Unable to Swap Characters w/out Reconnect


nothing stops MY roleplay
Nov 15, 2014
It's in the title. Whenever I'm on Mendoza I can't swap onto another character via the F2 menu.

Whenever I do try to swap all of my inventory unequips and disappears from the F3 menu as well, leaving on a few items at random each time. The only solution to this, for me, is to reconnect. I've asked other people to see if they have this issue as well and they do not - it's very confusing. Happened around 2:40AM EST if that helps when checking serverside Lua logs for a possible error.

Here's an image of my inventory after I tried to swap off Mendoza and another another character:

Once I reconnect and select Mendoza again, everything's back and there it shall stay until I attempt a swap again. Likewise, if I don't start on Mendoza and use a drone instead, I can swap off it later with no issues. It's only this character slot.

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