Your Favorite Moments (HL2)


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Mar 6, 2018
hey guys, with HL2RP pushing up daisies, felt it would be cool to reminisce a little.

what's your favorite moments from HL2? screenshots, small little anecdotes - anything. give it a whirl.

my favorite was day 1 - the beginning of it all. not knowing who anyone was OOC or IC, just trying to get familiar with an unknown world and totally different faces. apartment RP with Mei Mei was so cool; literally hanging out, only to have cops burst through the door, like Doggo Doggo 's 330. or when feelsgoodman feelsgoodman 's trio of units came up to read through all of plum's comics. so good.

i've many many more, but i'd rather hear what you guys got.


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Mar 10, 2019
a lot of my favorite moments were honestly involved in apartment RP, with Sinclair Sinclair , Foxicus Foxicus , all of you guys. it was awesome

i'm sad it's all come to an end, but that's just how it is sometimes. another moment i find special is with all of the resonance aftershock/before the storm survivors meeting each other, becoming friends, things like that. the two RRs building up to hl2rp's launch was honestly fucking amazing, and i loved making Krystal.

thanks to goldcrate goldcrate and Kemikals Kemikals during resonance aftershock for the whole dysfunctional family idea, too

there are a whole lot of moments i really enjoyed during this iteration, even if it didn't last so long in the end. but the thing was that we all had fun, and in those tough times, we got through it. the water pipes being blown up, the death of billy peppers, Miguh Miguh 's claudio mollina, rosecoloredryan rosecoloredryan 's Halina Eidelman, y'all were great + so much more


Mar 18, 2018
i couldn't name just one, but i will say that Pew Pew being kind enough to allow me my first "real" TnB PK, even if it was in the context of shutting the server down, was incredible and i wouldnt have wanted it to end any other way. all the rp this character had with people like Doggo Doggo , Nap Nap , sgtchico sgtchico and so many others has been a rollercoaster of emotions and i feel satisfied that i was able to fulfill my goal of playing a villain, not caused by the circumstances of her environment or a trauma that turns her sour, but a villain that is evil for the sheer purpose of being evil.

rping with Sinclair Sinclair and Mei Mei these last few days has also been extremely sweet, not to mention all the incredible development i got with feelsgoodman feelsgoodman , Snaparoni Snaparoni and others with lacey and dina. big shout out to Miguh Miguh and EOS EOS for the hell's kitchen hispanics, and shneezing shlug shneezing shlug , wester wester and all the other vortigaunts during before the storm

i know i said on the announcement thread i wasnt gonna be able to tag everyone but dammit, i just love all you jerks, you've made me laugh and cry and im tear-jerking as it is in this moment. i've always had such a hesitance to join this community as feels can attest to, but i'm really glad i did and met the people i did. rp has been a part of my life since i was a scrawny little 12 year old and i have a feeling it'll be something i'll carry with me always


Jun 10, 2011
Role-playing with the Valentine, getting a chance to finally play as a rebel, as a Vort, as a propaganda creator. Too many to count.


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Sep 30, 2012
Raiding the Civil Outreach building with Miguh Miguh _newticuS _newticuS thecatwhomines thecatwhomines ShadowPrime ShadowPrime and others at the start of the iteration. Russell Algers' feelsgoodman feelsgoodman mental breakdown and overall interaction with Scott was fantastic. Desrat456 Desrat456 Myles and Isayeva meeting after Halina's death. Scott and Lacey reuniting as well as Nadia almost killing him Chiss Chiss Shenanigans at the Gala between Upchurch and Elaine Snaparoni Snaparoni

I'm probably a bit hazy with the moments posted but this is what comes to mind at three in the morning after the server closure. Thanks for the good times.


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Jun 7, 2015
one of my favorite dynamics i had on the entire server was with jules. The rivalry we had between our characters Joey and Jeff was pretty pure and something that drove me the beginning of this iteration.

another person i genuinely enjoyed rping with was Kami777 Kami777 . The relationship between jeff and arthur was nice and what happened in the end was one of the first things to drive him towards his eventual mental breakdown. there's really too many moments to miss but I genuinely had a great time this iteration. Judge seriously had such a good dynamic for most of the time the server went on and I'm glad to have been Field Command in it. Thanks for all the good memories everyone.


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Mar 21, 2019
My favourite moments on server were Workshifts and Rebel events .
I really liked Spark event since it showed us in part 2 that all CPS aren't full of Combine Propaganda.


Aug 13, 2016
I'm just gonna throw out some names that made the server fun for me.

