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Nov 30, 2015
Cmdr. Murphy: [LOCAL-OOC] Mug him for his 70 watt
Garrett Reed: [LOCAL-OOC] knock him out
mox killed The Red Menace using trp_skynet_70watt
mox killed λlfa using trp_skynet_70watt
mox killed HardHat using trp_skynet_70watt
mox killed Emperor Spanky using trp_skynet_70watt

a poem by mox


Actually a wizard.
Jul 12, 2015
Rachel RaySipe: help
Rachel RaySipe: i was raped by a terminator
** Rachel RaySipe weeps

** Pvt. Benjamin Perkins puts a hand on RaySipe. "It's okay."
Pvt. Benjamin Perkins: Me too.
LCpl. Carrie Miles: Same.

Rachel RaySipe: who knew how big they where

Carrisa Dix: my butthole hurts

TRP is a strange place past midnight.

Nat Attack

Dec 28, 2014
i found roleplay

(A T-700 comes out of buttfuck nowhere while Shapiro and Engel are up in the Gun post across from BP)

T-700.0190: [YELL] SURRENDER.
[L] ** Pvt. Amalia Engel dives behind the desk.
[L] ** T-700.0190 fires some plasma shots as a warning to Shapiro.
** Pvt. Amalia Engel raises her plasma rifle over the counter. Sending a scattering few towards the robot.
(Shapiro) ** OH shit a M203 round just came back at the fucker **
[L] ** T-700.0190 gets flung back by the fourty-mike, the plasma dousing his frontal chassis armor.
** Pvt. Amalia Engel flies to the floor as shrapnel peppers the room.
T-700.0190: [YELL] TERMINATE.
** Shapiro reloads another M203 round, "Get ready, shit is going to get real."
T-700.0190: [YELL] **The drone gathers itself oncemore, aiming for the bad cover Engel has given herself.
[275 MHz] Shapiro: Hey Tech-Com, me and one of your privates are stuck up here with a 700.
[L] ** Pvt. Amalia Engel opts to not have a hole punched in her gut. She shimmies away from the desk, her legs sliding across the concrete floor to at least get out of the doorway.
[275 MHz] Shapiro: Some help would be appreciated when you get the chance. We're across from BP.
T-700.0190: [YELL] **The drone sprays the metal desk, dotting it with melted metal holes.
Shapiro: [YELL] You got a weapon?
[L] (Pvt. Amalia Engel) ** Amalia answers Shapiro's question literally. She fires off a quick salvo towards the doorway, even though she can't even see the bot on the other side. **
Shapiro: [YELL] ** A hand grenade comes tumbling back into the room with the 700, accompanying Amalia's Salvo. **
T-700.0190: [YELL] **The drone advances, moving toward the doorway. The grenade blows it into their room now, and Engel's salvo wasn't too much of an effective spray.
[L] ** Pvt. Amalia Engel remains on the ground, in a sideways shooting position. Her ragged breath wheezing as the robot comes against the concrete on the other side of the table.
T-700.0190: [YELL] TERMINATE.
[L] ** Pvt. Amalia Engel jerks a leg out. Attempting to kick the still smoldering desk over on to the currently floor bound 700.
[L] (T-700.0190) ** The drone, again, begins to stand again. The desk is pushed, but one of it's hands stops it, and pushes it right back at Engel. It's carbine aims for Shapiro. **
(Shapiro) ** Pew, another m203 round soars through the sky towards the Private and the Terminator. It doesn't seem like Shapiro has much care for the Private's life. **
[L] (T-700.0190) ** The previous M203 impacts the bots upper-chest, sending it back against the wall after taking Engel's spray and showing some serious damage. The grenade did not explode due to the proximity. **
T-700.0190: [YELL] **The screeching drone sends one final salvo of low-watt plasma toward the two, mostly toward Shapiro, seeing him as the larger threat.
[L] ** Shapiro switches triggers, letting the 7.62 fly towards the drone as well - That is until the wild spray of plasma blows Shapiro back into the wall as he takes the shot directly to the chest.
Pvt. Amalia Engel: [YELL] ** Amalia shakily shifts her body weight from behind the table. She screams out in a panicked yell as she finally angles herself to be in a firing position. Her lazer carbine pointed directly at the 700. **
Pvt. Amalia Engel: [YELL] **Squeeze after panicked squeeze echoes Amalia's girlish panick. Burst after burst sent towards the downed metal mass.**
[L] (Pvt. Amalia Engel) ** Amalia rises to a shaky stand. Her teeth sliding together as she spasms forwards. Punching the last of her batteries into the things skull. ** **
[275 MHz] Pvt. Amalia Engel: *Static for a moment, and then panicked wheezing.* S-Seven hundred down in gun-nest. One man down, send medi-medical. Send anything!
** Pvt. Amalia Engel scoots over to Shapiro. Cursing his existence but none the less helping him, she lays him out flat.

