that has to watch every car as it passes, stare at the tinted windows. I ain't like no guns behinn' me.
Azlan Khan: Where?! Who needs it?
Ricky Gutters: [WHISPER] Dear god what have i witnessed today.
[L] (Lorraine Lenker) [EVENT] ** There's not enough medical supplies. Under Choi's dead body was the one meant for Lorraine, soaked in blood and grime. **
Isaac Reyes: Roland needs real medical attention.
** Cyrille Mounir slowly steps over Philippe, moving towards Renata. He evaluates her.
** Hannibal Remington Newport takes Tobias' pulse.
** Azlan Khan slips a palm into their partially tattered toolbag, fumbling about. A sanitary towel emerges, the last of the two he'd pulled out for Lorraine.
Azlan Khan: Hannibal-
** Renata Moreno Vasquez is heavily wounded, but her wounds are stabilized. Her kevlar was cut away and she was one of the first to be treated. She's littered in a few spent shell casings from the various gunfights to break out but she's not actively bleeding for the time being.
Cyrille Mounir says something in Spanish.
** Roland Stieglitz is still bleeding, bullets have been picked out. But he is gushing.
Renata Moreno Vasquez: ...q-- quien...
David Blackmore: She's good prince.... She's good.
Renata Moreno Vasquez says something in Spanish.
** Hannibal Remington Newport moves from Tobias, tending to Roland.
** David Blackmore Motiosn towards reyes.
Isaac Reyes says something in Spanish.
** Ricky Gutters Picks up a M1911 Quietly shoveing it into his pocket while studying the area
Hannibal Remington Newport says something in Spanish.
** Roland Stieglitz is bleeding out, his left side worst of all.
David Blackmore: Help roland.
** Isaac Reyes removes his mask, wipping his mask along his forehead, soaking up the sweat. "I dunno' how to help him."
David Blackmore: Take it. Off. Show me your face boy.
Azlan Khan: You.
** Cyrille Mounir eyes over the bodies. His eyes well, fixated to Lorraine.
Ricky Gutters: Allrighty
** Hannibal Remington Newport takes off his jacket and slips out of his T-shirt, using the almost blood-free garment to put pressure on the wound.
** Azlan Khan shifts a terse expression towards Imre.
** Renata Moreno Vasquez shakily reaches up to clasp ahold of the bed frame near her. Her lips tremble, teeth bared underneath.
** Imre Csaky dips back out, momentarily. He gauzes himself up, but it doesn't do all that much.
David Blackmore: You took no side, you fired not shot in this room.
** Imre Csaky returns it. He looks like hell.
Hannibal Remington Newport: [YELL] Look for clean clothes if we're out of bandages.
Roland Stieglitz: [YELL] Imre! No more!
Hannibal Remington Newport: You stupid, stupid son of a bitch.
Roland Stieglitz: [YELL] Put it away man! Please!
David Blackmore: [WHISPER] But don't be looting the dead. Not here. Not now.
Imre Csaky: [YELL] No.
Roland Stieglitz: [YELL] You spared me! I will not forget it!
Azlan Khan: Walk away.
Imre Csaky: No.
(Isaac Reyes) ** The majority of Roland's wounds are bandaged up. One wound remains in Rolands abdomen, and has been untreatable. **
** Cyrille Mounir lowers himself to a knee, holding his hand over Lorraine.
David Blackmore: [WHISPER] Otherwise I will put your head on a pike..... you understand?
Hannibal Remington Newport: Shut up before we wish we hadn't.
Azlan Khan: Then get out of my way.
Ricky Gutters: [WHISPER] Understood
Isaac Reyes: Save it, Roland.
Roland Stieglitz: [YELL] Then what? You still want to fight us? Why?
** Imre Csaky moves.
Hannibal Remington Newport: [YELL] SHUT UP. PLEASE.
Imre Csaky: [WHISPER] I'm sorry.
Imre Csaky: [WHISPER] This wasn't your fight.
Hannibal Remington Newport: [YELL] I can't hear myself think with you squawking.
Imre Csaky: [WHISPER] You shouldn't have been here.
Azlan Khan: [WHISPER] Now your friends and the wanted woman are dead.
Imre Csaky: [WHISPER] Yeah.
Imre Csaky: [WHISPER] They are.
** Azlan Khan curses, fumbling with their coat - he unhooks it, teeth clenched, hissing sounds escaping as he tries to work his sleeve down.
(Azlan Khan) ** It seems a patch of buckshot grazed it, like a knife gliding through. He's not got an entry wound, but the epidermis is split deep. **
Hannibal Remington Newport yells in Spanish!
Imre Csaky: You should go.
Imre Csaky: Fix yourself up.
** Azlan Khan fumbles one-handed with the sanitary towel in his hand - he manages to fit it around the site of the wound, at least keeping it covered for now. Then he tugs the coat back on other, hissing all the same.
Imre Csaky: [YELL] Mo.
Imre Csaky: [YELL] Is Renata alive?
Cyrille Mounir: [YELL] She's tryin' to stand up.
Cyrille Mounir: [YELL] She wants to leave.
Imre Csaky: [YELL] Great.
Imre Csaky: [YELL] I do, too.
Cyrille Mounir: [YELL] Can you take ha' somewhere?
Cyrille Mounir: [YELL] Just get the fuck outta' hee'?
** David Blackmore Looks at the both of them.
Imre Csaky: [YELL] Bring her.
