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May 21, 2011
Primum non nocere
I hereby swear, by that which is left of not just my own humanity, but that of this world, and by any gods that may still bear witness to this oath, that I will carry out my duties, and this indenture.

To hold my comrades in arms as family, to bind my livelihood to theirs, to share in times of poverty, and to teach them what I know. I will impart my knowledge to all those of this family who ask, and to those who may need it to pursue peace.

I will treat those in need, and safeguard them from harm, even if I must use myself as a shield to do so, without throwing life away. My actions will ensure those in need's survival, and I will provide to them as if they were my own.

Into whatever houses I may enter, I will enter to help the sick, and abstain from wrong-doing or harm, unless such harm saves lives imperiled. Thus it becomes my charge to act to prevent harm to those who may suffer through my inaction.

I will not abuse or harm those who are unarmed, or defeated. Should I fall into the enemies' hands, I shall treat that which I have learned, the lives and secrets of my comrades, and those whom I may be captured in bondage with, as holy, for it is by them that I may be freed.

Should I carry out this oath, I will be responsible for preserving humanity through it's darkest hours. Should I fail to do so, I will bear the shame of history from those who will walk behind me.

VALKYRIE is here to help. Radio channel 9-1-1.

"The sole meaning of life is to serve humanity."

L.A. Roster:
Mercedes Wolffe
- Medical Director - BoB (Best of Boxes)

Joseph Carter W-637 - Guardian Director - A Blaze of Glory(again)

Nathan Green - Member - TheGr8Spade

Madeline - Guardian - Wizard

Maxim Klimenko -
Guardian - Nero the Sable[Seph491]


Adam Gray - Guardian - Nero the Sable[Seph491]


Benjamin Perkins - Member - Guy!

Caspar Lovell - New Surgeon - Moondy


Chris Morgan -
New Member - Cowboy

Those Lost:

Adam Whitacre - Field Medic - Detective Zero - Missing
Chiron - T-800 - Rabid - Deceased
Daniel Edwards - Field Medic - A Blaze of Glory - Deceased
Rebbeca Ponta - New Member - Ashea - Deceased

OOC Info:
Valkyrie membership is not intended to exclude any group or any member within from gaining or maintaining membership within other groups. Approach IC or OOC through this thread or PM's for more information!
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May 21, 2011
Seidr Theory
pronounced “SAY-der;” Old Norse seiðr, “cord, string, snare”

In order to evaluate a complex range of situations and comprehensive morals, the three (four later,) written by Isaac Asimov are flawed, and the very fact that it's flawed is the subject of his writings. As a result, it becomes necessary to place objectively moral goals into a computer's language by evaluating actions and actors as a series of values, to determine how each actor should be treated. While it is ideal for a machine built for assisting humanity in its survival and fostering its continued morality to respond to every individual, not every individual means well for the whole. A machine must also prioritize individuals based on level of need and respond accordingly.

As a result, two overall values indexed to each human encountered, heard, or seen, should be indexed:
Empowerment Index:

This index evaluates the quality of life of each individual encountered based on a variety of factors. This factor is the main one a machine is concerned with, as improving it is considered a primary objective, and the overall rating of interacting actors with the machine is its main measurable degree of success.

Physical Health - Is the individual wounded? Are they sick? Are they healthy? Are they well fed?

Emotional Health - What is their current obvious (Or non-obvious, for machines that can evaluate more subtle things) emotional state? Are there factors currently influencing it the unit can act upon (Such as if the unit’s presence makes a person uncomfortable)? What are their stress levels?

Agency - Is a human imprisoned or enslaved? Are they restrained? Are they in control of their own actions?

The value of a healthy, happy human, free to live as they please, is rated 192.

Someone with minor wounds, who is perhaps stressed or saddened, but not restrained, may be something like 160-128, depending on severity of various things.

A heavily wounded person may have an Empowerment rating of 92-64 or lower, depending on if they are able to still move, and whether a capture may be imminent.

Slaves may have an Empowerment rating of 96 if they are happy and healthy(somehow).

