Uh 5 year break or something..


Feb 1, 2012
Just logged in for the first time in roughly 4-5 years and was pretty excited to see the community I had so much love for before still alive and well. The nostalgia is crazy as it honestly feels like a decade. I originally started playing in 2010 before the forum wipe on strictly TRP, then jumped to SRP when TRP first died, where I was a trader for a consistent year or so. On a current break from university and I do play alot of CS:GO, semi-pro in ESEA-Rank G, MDL and Faceit Pro League-Challenger if anyone recognizes those terms. I look forward to finding the time to see what this community still holds and RP'ing with you all, as well as kickstarting a new character journey.

See ya around.:toot:


Zealot secretly likes afrojack
May 24, 2011
good to see you're doing well. fond memories with you back in old trp. welcome back

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