Imre Csaky: -hey, Dave.
David Blackmore: Hey imre.
Roland Stieglitz: [YELL] David! Let no one else in! Unless they need treated!
Imre Csaky: Thanks.
David Blackmore: Shits been tense seeing as what's happened. I don't blame you for leaving.
Imre Csaky: -you are the reason I'm standing.
David Blackmore: Hm.
(Azlan Khan) ** Khan looks irritated, even moreso than his usual creased features would express. There's a torn, bloodied patch of coat sleeve below his shoulder and three distinct tears in the front-end of his toolbag. **
Imre Csaky: No, literally.
Imre Csaky: The man you shot, would've killed me.
** David Blackmore Looks at lorraine's body for a moment.
David Blackmore: I know.
** Azlan Khan seems to give it some thought, then wades back into the fray. He scowls.
** David Blackmore Blocks him.
David Blackmore: Do not.
Azlan Khan: I'm not interested in their spat.
David Blackmore: Then don't go in.
Azlan Khan: I was here for business, it's not done.
Azlan Khan: I
David Blackmore: Don't. Let business settle later. You can wait.
David Blackmore: Trust me.
Azlan Khan: Someone attends to the dead.
(Halle Lambert) [ADVERT] Reminder: The Civil Commissary is active in this district. This outlet sells information and brochures about the 'The Wallace Breen Society' alongside your daily necessities. Wintercoats are back in stock for Outlet Five. The Loyalist Credits Program is also offered, interested in your count? Outlet Five is located in the Plaza outside of CCH-A.
David Blackmore: Alright. Go for it.
Azlan Khan: And something of mine is in there.
Hannibal Remington Newport: [YELL] DAVID.
David Blackmore: But don't be grave robbing.
Hannibal Remington Newport: [YELL] No more bloodshed.
Roland Stieglitz: No. Please! No more!
** Renata Moreno Vasquez kept the IV bag only under her armpit. Her free hand claws into Cyrille's shoulder.
Hannibal Remington Newport: [YELL] Agreed. Thank you.
David Blackmore: [YELL] He tries it I am gonna put his head on a pike.
** Cyrille Mounir attempts to slowly guide Renata along as best he can.
** Azlan Khan approaches Newport at Roland's bedside, features creased. "What have you managed with him?"
Hannibal Remington Newport: Cyrille.
David Blackmore: Imre. This shit....
** Ricky Gutters Looks down on the last one Picking her up and adding her to the pile
Cyrille Mounir: [WHISPER] -easy there, sweethaht'.
Roland Stieglitz: I did.. Not... wanna.... harm, you.
Cyrille Mounir: Huh?
David Blackmore: Tell me who was the rat.
** Renata Moreno Vasquez staggers along with him, shaking and shuddering, teeth chattering.
Roland Stieglitz: Please, do not... kill me..
David Blackmore: Who the hell were they beating on? I wanna know.
[L] (Audrey Carter) [EVENT] ** From beyond the pipes, the siren call returns. It even reaches as far as Station Six. Mournful. The music that came from this woman's lips, whoever she was, came from a place of deep - raw - emotion. The station was plagued by it. It went on for a few minutes. **
Azlan Khan: You've probably killed yourself.
Hannibal Remington Newport: Me or him?
Roland Stieglitz: A symbol, never dies.
** Cyrille Mounir looks at Hannibal, stopping for a moment to hear him.
Hannibal Remington Newport: [YELL] ROLAND, SHUT UP.
** Ricky Gutters Looks up a tear runs down his face as he looks apon this carnige but he ask "Whos singing?"
Hannibal Remington Newport says something in Spanish.
** Azlan Khan states, with no particular kindness in his tone, "I am no doctor, but I have dealt with dead idiots before. Do you want any help?"
Cyrille Mounir says something in Spanish.
David Blackmore: I heard that roland started.... some shit cause she killed another of ours.
** Renata Moreno Vasquez shuffles along, wincing and groaning.
** Isaac Reyes sighs, stepping out.
Hannibal Remington Newport: [YELL] Cyrille.
Cyrille Mounir: -scootch.
Roland Stieglitz: Please.. Save--- me..
Azlan Khan: Perhaps you can keep him-
Hannibal Remington Newport: [YELL] Wait, come back.
Cyrille Mounir: [YELL] What-
Renata Moreno Vasquez: ....ugh...
Cyrille Mounir: [YELL] I'm about out the door!
Hannibal Remington Newport: [YELL] Can you drive an ATV?
Cyrille Mounir: [YELL] -sure, why?
Renata Moreno Vasquez: No.. Honda.
Hannibal Remington Newport: [YELL] Get my jacket. It's on the floor.
[L] (Audrey Carter) [EVENT] ** The singing remains. It battered the pipes. **
** Azlan Khan circles around Hannibal, frowning at Roland. He's trying to take a view of the man's injuries, at least see if there's anything one can do.
** Isaac Reyes passes the jacket along.
Cyrille Mounir: [YELL] I sorta' got a woman clingin' to me and I don't have much mobility.
Renata Moreno Vasquez says something in Spanish.
** Cyrille Mounir grabs the jacket with his open arm.
Hannibal Remington Newport: [YELL] It's in the garage door by the generator..
Hannibal Remington Newport: Moussad.
Ricky Gutters: Do we have any Blankets or body bags?
Hannibal Remington Newport: No more bloodshed.
Hannibal Remington Newport: We'll drown in here.