A vested assets Empowerment is locked to 1. Vested individuals are also automatically registered as threats to nearby humans. Theoretically, this could result in a behavior in which a reprogrammed machine attempts to put itself in the line of fire between two vested individuals shooting each other, this is addressed later.

Empowerment Gain/Loss:

Actions that increase empowerment may range from, treating wounded persons, recovering wounded persons from the battlefield, providing physical cover or shielding to human actors, following most orders from personnel, to more esoteric things such as telling a joke or cooking a meal to improve morale. However, since the overall whole(the social group's) Empowerment rating is also weighted, more heavily than the individual, attempting to encourage an actor who is increasing the stress levels of other actors nearby would be asked to leave, if more directly threatening Empowerment of individuals as a whole, such as threatening to set the Empowerment of a human to zero(dead), would result in more drastic measures being possible to ensure Empowerment rating of the group as a whole was maintained.

Increasing a vested assets Empowerment rating can only be done through capture, and subsequent de-vesting, in fact, due to an inverse evaluation of the Agency equation of the index, Empowerment ratings low enough actually raise when the individual is restrained. This assists in capturing Assets, and even in keeping heavily wounded personnel from unintentionally furthering their own wounds. This threshold, however, is so low, that such behavior would be rare, and may be overridden by nearby medical personnel.

So why wouldn't a machine under this rule-set ignore all other possible objectives and seek to increase a vested assets empowerment through capture and de-vesting? This is due to the secondary index evaluated for each person encountered.

(Our world, as they see it)
Credibility Index:

This index represents an individual’s overall credibility, and well-meaning for humanity, an individual has, and who has priority when orders are given to the machine. Since orders are intended to be followed from most sources they're received from, this is a tool intended for assisting humanity after all, orders must then also be given a weighted priority to ensure that the chaos of everyday life doesn't overwhelm the machine and cause it to attempt to execute every order it hears addressed to it. Thus, if multiple orders are given, and all orders influence the Empowerment index, the one issued by the actor with the highest Credibility Index is followed. This indexing is weighted heavily, the difference between an order given by a 250 versus a 245 is essentially equivalent to a 100 to a 140, this allows important personnel to issue orders with some finality, even if the order conflicts with others.

This is an index, which in theory ranges from 0-255, only taking up a byte of information in its final value, but the various factors that increase, decrease, and affect this indexing do make it more complicated than that.

Valkyrie personnel have a static credibility index of 250, with further denominations possible for programming, however, their orders and actions do not decrease or increase this rating.

Tech-Comm, as an example social group, does mostly mean well for humanity, and their orders are generally good to follow, but they have an existing ranking system that is easy to denominate, allowing a robot to follow a chain of command in a general structure, with some intricacies. A newly recruited private would have a starting index when the reprogrammed machine was first introduced to them, or if they were recruited from a pre-existing Credibility rating, of 128. This scales up to Command Circle levels, setting the credibility of such individuals as 224. Tech-Comm personnel can have their ratings raised, through interactions, orders, and behaviors [Described below] to a maximum cap of 240. Currently there is no lower limit on Tech-Comm personnel's credibility levels.

Smaller specializations, such as Military Police, also receive various bonuses to their credibility. MP's have increased credibility when dealing with policing matters, Quartermasters when dealing with supplies and logistics, Charlie receives a general bonus to credibility to reprogrammed machines, which is weighted inversely, allowing a Charlie Private to essentially rank as if a Corporal of any other squad, but decreasing as ranks progress to ensure that a Charlie Sergeant only marginally outranks a Sergeant of any other squad by default. Since actors can however increase their credibility, it is possible for a private to outrank even a lieutenant in the eyes of the machine. Credibility loss/gain weighting makes this difficult, but it is theoretically possible.

Credibility for individuals without any programmed affiliation or starting value for their group is 96, the upper limit by default is 192. This means that civilians that have given good orders in the past, may outrank Tech-Comm personnel to the machine for priority of orders.

