Workbench Additions / Changes

Do you prefer to get your weapons through RP, or would you like a system through the bench.

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Malum Umbra

TRP Admin
Apr 18, 2018
So I'm making this to go along with my recent interest in the workbench entity / script.

Foremost it would be nice to be able to pick it up with F2, or through the interface to have a 'Pickup' option.

Giving the amount of scripts on TRP, mostly those with weapon modifications such as scopes and addons, I've made this to try and open the idea of people suggesting a way to alleviate the need for admins to constantly spawn in a M4 with ACOG, or a M4 with a under barrel. My Ideas are by no means perfect so if anyone has changes or suggestions this would be the place to put them.

Here is a image of the current interface for those who have not seen it:

I like this interface, there's quite a bit of room for improvements and additions.

My current idea is that rather then adding in scripts for weapon additions, such as scrap metal or electronics. The currently existing 'Repair Kit' and '[insert weapon type] Repair Kit' could be used as a ingredient for upgrading, or changing a weapon. A theoretical example of what I am proposing is that lets say I wanted to add a Thermal scope to my .44 Magnum (There is no weapon for this and I'm not suggesting one be added [It would be dumb] )

Someone could add a thermal imagine device, with a repair kit or without it to add it to the weapon.

In my suggested addition to the current system, these two items could be combined to make the script for a .44 Magnum with Thermal scope. Along the same vain of thought, if you wished to add a scope, magazine addition, or silencer, You could add the weapon and a amount of repair kits corresponding to that weapon.

I'm not sure which of the resident code monkeys we have the thank for this interface, and the systems behind it. I just hope they spot this at some point and are willing to take a look or suggest alternate methods. All of this I know is easy to subvert with RP and /a's but I feel like it would be more interesting to have Mechanics and tinkerers sending squads of scavengers out to find bits of weapons to upgrade their guns.


Mana Addict
TRP Admin
Jan 26, 2018
Not gonna lie, we've tossed this idea around but it's not serious by any means yet.

IMO giving people the ability to add attachments makes perfect sense but you would still need to go to a QM/Scavenge to find an actual gun and other scripts.

e; By "we've talked" I mean the admins have cause we like to get ahead of ourselves and give Dave anxiety

A Blaze of Glory

Subtlety is overrated.
May 8, 2018
[OOC]: Hey who picked up my M4 203 laser sight holo foregrip master key extended double c-mag flashlight folding stock with suppressed bayonet??

Malum Umbra

TRP Admin
Apr 18, 2018
Well, I wasn't exactly implying a free gun modding system, more a way to let people work towards a preferred weapon, rather then try and swipe a M4+Master key from someone, when they could take a regular M4 Script, and through additions, add on the Master key. From there they could remove it, getting their weapon back minus the parts used for the addition, so they could try a different addition to their weapon.

They wouldn't be modding the weapon like other GMod addons [the name escapes me, I think its M9K?] but rather be swapping scripts around with weapon kits used as a catalyst.

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