Cyrille Mounir: -I'll try 'n find this ATV, I guess. Shiiit.
** Roland Stieglitz's right arm is already bandages, and filled with medigel, the wound on his left shoulder is still bleeding, but the bullet has been picked out. The worst of the wounds is his left hip-side. The bullet was also picked-out, but nothing to stop the bleeding. He grows more pale by moments pass.
Renata Moreno Vasquez: no.. Honda.
** Cyrille Mounir walks out, escorting Renata.
Cyrille Mounir: Honda?
** Azlan Khan glances towards the bloodied patch of their sleeve, "Your dead-man here did this, and the wanted-woman too."
Hannibal Remington Newport: We've worked to hard to keep her alive.
Hannibal Remington Newport: This clown, too. It'd be a disservice to the others that could have lived.
** Azlan Khan fumbles through the toolbag - Hannibal might catch a glimpse of a pistol wedged at the bottom.
** Ricky Gutters Looks at roland
Hannibal Remington Newport: [WHISPER] No, my friend.
Hannibal Remington Newport: [WHISPER] I mean it.
** Roland Stieglitz can only lay there and be treated.
** Isaac Reyes eyes the crowd, watching from the side.
Roland Stieglitz: Please... No...
Imre Csaky: [YELL] Gutters. Let's go, man.
Hannibal Remington Newport: Massoud. No more.
** Roland Stieglitz begs for his life, or what left of it he has.
(CCA.C45-BEACON.CmD.74136) [EVENT] ** A call to arms. Civil Protection is on the prowl. **
Hannibal Remington Newport: Maybe another day.
** Azlan Khan continues fumbling through, eventually tugging out a blue-vacuum-wrapped packet. He tears it open, tugging out a union-issue sanitary towel.
Ricky Gutters: No
Azlan Khan: I told you, I'm not interested in their spat.
** Roland Stieglitz is relieved his head is not filled with lead.
Azlan Khan: Now stay still, dead-man.
Roland Stieglitz: David!
Roland Stieglitz: Stay at my side!
Roland Stieglitz: I need my friends!
Hannibal Remington Newport: Roland, he's fine.
Roland Stieglitz: Ethan!
** David Blackmore Goes towards roland.
Ricky Gutters: This room or somewhere else?
Kelly Maddison: Jesus...
Ricky Gutters: Ok
** Azlan Khan glances behind himself - he's looking for the mostly-emptied bottle of vodka he was using earlier to clean up Lorraine. The bottle is still there, albeit with blood smeared across the glass.
David Blackmore: Roland. You one of the last people I knew from back in the day.
Roland Stieglitz: They got me man... They fucking got me..
Imre Csaky: [YELL] Is Roland alive, still?
Hannibal Remington Newport: [YELL] Yes.
Imre Csaky: [YELL] Dave?
Ricky Gutters: Its cleand out Imre
** Ricky Gutters Passes him the Sleave of his jacket riped off
** Ethan Anderson comes in, his mood quickly shifts to panick. He looks over both Tobias and Roland. He runs to Roland. "What happened?!"
Roland Stieglitz: He is gonna shoot me...
** Azlan Khan picks up the bottle, then applies the solution to a rag, best as he can - he glances towards Hannibal, "Hold hm still."
** Isaac Reyes retrieves Roland's shotgun.
Roland Stieglitz: Dont let Irme shoot me..
Hannibal Remington Newport: [YELL] No one is shooting anyone.
Hannibal Remington Newport: [YELL] No one.
** Kelly Maddison leans down, picking up the pistol.
Ethan Anderson: No one is gonna shoot you.
David Blackmore: Put the weapons onto the-
(CCA.C45-BEACON.CmD.74136) [EVENT] ** The storm system is plagued by masks, jackboots and vocoders. **
Azlan Khan: Hannibal - I need him restrained. There is no pain relief.
Roland Stieglitz: Make, sure... Please...
David Blackmore: Don't be grave robbing.
** Ethan Anderson looks to Hannibal "What the hell happened?"
Roland Stieglitz: No, no...
Roland Stieglitz: Just stop the bleeding..
David Blackmore: Shit.
Hannibal Remington Newport: Roland. We have no morphine left.
Azlan Khan: Shut up, dead-man.
Kelly Maddison: If you ain't fixin' wounds get to the door.
Isaac Reyes says something in Spanish.
** Roland Stieglitz is in system shock, the pain he is feeling is cold, but not terrible.
Hannibal Remington Newport: He has too much riding on my companionship to throw it all away for something that doesn't concern him, so he will help you.
** Kelly Maddison takes his coat off.
Azlan Khan: Hannibal - I need you to be ready to hold him.
Hannibal Remington Newport: But we don't have morphine, and you will feel pain.
Azlan Khan: He might thrash.
** Roland Stieglitz can only see the barrel of the shotgun, around the corner.
** Kelly Maddison fits on a mask and slips a shotgun from it's strap.
Ethan Anderson: What the hell happened, hwo did this all get to this?
Kelly Maddison: Let's go, brother.
Hannibal Remington Newport: Either I can hold you down, or your friends can, but you will die if he doesn't help you.
** David Blackmore Hefted tobias's 1911.
** Hannibal Remington Newport beckons Issac over.
David Blackmore: Units on the way.
Isaac Reyes: Hold him down? For what? Just stitch him up and stop th' bleedin', man.
Isaac Reyes: Th' bullets are out.