The brotherhood between the hispanics of Hell's kitchen was pretty neat EOS EOS , Raklo Raklo , Chiss Chiss . ''She ain't my boss, we work together.'' rosecoloredryan rosecoloredryan . I loved the dynamic Claud had with Elaine and the relation between Salma and Adrian Snaparoni Snaparoni . Mei Mei for sticking with a citizen for /most/ of the iteration and for Janika. Plum's still a whore Foxicus Foxicus . Doggo Doggo , Santoro Santoro and Scully Scully probably the only cops I had the pleasure of RP'ing with back when Claud was still alive, that was pretty fun. Big props to Doggo for having the balls of doing a villain, I'm sure everyone hated him :). sky sky Pew Pew and pvt. bing 'b' bing? pvt. bing 'b' bing? for all of the events you did back in the early stages of the server, and for the partners-in-crime type of relationship that our characters had.

It was fun while it lasted.


Jul 9, 2016
I'm glad I got to dip my toes in the CCA. The JUDGE vs. UNION drama at the start was thrilling.


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May 28, 2012
favorite moment for me was probably the quota banquet where Stone got poisoned and stabbed Lehner. that was a lot of fun to execute and especially to watch everyone's reactions afterwards


Jan 26, 2013
Valkyrie Valkyrie Chiss Chiss Snaparoni Snaparoni feelsgoodman feelsgoodman Bennet Dyson Bennet Dyson Desird Desird jules jules (may god rest his soul) Raklo Raklo Fury Fury Miguh Miguh

i appreciate y'all and among others who have thoroughly (and probably unwillingly) digested the trash i threw at them at a consistent basis, i did get to have fun and rp my cca unit as some mysterious, ostentatious entity consumed so far in delusions that he wouldn't know up from down and i can only thank feelsgoodman feelsgoodman for Algers being the pompous contrast

Valkyrie Valkyrie for being the overly misused, abused pre-war wed of 240, despite the obvious hammering of school we did at least get to make those short few instances of them together as toxic as possible :X đź’‹

Chiss Chiss ty for miss nunez, although I would have liked to prioritize Finch more I just simply lost the motivation to entertain any sort of resistance-style settings - still, i had a lot of fun corresponding with you on and off server ❤

Snaparoni Snaparoni ty for Adrian and for your very annoying and snooping outreach character, i wish i could have verbally abused her more on finch but i think what was done was enough :)

Bennet Dyson Bennet Dyson ty for your assistance with virtually anything and everything that I ever planned and orchestrated, you made sure that despite me failing to execute things properly at times, came around in full circle - most of all, thank you for the opportunity for administrating as long as i did

Desird Desird ty for dawn, she was practically (although inadvertently) 240s political hand and unfortunately i failed to capitalize more on your TA group

jules jules , Raklo Raklo , Fury Fury , Miguh Miguh for tony, sebastian, tobias and Claudio

and the list goes on


Dec 15, 2014
Pew Pew Reporting for duty, thir! Thanks for somehow making a semi-light hearted character actually kinda' sad and entertaining. Favorite moment is when you bashed my head in after the simulation event. Shit was awesome.

Chiss Chiss Dina and Adrian will always make my heart melt at the thought, and I'll always remember our soft scenes and how much it made my heart melt.

rosecoloredryan rosecoloredryan You already saw this one coming I hope. Elaine and Halina had a relationship and bond that built up so quickly, and it was amazing. I loved just being able to stay up so late and still not get bored with our talks.

Miguh Miguh Claud' and Ivers was a relationship I wish developed further, but it always gave me a laugh. Sitting with Algers at that dinner table with you in that suit was fucking hillarious. Salma and Adrian are a p good pair obviously, and I hope I've expressed how much I enjoyed that enough.

feelsgoodman feelsgoodman Of course- her boss is gonna' be in the list. There's so many different ways Elaine snaked and twisted situations to paint herself in a good fashion. I'm glad I got to develop that with you. Russell will live on.

Robe Robe I'm sorry things with Elaine and Scott ended the way they did. Part of me hopes that it gave your character some decent development, part of me hopes that it didn't stamper your experience OOCly. I loved the experience of trying to convince your character to stay away from recruitment. It was always entertaining.

Foxicus Foxicus I liked messing with your Inspector on Adrian, it gave me a giggle. Until you started fucking talking economics. Then I didn't.

sky sky You bastard. You absolute motherfucker. Damn you for tearing my heart up. Elaine deserved better. You gave her an end that I'll always remember, and there's no other way I would've gone about it. Thank you.

There's thirty thousand more to the list, fellas, but truth is- I've always had a bad memory. It's been a trip, and even if it was short, I've made some of the best people and experiences ever. Thank you.

Valkyrie Valkyrie If you kept 975 around, we would’ve had more fun... But I loved ur unit anyway.
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Feb 12, 2012
chen li and chuck blaskos harmonious relationship in the depths of city 45s underbelly was my favorite by far


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Jun 20, 2011
for me, the peak of the iteration was resonance aftershock (that's not a slight against this hl2rp, it's just that the RR was my baby). I tried to continue the story of brimstone's residents through my radio host Frank Gaston, and a lot of the best RP I had was on that character, like when they first got to the outlands and I interviewed a few resistance fighters for the show, or retaking the radio relay at the dam outpost last weekend.

