what's up GAMERS>?!1


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Jun 10, 2016
Hello, i'm relatively new to TnB in a sense that I've always just kinda been "there" but I've never really invested much time into the community for whatever reason.

I think "there" is an understatement, because I've only ever joined the servers a few times, just taking a look around the forums a few times ever since. Recently, Miguh and a few others showed me TRP, and it was actually amazing. Safe to say, I've decided that i'd like to stick around and see what TnB has to offer, and so far it's really good.

Nothing much interesting about me though, I just hope that you fellas will see me as a respectable guy.


Mar 16, 2013
inb4 someone says trp sucks
it does, i just wanted to get that out there.
hope you enjoy your stay.

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