David Blackmore: Be ready to get him out.
** Roland Stieglitz looks up, "Hold me down."
Hannibal Remington Newport: He doesn't trust anyone.
Azlan Khan: Do it-
** Isaac Reyes sighs.
Azlan Khan: I need him restrained.
** Hannibal Remington Newport barks into the radio.
Hannibal Remington Newport says something in Spanish.
Hannibal Remington Newport says something in Spanish.
[L] ** Azlan Khan drags the bed back, so Ethan can slip behind it.
Hannibal Remington Newport says something in Spanish.
** Ethan Anderson moves to Rolands side. He looks to Azlan, then to Roland. "Hey, hey! Let them do what they need."
Azlan Khan: -Hold him-!
Isaac Reyes: What th' hell you gonna' do to Roland?
Roland Stieglitz: Live, I hope...
** Roland Stieglitz is held down.
CCA.C45-BEACON.CmD.74136: [YELL] Keep moving.
** Hannibal Remington Newport takes a moment to catch his breath, surveying the carnage. A moment later, he rushes to a corner and vomits.
Azlan Khan: Salvaging a waste of my time.
** Ethan Anderson puts his arms down on the man. Using his body weight to attempt to hild him into place. "Put something in his mouth, if he screams we can't have that with how close they are."
Isaac Reyes: [WHISPER] No yellin'.
Hannibal Remington Newport whispers in Spanish.
** Roland Stieglitz takes off his glove, shoving it in his mouth.
Hannibal Remington Newport: // void
Hannibal Remington Newport: [WHISPER] Voices off.
** Roland Stieglitz clamps down his jaw as hard as he can.
** Azlan Khan fumbles through their toolbag, then finds something appropriate, glancing to Isaac, "Hold his legs."
** Isaac Reyes wanders over, doing so.
CCA.C45-BEACON.CmD.74136: [YELL] Finally!
** Ethan Anderson is already holding Roland down with his body weight. He looks to Isaac and whispers "How did this happen?"
Isaac Reyes: No time--
[L] (CCA.C45-BEACON.CmD.74136) [EVENT] ** Gunfire from behind. Renata's nearly pierced. The Commander wants to look cool when he shot - so, he hip-fires. **
** Azlan Khan leans over, dabbing their cleaning-cloth with the vodka-based alcohol solution. Assuming the point of wound is clear, he starts wiping at Roland's impact site.
** Isaac Reyes turns to Hannibal.
Isaac Reyes: I gotta' go help.
** Isaac Reyes releases his legs.
Azlan Khan: Go-
Roland Stieglitz: Stay...
Roland Stieglitz: No.. No..
Roland Stieglitz: If you open! We die!
** Hannibal Remington Newport gives Imre a hopeless look.
Hannibal Remington Newport: Roland, you've already killed us.
** Isaac Reyes swipes a firearm from the ground.
Ethan Anderson: [WHISPER] Do not expose six.
Isaac Reyes: I need to go help.
Hannibal Remington Newport: Stay put.
Hannibal Remington Newport: Please.
CCA.C45-BEACON.CmD.74136: [YELL] If this one is still alive, capture her.
CCA.C45-BEACON.CmD.74136: [YELL] Vasquez?
Isaac Reyes: --I can't. Cy' is out there.
CCA.C45-BEACON.CmD.74136: [YELL] /The/ Vasquez?
Hannibal Remington Newport: [WHISPER] Whisper only. Gag Roland.
CCA.C45-BEACON.CmD.74136: [YELL] One of you, take her back.
** Azlan Khan starts applying the cleaning cloth to Roland's injured site, it will most likely sting, be agony, like setting his wound alight.
** Isaac Reyes shakes his head, turning to the door.
Roland Stieglitz: [WHISPER] They are gonna storm this place..
** Ethan Anderson looks to Isaac. "Do not go out that fuckign door."
** Isaac Reyes rushes off.
Hannibal Remington Newport: Do not go-
Ethan Anderson: Stop him!
** Azlan Khan harshly chastises Roland, continuing with the work.
CCA.C45-BEACON.CmD.74136: [YELL] Where the fuck did she come out of?
CCA.C45-BEACON.CmD.74136: [YELL] /One/ of you.
CCA.C45-BEACON.CmD.74136: [YELL] We still have work to do.
Ethan Anderson: Everyone in six. Silent and under no reason do you open that door.
** Roland Stieglitz groans, shoving the glove back in his mouth.
** Ethan Anderson keeps his weight on the man looking to Azlan. "Do you know what the hell happened?"
CCA.C45-RcT.37140: [YELL] Shit!
Roland Stieglitz: [WHISPER] Ghrhrhr...
(Azlan Khan) ** Khan finishes with the abdominal wound - that seems to be the most grievous. He's working on borrowed time, so he makes it quick. He tugs some wire-spool out of the toolbag and prepares to threat it across the open injury, so he can sew it shut. **
Cyrille Mounir: [YELL] ** 771 is immediately met with a flurry of MP7 fire straight to the top of his figure. Cyrille was laying in wait at the end of the pipe for anyone to peek him.
** Azlan Khan doesn't answer Ethan's question, continuing with the work. Again, Roland's on no pain relief and he's just had a wave of fire washing over the site.
(Azlan Khan) ** Once he's managed to tighten the sutures, he pulls a pair of wire strippers from the toolbag and uses them to sever it. **
** Ethan Anderson looks up to the two as they re-enter. "Someone tell me what the fuck is going on. How did this happen" he whispers.