A few months ago, I had a cool event planned where people would have to secure a radio tower at Frank's original settlement, now abandoned and home to countless headcrab zombies. The areas was an abandoned western film set-turned makeshift settlement and would be somewhat evocative of Brimstone and a little surreal in the context of hl2:

This is what I originally had planned for those who went to my event last week, and this is what ended up getting postponed. In the end, we weren't able to get the map and the addons needed on the server, so we threw together something else at the last minute and made it up as we went along

[5:50 PM]blooregardo:
i could tie it into the radio event thing
where that was orignally the base of operations for the group when they were much larger
[6:01 PM]hex: scrappy-doo🦋: yeah and they left it cust the combine somehow found out
and they shelled it
[6:01 PM]blooregardo: exactly
and now they realize there was something important left behind and they need to retrieve it
maybe they;re still there now, but by the time the even begins, they've been driven out of town
plus a map like rp_wildwest is kidn of thematically evocative of brimstone
that map fits the bill of a film ranch pretty well because the sets are all dusty and desertlike but the surrounding area is forest

[6:04 PM]hex: yabba-doo: finally people will have their wild west rp
but yeah the idea's good
[6:04 PM]blooregardo: sort of, at least
a mix of that and zombie suvival
no horses but maybe a barely-running car or two
[6:05 PM]hex: yabba-doo: it'll give people the loved ravenholm vibe without using the map
[6:05 PM]blooregardo: there's this rail bridge high up over rapids that connects the two ghost towns
crossing that in this junked out old van would make for a really tense scene too
but like
that same kind of tension
[6:10 PM]hex: yabba-doo: could probly add some fog around the map
[6:10 PM]blooregardo: yeahh
[6:10 PM]hex: yabba-doo: give it a scary vibe

[6:11 PM]
Feels Good, Man:
god i love osterns
fackin hell this scene
thats crazy

[6:19 PM]
Feels Good, Man:
ah good
need any help with that?

[6:19 PM]
thats why i sent it to you

[6:19 PM]
Feels Good, Man:

[6:59 PM]
ive been working up some concept images in gmod

[7:12 PM]
i was bouncing ideas off other admins for ideas for a setpiece in this event

even the soviets liked westerns and I feel like an abandoned film set for one would be an interesting setpiece and something kind of evocative of the new mexico environment that this event is a quasi-sequel to. this map fits the bill perfectly, where there are a pair of isolated, dusty 'ghost towns' amid a forest backdrop that isn't out of place in the area hl2rp is set.

frank's group, originally a small settlement, had been shelled to oblivion by the combine after they were discovered. their numbers cut down to about six or seven able-bodied people, they retreat further from the combine's reach into the outlands, using the more powerful, original station merely as a kind of low-maintainance relay station to get their pirate broadcast out.

however, now the relay has stopped working for unknown reasons, and the original settlement --now populated by zombies and other xenian horrors-- is too dangerous to go in alone. frank travels to the canals to recruit some anticitizens to help him restore functionality to the relay. he leads them to 'new brimstone', their original settlement: a strange place that looks like an archetypal old west ghost town, later revealed to be an abandoned film set from soviet times.

traveling to the edge of town and punching through the horde of monsters residing there, they make it to the relay station, a cobbeled-together radio tower built out of a decaying church, fighting off a pair of hunters scouting the area.

i wanted to run this by you guys first, since i know this setpiece seems on the surface to be anachronistic and out-of-place, but I think it has a decent in-universe justification and should make for a visually striking and memorable event.

after the showdown, the group climbs into a well that connects to an old, disused subway system (maybe darktunnels as a map?) that takes them back to the city/canals.

i also made some concept images while playing around on the map offline:

Miguh Miguh feelsgoodman feelsgoodman


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Feb 2, 2015
truth be told, my heart really wasn't in it this iteration. I really wanted to be invested in my character and in the story but maybe it was just too close to our previous iteration for me to have the same enthusiasm (as much as I wanted to)

props to:
all the work with the men Pew Pew sky sky jules jules nec nec Nitra Nitra Abaddon Abaddon Miguh Miguh

War Machine War Machine Fury Fury stepped up big time this iteration, really showed their chops as ronjonners. beautiful work with Roland and Tobias.

EOS EOS I wish I coulda been there more for you, I feel like I should have been. I got on already having something in mind most times so I feel like I didn't make very much time to RP w/ Emilio. I'm sorry bro.

Doggo Doggo for the intrigue between 330 and Sebastian, and in general for bringing out the grey elements of a unit. really never cared for many CCA characters in my time at TnB but yours made a mark.

Snaparoni Snaparoni for the bits and pieces that we had between Elaine and Sebastian

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