(Tech-Com Finally Come in)

[L] (Pvt. Amalia Engel) ** The charred corpse of a 700 unit lies on the floor on the opposite side of the room. Shapiro is sporting a plasma wound to the chest, Amalia is trying to stablize him. **
** Shapiro got hit by a Skynet plasma rifle at close range right in the chest.
[L] ** Pfc. Benjamin Perkins slings his rifle. He goes to Shapiro, crouching down.
** Cpl. Daniel Edwards runs and basicall slides over. Medic time.
** Pvt. Amalia Engel rises to a shaky stand as the other personel shuffle in.
[275 MHz] LCpl. Logan Hawkins: Got wounded in the Gun Nest.
** Pfc. Benjamin Perkins lets Daniel do what he's meant to do, gently nudging Engel.
Pfc. Benjamin Perkins: [WHISPER] Em. What happened here?
Cpl. Daniel Edwards: [YELL] We're not staying, get ready to go!
** Pvt. Amalia Engel jerks an angry finger towards the charred 700 in the far corner of the room.
Pfc. Atticus Jones: [YELL] Jesus!
Pvt. Amalia Engel: [YELL] Jesus CHRIST.
Pfc. Benjamin Perkins: [YELL] Get ready to move!
Pfc. Atticus Jones: [YELL] That's a big fuckin' rifle!
** Cpl. Daniel Edwards cuts away what burnt material he can, it's a temp patch job for now. He applies burn gel and gauze wrap. Shock prevention will have to to for now.
[275 MHz] Cmdr. Murphy: I'm geting Medical ready for them. Plasma or Bullets.
[275 MHz] Cpl. Daniel Edwards: Plasma!
[275 MHz] Cmdr. Murphy: Aye !
** Cpl. Daniel Edwards starts to drag the man, he's not gentle for a medic.
[275 MHz] Cmdr. Murphy: Number of Wounded ?!
[275 MHz] Cpl. Daniel Edwards: One so far!
** Cpl. Daniel Edwards lets hims go for a moment while he yells at fuckers.
Cpl. Daniel Edwards: [YELL] Hawkins, Jones! On me! We're evacing the wounded!
Cpl. Ava Walker: [YELL] Sooner we beat feet, the better!
Pfc. Benjamin Perkins: [YELL] A hell of a 911 call, huh?
** Cpl. Daniel Edwards continues to drag.
** Pvt. Amalia Engel slides out. She's shaking, not so much injured.
Cpl. Daniel Edwards: Walker!
Cpl. Daniel Edwards: Get these people the fuck out of here!
Cpl. Ava Walker: [YELL] Help me carry them, then!
Cpl. Ava Walker: [YELL] Come on, let's dash!
Cpl. Ava Walker: [YELL] No need to keep sharing bullets!
** Pfc. Atticus Jones keeps Engel's arm slung over a shoulder, pretty much dragging her along.
** Cpl. Daniel Edwards is draggin one already
** Pfc. Benjamin Perkins puts him up on two feet. "You can take it!"
Pfc. Benjamin Perkins: Just walk it an' huff to th' medbay!
[275 MHz] Cmdr. Murphy: I've preped 2 beds 'fer burns... just in case... If that changes let me know.
[275 MHz] Cpl. Daniel Edwards: Three!
[275 MHz] Cmdr. Murphy: Aye.
** Cpl. Daniel Edwards drops him down, again not gently because he's BRAVO and fuck subtlety.
[275 MHz] Pfc. Benjamin Perkins: Pull back! Pull back!
[275 MHz] Cpl. Anna Delaney: RUNNING.
[275 MHz] Cpl. Daniel Edwards: Yes, pull back!
** Cpl. Daniel Edwards opens up what is the medical equivalent of sticking gum in a flat tire for a fix.
(Cpl. Daniel Edwards) ** He made due. **
(Pfc. Benjamin Perkins) ** The process is quick and probably a little painful. The glorified medic properly covers the wound up and wraps it with a bandaging roll. **
Pfc. Benjamin Perkins: Yer good, yer good.
** Cmdr. Murphy opts to work on Engel, looking her over.
(Shapiro) ** If they're triaging, Shapiro is far more important as a patient. He's been hit dead center chest by a plasma rifle. **
** Pfc. Atticus Jones pulls Engel's arm from his shoulders, pushing her to a sitting position on the side of the bed. He does a quick look-over of her person, looking for any obvious external wounds as he speaks. "You alright there, sister? Where you hurtin'?"
** Rct. Zach Pilsing would look severely unamused.
Rct. Zach Pilsing: Thanks man.