CCA.C45-RcT.37140: [YELL] **371 claps back as 180 is lit up. His .45 responding into the room. He keys his radio.
Azlan Khan: If your friend survives, he'll tell you. Now let me work.
** Roland Stieglitz struggles, thankfully the glove makes for a good gag, his struggle is muffled. He groans, he shakes, the pain is as would be described.
Azlan Khan: I am not a doctor and he /will/ die if I can't treat this.
Ricky Gutters: [YELL] **Bullets fly over Rickys head as he sends some lead the RCTs way**
Azlan Khan: He may die, anyway.
Isaac Reyes: Then fuckin' treat it.
Cyrille Mounir: [YELL] ** A cylinder rolls down the pipe, dropping right down onto the floor at the other end. It's a grenade with the pin pulled. Mounir knows the implications of what he's doing.
Ethan Anderson: What do you need from us- treat it, he is tough he can make it through anything.
** Azlan Khan shakes his head, tugging at the packet for the sanitary towel - he haphazardly applies it over the sutured wound. It's a far cry from an ideal job, but it's better than nothing.
Hannibal Remington Newport: Once he's stable, we're parting ways for good.
Cyrille Mounir: [YELL] I'm sorry, Renata.
Roland Stieglitz: Why?
CCA.C45-RcT.18050: [YELL] BACK! BACK!
Hannibal Remington Newport: Almost everyone I know is dead.
** Ethan Anderson looks to Hannibal. "Why what happened?"
Hannibal Remington Newport: Again.
CCA.C45-RcT.37140: [YELL] yeah, yeah
Isaac Reyes: --I'm sorry..
** Azlan Khan shifts their attention to Roland's shoulder wound, taking a knee - he takes care to finish up the last of the bottle of vodka, using its searing contents to clear up Roland's shoulder-gash.
Hannibal Remington Newport: No, you're not. Just stabilize him.
Isaac Reyes: I am. You think I wanted this?
Cyrille Mounir: [YELL] ** That grenade was cooked for a good three seconds, by the time 00945 grabs it, it has about half a second on the detonation timer. The oncoming explosion would most likely collapse the pipe.
Isaac Reyes: Cy' and I /walked/ into this shit, man.
CCA.C45-JUDGE.OfC.06555: [YELL] Get that POI out of here!
** Hannibal Remington Newport exhales.
Hannibal Remington Newport: I'm sorry.
(Azlan Khan) ** A little more hastily, he starts threading the wire through Roland's gash, working it through perhaps a little too coarsely - Roland might be feeling the pain. Once they're tightened, Azlan grabs his wire strippers and uses them to cut the end off. **
CCA.C45-JUDGE.OfC.06555: [YELL] Shit get down!
Azlan Khan: I have nothing to bandage this-
Hannibal Remington Newport: It ain't fair. He started the shooting and now he's the last man standing.
(CCA.C45-BEACON.CmD.74136) [EVENT] ** The alarms flare from the nearby Nexus. Sociostatus is once again, no longer green. Yellow. A judgement waiver has been called. **
Isaac Reyes: Don't be. This-- We should of been fightin' together, not against each other.
Azlan Khan: Hannibal - do you have a rag? A clean rag?
** Roland Stieglitz is getting treated. He stays still.
Hannibal Remington Newport: I already gave my last shirt. Want my pants, too?
Hannibal Remington Newport: --Sorry, I'll look for rags.
** Azlan Khan mutters a few curses in some foreign language, "If that is what you have."
Isaac Reyes: I-- I can give him somethin'.
CCA.C45-JUDGE.03.45954: [YELL] Son of a bitch!
** Ethan Anderson opens his shirt and takes off his undershirt. "Here."
** Hannibal Remington Newport looks on the shelf for clean clothes.
** Isaac Reyes steps over, retrieving his sweaty hankerchief. He offers it to Azlan.
** Hannibal Remington Newport holds another undershirt towards Azlan, but seeing the other offerings, he drapes it over the side of the bed for later use if he needs it.
Isaac Reyes: [WHISPER] We're still bandagin' Roland, Cy'.
Isaac Reyes: We gotta' hurry.
Kelly Maddison: [YELL] Folla traidor!
** Azlan Khan tugs the improvised bandage taught around Roland's shoulder, tying it off. "It will do, I can't do anything more for your corpse."
Kelly Maddison: [YELL] AH!
Isaac Reyes: [WHISPER] Is' okay-- Is' okay. Get somewhere safe, man.
** Hannibal Remington Newport listens to radio chatter, taking a seat on the floor.
Hannibal Remington Newport: I hope you live to answer for this, Roland.
Isaac Reyes: We can stay here, but we can't move Roland either.
** Ethan Anderson speaks on behalf of Roland. "Thank you." He looks to Hannibal. "Answer for what?"
** Hannibal Remington Newport looks at the dirt, holding the shotgun limply. "We don't have a choice."
Azlan Khan: Your idiot friend is responsible for half the corpses in this room.
** Isaac Reyes steps back, rubbing his scruffy beard. His gaze flickers between the few men that are here.
Hannibal Remington Newport: We have to wait for the heat to die down.
Azlan Khan: Among other things-
Azlan Khan: Are we trapped in here?
** Hannibal Remington Newport looks to Ethan. "I tried my best to de-escalate.
Isaac Reyes whispers in Spanish.
