Unban appeal

  • Attention
    • Do not post useless +support.
    • Do not post personal vouches.
    • Do not shitpost or derail.
    Failure to adhere to this will get you infracted and/or banned.

    A permanent ban is often a method to get the accused to post an appeal. It is not at all times the verdict.


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Feb 17, 2019
Name of character: Mike Reaper
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:104956355
Original length of ban: Perma
Time since ban: a few months
Who banned you: sky sky
Reason for original ban: Not being a serious roleplayer
Proof(If Applicable):
Reason for unban:

I been thinking over and i understand that my actions by not being serious was not right at all. That's why when i got banned in the first place I took time to do this, and not make it right away

because i know, What I did wasn't right. People telling me to try and be better because it's putting a target on my back, My name being put out there. Then hearing i am being viewed as polioman.

Now I know this is all serious. I waiting all this time to also maybe start over and become something better. But you can turn this appeal down and say to take more time but i am going to be more

serious, Not just in HLNA but all of TnB. So yeah.
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HLNA Admin
Nov 15, 2014
You were probably if not the least serious character and player on the server, a number of issues revolved around both your general conduct in-character and how you presented yourself out-of-character.

You've been around long enough to know the gig, and your appeal isn't very convincing. How are you supposed to portray that you've changed to care about the server beyond using it to make quick jokes?


Roleplay Department Administrator
Nov 30, 2015
Would also just like to add that your shoutbox posting seems to point that you don't really care to play on the server. Why should we even consider this?


nazi bastard
Sep 8, 2011
I view you just the same as polioman, to be honest. We already know you know better than to act the way you do, and between TRP and HLNA you've been given way more time than most people get to shape up, and you still snubbed your chances and managed to get permabanned. You are going to have to put more effort in to your appeal.


Dec 28, 2015
this guy's not here to seriously roleplay is all i can take from the time he's been in tnb but that's just me lol 🤷


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Apr 22, 2019
SixtyLemmings is and can be a decent role player, I've had nice interactions with him on both servers. Though a lot of the times he will mess around for fun, and I know he isn't doing it to annoy people. He does care about roleplay. If he matures up and stops being silly he can be a better role player than a lot of people


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Jan 17, 2015
You're not a bad guy by any means, but you continue to show that you're not interested in HL:NA via shoutout box. I've spent alot of time with you on TRP, you can be very unserious at times, but other times you're not half bad. I think you should take sometime to think if you're REALLY here to RP seriously, and if that's the case, I think you should be given another chance, given you square your act up, and show improvement.

As a outsider looking in, I'd edit your post. Show that you're actually serious about returning to the server. Your unban appeal seems pretty half-assed.


favela ******
Aug 13, 2016
Don't think anyone's taking this post seriously, it shouldn't.

Your reason to come back is just ''oh yeah, this is finally interesting.''. If you've actually took the time to RP and gotten into stuff, you might've seen that the resistance and the rebels were there since the start, but, ofcourse, you only got on to fuck around.

Atleast make a convicing argument or apologize in more than 2 words.

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