Workshop content not updating

Nat Attack

Dec 28, 2014
Help please

I've done fury's delete shit workaround but it's not working any more.

On trp specifically im still getting model errors and texture shit.

The SVD looks like this:

And TNB Female #70, Male #56, Male #87 and Male #88 are all checkerboards for me. I know content is up to date and I can't for the world of me find out which is breaking TRP content. Please god help how am I supposed to snipe robots without my optic.


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May 16, 2011
There is the possibility that my old versions of my models have been included in another communities shitty workshop upload, and is causing a conflict.

The SVD for example has been modified to use the scope for almost 2 years. Its been updated countless times since then so I highly doubt its my upload that youre seeing.

I say we dust off and nuke the entire planet from orbit. Its the only way to be sure.

Aliens qoutes aside, your only sure fire way to fix this is to delete the entirety of your addons folder, AND the "download/s" folders (sometimes theres both) and then unsubscribe from almost anything that is not included in the official TNB workshop collections before rebooting gmod.

Remember that the download folder will most likely have a duplicate of the TNB content and can sometimes be harbouring old versions - when gmod boots up if you have an addon version and a download version it sometimes just cant figure out which one is the correct to use.

Nat Attack

Dec 28, 2014
yeah so...

my addons folder was over 100gb so there was probably something in that mess conflicting with TRP. Hopefully burning it all to the ground and re-subbing will fix it.

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