** Isaac Reyes smacks the table.
Hannibal Remington Newport: We're not trapped here, but I can't vouch for the other way out. More sewers, and they're sweeping.
Azlan Khan: Bah.-
Isaac Reyes: They could find this place any minute.
** Roland Stieglitz is stablizied?
Hannibal Remington Newport: They can't open it from the outside.
** Ethan Anderson releases the mans legs and moves out from behind the bed. He buttons his green shirt. He looks to the others then back to Roland. "I will stay with him."
(Azlan Khan) ** As much as can be. **
** Hannibal Remington Newport hunches over, staring at the blood-soaked floor and trembling.
(CCA.C45-BEACON.CmD.74136) [EVENT] ** One final foray. Civil Protection's ranks bolster. They come in force into the storm system. **
(Azlan Khan) ** Using improvised materials, and field experience - Roland's got a fighting chance, but it largely depends on the next few hours. **
** Roland Stieglitz lays at that, fucked. Maybe on the road to recovery? Though his chances of death are still high.
** Ethan Anderson looks over to the corpses. "W-who is that."
Isaac Reyes: [WHISPER] Cy', goddamnit, get outta' there.
Azlan Khan: He killed the wanted woman.
Azlan Khan: Lenker, among others.
Roland Stieglitz: They... Betrayed... Us..
Hannibal Remington Newport: I asked you to gag Roland.
Azlan Khan: Perhaps you could speak with the authority - they have a price on her head, maybe they'll reward you for it.
Hannibal Remington Newport: More people cops were at our door, but now I'm just tired of hearing his excuses.
** Isaac Reyes huffs, flowing a hand throw his hair. He starts to pace.
** Ethan Anderson doesn't show any reaction to this. He looks to Hannibal. "No, I wanna hear him."
Hannibal Remington Newport: I have no authority here, Moussad. You saw what happened when I tried to take control. They butchered each other.
Ethan Anderson: Look you all wait in the front room. Let me speak with him.
Azlan Khan: Their friend Tobias would've killed more.
Azlan Khan: I did what needed to be done.
Isaac Reyes: [WHISPER] We're still trapped here, Cy'. I-- I can come help.
Roland Stieglitz: Please, just give us a moment.
(CCA.C45-BEACON.CmD.74136) [EVENT] ** Gunfire rains down on any unlucky enough to peek the pipes at Station Six. It's incessant. Must be a rifle. **
** Ethan Anderson looks to Azlan. " de-" He steumbles back a second but catches his footing.
Hannibal Remington Newport: I'm just sitting here. I'll put my gun away, if you really can't trust me.
Hannibal Remington Newport: It was fucked up.
Hannibal Remington Newport: Everyone started shooting.
Azlan Khan: Your friend nearly killed me. And others-
** Isaac Reyes stuffs Roland's shotgun into Roland's pouch.
** Roland Stieglitz tucks the shotgun to his side, using it as comfort.
Hannibal Remington Newport: Roland's people opened up on what were mostly unarmed people.
CCA.C45-BEACON.CmD.74136: [YELL] Once I click, exchange units.
CCA.C45-BEACON.CmD.74136: [YELL] On my back.
Hannibal Remington Newport: Hush.
Ethan Anderson: Look just step out of the room! Let me speak with him!
CCA.C45-BEACON.CmD.74136: [YELL] Units. Now, suppressive fire!
Hannibal Remington Newport: Everyone, hush up.
** Azlan Khan paces about the room, frowning - he tucks a hand back into his pocket, tugging out his workman's gloves. He slips them back on.
CCA.C45-BEACON.CmD.74136: [YELL] Move up.
** Ethan Anderson bends down to speak with Roland.
CCA.C45-BEACON.CmD.74136: [YELL] All units, move in.
Ethan Anderson: [WHISPER] What the hell happened Rol'?!
CCA.C45-BEACON.CmD.74136: [YELL] Fire, now!
** Isaac Reyes takes a seat, placing his rifle into his lap.
[L] ** Azlan Khan paces towards Tobias' corpse on the table. He glances towards the others, then starts idly rummaging through his pockets - perhaps a little callous, but pragmatic
** Ethan Anderson looks to Azlan. "Back the fuck off." He sounds pissed.
Hannibal Remington Newport: Moussad, leave him.
Azlan Khan: Your friends shot people I had business with.
CCA.C45-BEACON.CmD.74136: [YELL] Bouncer.
Isaac Reyes: --I'm sorry.
Hannibal Remington Newport: Moussad. Leave him.
Azlan Khan: Your friend, who is still alive because of /me/, shot e.
Isaac Reyes: You think /I/ planned this?
Ethan Anderson: I don't give a fuck, back off!
Azlan Khan: Wasting my supplies-
Isaac Reyes: --I walked into /THIS/.
** Azlan Khan scowls. He shakes his head, then backs off, exherting air through his nostrils.
Hannibal Remington Newport: You will be reimbursed, Moussad. From me.
** Ethan Anderson turns back to Rol'.
Hannibal Remington Newport: I have no business with these types anymore.
Azlan Khan: I see no point in wasting good supplies.
Azlan Khan: If it were my corpse on the ground, I would expect no different of you.
Azlan Khan: A dead man won't care.
Hannibal Remington Newport: If he wants to let Roland die because he wants a corpse undisturbed, no skin off my nose.