This credibility rating also allows for behaviors that are typically outside of the jurisdiction of the original laws. Below or at credibility rating 80, a machine is free to disregard orders from personnel with this rating if they do not obviously increase Empowerment Indexes of nearby personnel. They are labeled "CONTEMPTIBLE” and can be informed of this status if they inquire about it.

At lower thresholds, like 48, a human who is an active threat to other humans may be suppressed with gunfire or wounded to discourage such actions, preferring capture or encouraging the person to remove themselves of their own will to maintain Empowerment. Credibility at this threshold does not require an evaluation of whether an order could potentially increase empowerment, the individual must atone with their own two hands to regain the ability to control the machine. Orders may still be logged, and actions recorded for later analysis by sysadmins to determine possible manual credibility gain/loss.

At threshold 30, a human is considered "ROGUE". Once considered in this fashion, a human may be engaged with full lethal force if an active threat to other humans nearby.

At threshold 16, "ROGUE" humans may be engaged with full lethal force for threatening the machines' Empowerment only, again, capture is preferable, as this maintains Empowerment, but by this point, a human’s empowerment indexed is weighted lower than the humans, this will require further fine tuning. (Machine empowerment is tertiary, short explanation later)

A Skynet Vested Asset's credibility is 0, along with all known Skynet Assets, no further explanation of this level of credibility is required however, they fall under all threat categories as previously discussed.

Credibility of orders issued via radio is reduced by 32, by 12 when issued on the Valkyrie channel. All orders issued via radio by actors with credibility less than 144 after this rating may be ignored.

Credibility Gain/Loss:

Credibility is a complex set of evaluatory algorithms, which determine whether an individual’s orders increased Empowerment of other humans, or if their orders were similar to ones given at the time that increased Empowerment indexes. Should an actor increase others Empowerment indexes through medically assisting other humans, encouraging them, increasing their ability to survive, or any other various observable means, their Credibility index is increased.

Credibility is decreased by harming other humans, giving orders which do not increase Empowerment, decreasing empowerment of other humans, or attempting to give the machine orders that violate assigned directives. Having a high ratio of negative interactions to positive ones can weight your credibility more heavily per negative interaction.

Attacking a reprogrammed machine or impairing the Machine Empowerment index may result in decreases in credibility, but only to “CONTEMPTIBLE”, and not to rogue. This allows a machine to ignore people who attempt to harm it but requires a human to be in danger for the machine to defend itself outside of attempting to seek cover or remove itself from the situation.

(This is the face of failure)
Machine Empowerment:

This is also a metric the machine may record, but is considered a tertiary objective to all others, and is only valued on 0-255, either 0% functionality, to 100% functionality. This reminds the machine to maintain itself, and to help it abstract concepts like preservation in case of an operation being un-salvageable. If an actor has a null chance of survival with the machine's intervention, a machine will not attempt to save them, this should only occur in the absolute worst of situations, and of course, may be overwritten by actors with high credibility. On lower models, where the ability to calculate statistical outcomes is not as advanced, this functionality is disabled, the model will attempt the rescue.

A machine may also be ordered by an actor in a possibly fatal situation to do nothing, giving the actor agency over their own fate. A machine will also use similar empowerment ratings for itself and other reprogrammed machines, giving weighting to other models. Skynet controlled machines of course have credibility 0 but will only be engaged if they fire upon the unit first. Other units like 600's and 700's will have similar credibility scales as to the machine, again, capped from 0-128, but under no pretense to follow such orders unless the other machine is giving a suggestion that increases Human Empowerment Indexes.

800's will be indexed akin to humans, but their maximum credibility is 150, starting at 90. Their orders however will not be followed if there is no observable increase in Human Empowerment from the actions, and may be labeled “CONTEMPTIBLE” quickly, negative actions being weighted more heavily.