** Azlan Khan continues rifling through Tobias' corpse.
CCA.C45-BEACON.CmD.74136: [YELL] Units. We've cornered the rebel scum.
Isaac Reyes: We need to bury th' dead. They leas' deserve that.
Azlan Khan: Where? In the bedrock?
Isaac Reyes: Anywhere-- I'll grab god-damn stones, an' bury them.
Hannibal Remington Newport: Or maybe in the three feet of dirt in a sewer? Very respectful.
Isaac Reyes: This is sicken what jus' happened. No one should die like this.
Hannibal Remington Newport: We can cremate the dead later and spread their ashes to the sea. It's more...
** Ethan Anderson stands up and puts a hand on Roland's shoulder as if to pass him. He walks quickly towards Azlan, attempting to push him with all his might. "What the fuck did I just say?"
Hannibal Remington Newport: It's better than here.
[L] (CCA.C45-BEACON.CmD.74136) [EVENT] ** It's likely those unlucky enough to peek sustain injuries. **
Hannibal Remington Newport: [YELL] LISTEN.
** Isaac Reyes huffs. "--alright, alright."
Roland Stieglitz: Please. No more...
CCA.C45-BEACON.CmD.74136: [YELL] Open fire!
Hannibal Remington Newport: I'm tired, you little upstart.
Roland Stieglitz: He saved me man..
Roland Stieglitz: He did not have to..
Roland Stieglitz: No more blood, please. No more...
Isaac Reyes: Ethan-- Don'.
Ethan Anderson: He is picking T's corpse before he is even cold.
Hannibal Remington Newport: You will show some respect and accomodate your friends doctor, you fucking bufoon.
** Azlan Khan would've tugged a lighter out of Tobias' pocket when Ethan gave him a firm shove. Khan rests a hand on his toolbag, not reciprocating the gesture, but standing his ground.
Azlan Khan: Step away, /boy/.
** Roland Stieglitz looks to Hannibal, then back tto the corpse of Jack and Tobias. Realizing, his friends are never coming back.. He cries.
Hannibal Remington Newport: If for no other reason than because your friend's life is on the line due to our strained supplies.
Hannibal Remington Newport: I'd suggest maybe out of respect, if I thought you knew the first thing about it.
Hannibal Remington Newport: Convince me.
Roland Stieglitz: He does, and he will.
Roland Stieglitz: Ethan, your heart is good. But so is his.
Roland Stieglitz: He had a choice, he could have killed me.
Azlan Khan: I have witnessed the rise and fall of empires, I will /not/ stand down to some child with no understanding of the world.
Roland Stieglitz: Hannibal could kill me now.
Isaac Reyes: [WHISPER] Cy', how you lookin'--
Roland Stieglitz: They are good people.
Hannibal Remington Newport: i could have too, by the way, Roland. But I listened to you and heard you out.
Isaac Reyes: [WHISPER] Are we clear, Cy'?
Hannibal Remington Newport: This shotgun was stashedin the next room.
Roland Stieglitz: Hannibal, forgive me man..
Hannibal Remington Newport: And for listening to you, I have a pile of dead friends.
** Roland Stieglitz looks to him with tears in his eyes.
Isaac Reyes: We gotta' move.
Hannibal Remington Newport: Forgiveness isn't on the table right now.
** Ethan Anderson stands his ground. He points to the other room. "I appreciate everythign you did- but that is a person. You don't pick his body infront of his family!"
Roland Stieglitz: We follow no tryant.
CCA.C45-RcT.37140: [YELL] Go back!
** Isaac Reyes offers a hand to Roland. "Up, up-- We gotta' move."
Roland Stieglitz: No man, no woman, should ever. Have control of the people.
** Roland Stieglitz is picked up, with a heavy grunt.
Hannibal Remington Newport: Especially not you. Are you stable?
** Azlan Khan utters something harsh in Pashto, then glances to Hannibal, "Do we need to move?"
Roland Stieglitz: [YELL] SNOW!
** Roland Stieglitz is dragged forward.
Hannibal Remington Newport: You have an extra spot with your people?
Isaac Reyes: Y'all armed?
Roland Stieglitz: [YELL] HELP ME! SNOW!
CCA.C45-JUDGE.03.00945: [YELL] Back up, back up!
** Isaac Reyes pulls up his mask.
Kelly Maddison: [YELL] MOLLY! MOLLY!
Roland Stieglitz: [YELL] I am coming out now! Hold them off!
** Azlan Khan tugs a respirator out of his toolbag, grunting.
Kelly Maddison: [YELL] MOLLY! NOW!
** Roland Stieglitz likes that idea, doing the same.
Hannibal Remington Newport: This is where we part ways.
Hannibal Remington Newport: Good luck.
** Ethan Anderson puts his gear on. He holds a piston in one hand and moves to one of Roland's sides.
** Isaac Reyes huffs, turning to Hannibal. He extends his arm forward. "I'm sorry."
CCA.C45-JUDGE.03.00945: [YELL] Recruit, move back! C'mon-
Azlan Khan: Remember your dues, dead-man.
Hannibal Remington Newport says something in Spanish.
Roland Stieglitz: I... Will not forget, even with Irme, I will not forget.
Hannibal Remington Newport says something in Spanish.
Isaac Reyes says something in Spanish.
(Nah'maimi) [EVENT] ** The CCA finds themselves flanked in the storm system. They're beginning to become overwhelmed. **
** Roland Stieglitz wraps his arms tightly around Isaac.
Hannibal Remington Newport says something in Spanish.