This is a secondary tool built alongside a unit programmed in this fashion, which uses the current time, the machines internal designation, a manually input seed, and its' date of activation to generate a 256-bit hash and translates it into an audio output. Each code created is unique, and may only be used within twelve second intervals, each code takes a second to play, and thereby, a brute force attack is rendered implausible to crack this KeyFOB for each individual unit. This KeyFOB can be used to issue direct commands to override various functions, and to issue orders via radio with a confirmation that the issuer of the order is genuine, even if the machine is in Visual Confirmation Only Mode. "ROGUE" status must also be confirmed via one of these KeyFOBs over the radio, or by an authorized actor in-person.

Brute-force attempts to guess at this code result in drastic impacts to credibility, lowering an individual’s Credibility to Contempt quickly, but never to rogue. These KeyFOB codes can also only ever be used once, attempting to use the same code again within less than an expiring interval results in the machine throwing an error, and ignoring the KeyFOB usage, this is to prevent a repeat transmit attack.



Valkyrie will soon be getting their feet wet in the world of reprogramming. Due to the more nuanced nature of this reprogramming however, reprogrammed players will have to specify that they'd be applying for the Seidr variation. I would like to work very closely with any potential Seidr drones, as the ruleset isn't as simple to follow as the original laws system, but allows for more varied roleplay. If you are interested, first, contact me in-server, or on Steam, or poke me in the Discord.

T-700.V.SOCRATES - Foxicus
T-600.V.NEWTON - A Blaze of Glory - Killed in Blue on Blue

2x T-700s
1x T-600.U
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May 21, 2011

Hello VALKYRIE, this is Wolffe.


We’ve been moving around and just trying to handle everything from any central location armed forces take up for a while now, and it’s not sustainable forever. We’re changing that and moving to a new mode of operations. This doesn’t mean we won’t be around Baseplate or any other bases that spring up, but we need to start having intermediary outposts as well. Not every person we work with might make it all the way back to one of those places, or be comfortable going there, that doesn’t mean we have to try and help them in an open field in the mud though.

So, starting today, we’re beginning a Safe House Initiative, creative title, I know. The goal of this is to have a spot in every area of operations we know is hidden, defensible, and relatively safe for treating wounds and waiting for activity to subside. These aren’t ours exclusively either, we’re going to do what we can to mark these out, and have at least something sitting in there that’ll help someone make it out of whatever situation they might be in, alive. We’ll leave documentation behind for people to mark out anything they took, and leave them our frequencies so that they can reach out to us in case of emergency.

We will be using paint and whatever we have on hand to tag these locations, refer to image S-991 to know what that looks like, the photo will be attached. Each safe house should have the following features in an ideal scenario:

  • Concealment from HK’s and ground units

  • Difficult for SkyNET forces to identify

  • Difficult entrance for SkyNET units

  • Easy to defend or escape from
Guardians, you’ll have a role to play here in ensuring that these requirements are met to a acceptable degree, Carter will be training on this.


Another initiative will be our communication relays, these are towers that will act as repeaters, signal translators, and someday, even encryption and storage devices for us. For now though, they will mostly act as a relay that will simply amplify signals in an area. Concerted efforts to jam it will work, but it should stave off general interference in basic cases. This’ll be the start of a proper technical division for us, see me for training and instructions on how to set these up and maintain them, credentials will be limited for now.

See E-219 for imagery of an active tower. These things can hog down power, a solution will be coming soon hopefully.


These relays are intended to be, in a way, a test of a standing objective system I had in mind for a future series of events. If you deface one, or destroy one, do try to leave a note, remover tool it, or pop your head into the discord and post a message about it, or even message me directly with some screenshot proof. Yes, that's right, I'm giving you, Mr. Skynet Drone, full permission to fuck with those relays whenever you see them, have fun. Safe houses will follow standing rules of engagement for PBG bases/Baseplate, rules of engagement according to spotted activity. Investigative depth should be according to how advanced a series is. Try to follow a horror-movie style for it though, attempt to PM people to make sure they're aware of impending RP, S2RP when possible, but, be a little bit more lenient than with TC is all I ask. We're not as well armed after all, but if it creates roleplay, have at it.
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