** Isaac Reyes offers a final nod. He trouts off.
** Hannibal Remington Newport nods, letting them pass.
** Azlan Khan shoots Roland a harsh glare, "I will ensure the fishermen will not do business with your like."
Rosie Brooks: [YELL] What the FUUUUCK, man?!
** Ethan Anderson carries Roland from the other side.
David Blackmore: [YELL] We are leaving!
Hannibal Remington Newport: They ain't my like.
Rosie Brooks: [YELL] Did you guys call over every COP in the world?!
Hannibal Remington Newport: Not anymore.
Rosie Brooks: [YELL] Come on. Let's go.
** Azlan Khan shakes their head, tugging his suppressed PB from the toolbag - there's a clear tear in the front, where something fired through. The same spot as where the PB had been earlier
** Hannibal Remington Newport puts the shotgun in his other hand, extending his right hand towards Azlan. "Thank you for being the one cool head in the room."
** Azlan Khan pauses, ejects the magazine to check how many's in the chamber, then shakes his head, stowing it back in the bag. "This was avoidable."
Hannibal Remington Newport: I tried, Moussad.
Hannibal Remington Newport: I tried my best.
Cyrille Mounir: [YELL] Snow, we're leaving, come on!
Azlan Khan: I did give thought to ending this-
Azlan Khan: I had this trained on him.
Azlan Khan: Like with the boy there-
** Azlan Khan glances towards Tobias, "I could have stopped him before he emptied both barrels."
Hannibal Remington Newport: It's not our quarrel. Like you said.
Hannibal Remington Newport: Not mine anymore.
Azlan Khan: No, but I've been pulled into it. So have you, in a manner of speaking.
Hannibal Remington Newport: If they like the taste of blood so much, let them choke on it.
Azlan Khan: A waste of my time.
Hannibal Remington Newport: A waste of time and life.
Hannibal Remington Newport: Shake my hand. My arm is getting tired.
** Azlan Khan wearily outstretches a marginally trembling palm, firmly exchanging the gesture with Hannibal.
Hannibal Remington Newport: I'll give you a ride home.
Hannibal Remington Newport: I still have my mule.
Azlan Khan: I thought you'd said these tunnels weren't safe to traverse?
Hannibal Remington Newport: No, but once we get to the wall, we're home free. I can get through.
Azlan Khan: Very well- you have my thanks for that.
Azlan Khan: Those two men, Imre and Roland.
Azlan Khan: They owe me favours.
** Hannibal Remington Newport chuckles humorlessly. "No shit."
** Hannibal Remington Newport slings the shotgun.
Azlan Khan: I will see what I can make to compensate you for this... business.
Hannibal Remington Newport: I tried to stop this, but you know what they say. No good deed goes unpunished.
Azlan Khan: Perhaps I should bring them Lenker's corpse.
Azlan Khan: Perhaps they would give me the reward?
Hannibal Remington Newport: You'd be a rich man.
** Azlan Khan offers an equally humourless snort.
** Hannibal Remington Newport takes Tobias' radio, speaking into it.
** Azlan Khan raises a brow, "The frequency?"
Hannibal Remington Newport: This is where we part ways. For those that tried to stop this, thank you.
Hannibal Remington Newport: Me too, Jack. Me too.
Hannibal Remington Newport: Hasta luego.
** Hannibal Remington Newport opens the door, revealing a parked ATV.
Hannibal Remington Newport: We may have to push it a short while. I gave my key to Cyrille.
Hannibal Remington Newport: I'll hotwire it once we get through the wall.
Azlan Khan: No wasting time, then.
** Azlan Khan loosens a wearied snort, then joins Hannibal so they can push it along the track.
Azlan Khan: I have... a boat, beyond the wall.
Azlan Khan: It's services I will extend to you, in return for this-
Hannibal Remington Newport: Sure. Maybe we could still make some money here after all.
(Nah'maimi) [EVENT] ** Those few remaining in the storm system, the unlucky units, are slowly being curbed. **
Azlan Khan: What of the station, now?
Hannibal Remington Newport: Fuck it.
Hannibal Remington Newport: They can paint the walls and the cielings red along with the floor, for all I care.
** Azlan Khan adjusts their own radio set, correspondingly.
[774 MHz] Hannibal Remington Newport: For those I still have open contracts with, I'll still try to make occasional trips.
[774 MHz] Cyrille Mounir: Imre, come in.
[774 MHz] Imre Csaky: Reading.
[774 MHz] Cyrille Mounir: You all safe?
[774 MHz] Imre Csaky: And sound.
[774 MHz] Imre Csaky: You?
Azlan Khan: I know little of Lenker and Roland's people.
Azlan Khan: Perhaps you could explain.
[L] (Poe) [EVENT] ** A short burst of electricity is heard outside of station six. The light's faulter for a moment before coming back on. **
** Poe enters.
Imre Csaky: He held up an entire station.
Brian Snow: How is that narrowminded? I should listen to why Roland was threatened?
Kelly Maddison: Yes.
Imre Csaky: Roland was being irresponsible.
Imre Csaky: He also killed people.
Kelly Maddison: You should listen to why both sides say what they did.
Kelly Maddison: And decide what's right from there, like a logical person.
Imre Csaky: There are no sides.
Imre Csaky: We're all on the same side.
Kelly Maddison: That's what's wrong with this whole fucking shit show.
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