Rct. Zach Pilsing: Shit stings. . same place I got hit a few weeks ago.
(Cpl. Daniel Edwards) ** Shapiro has nothing to fear, he's about to get "The Edwards Special." ** [fear]
Pfc. Benjamin Perkins: I figured.
[L] (Pvt. Amalia Engel) ** Amalia just sort of sits on the bed for a moment before slumping back. Her eyes angled towards the ceiling. She just sort of remains there, blinking. For some reason she's clutching a plasma carbine in either hand. **
(Pvt. Amalia Engel) ** Nothing seems to be wrong with her. **
Cmdr. Murphy: Lass... we need you to lower the weapon...
** Cpl. Daniel Edwards begins "The Edwards Special" with a healthy extraction of burnt and unsalvageable flesh via scalple and forceps.
** Pvt. Amalia Engel twitches a few times, each carbine is still just dangling off either side of the bed as she is sprawled out like a stereotypical teenager sleeps.
(Cpl. Daniel Edwards) ** If Shapiro was awake, he's be in agony. **
** Pfc. Atticus Jones frowns slightly, glancing towards Murphy as he approaches the patient. He places a hand on Engel's arm, gentle but firm. "You're alright, sister. Ain't nothin' gettin' in here."
(Shapiro) ** He got hit dead center point blank with plasma. He's not awake. **
(Shapiro) ** Fuck he's barely alive **
** Cmdr. Murphy looks over the weapons, for some form of a safty to turn on... not wanting to take any risks.
** Pfc. Atticus Jones would try to gently tug one of the plasma weapons in order to angle it towards the brick wall, pointing it in a safe direction at least.
** Cpl. Daniel Edwards starts on part two of "The Edwards Special" by calling to Murphy for help.
Cpl. Daniel Edwards: Murph!
Cmdr. Murphy: Huh ?
(Pvt. Amalia Engel) ** Atticus' touch does something. Click, her eyes shoot open as her breath runs ragged; Chest rising as she rears either weapon in-front of her. They're both pointed at the cabinet ahead "Get the FU-" she stops mid sentence, she blinks rapidly. **
Cpl. Daniel Edwards: I need you're help with a graft!
Cmdr. Murphy: Wooo... Easy lass Easy !
Pvt. Amalia Engel: Wh-
Cmdr. Murphy: You're ok !
Cmdr. Murphy: You're in medical...
Pvt. Amalia Engel: How the hell did I get here?
** Pfc. Atticus Jones steps back, hands going up, palms towards Engel.
** Pvt. Amalia Engel lowers her weapons.
** Cmdr. Murphy looks over to Jones and Perkins
Pfc. Atticus Jones: Jesus.
Cmdr. Murphy: 'fer what I know... they brought you in.
** Pfc. Benjamin Perkins steps forward. He confiscates said weapons.
** Cpl. Daniel Edwards works while trying to pass off his duties onto someone else, he simply /slathers/ the man in burn gel. This makes him shiney and he glistens in the dim light of the medbay. Now all we need is a kiddie pool and a camcorder...
** Pfc. Benjamin Perkins undoes the emergency latching on Engel's rigging, along with anything else she has on her. Backpack's are removed- helmets are taken off. She's just in a mess of fatigues at this point.
** Pvt. Amalia Engel offers a bit of resistance as her stuff is quite literally pulled from her "Wh- Hey!" she flails a little like a weakened fish out of water.
** Pfc. Benjamin Perkins powergames the fuck outta Engel. It's classic- but he's not the one that's confused and wounded here.
** Pfc. Benjamin Perkins deposits a lot of her things, the Watt's especially into the QM for redistribution.
** Cmdr. Murphy spins around to face Shapiro. So how go----
(Pvt. Amalia Engel) ** She's almost completely un-injured and covered in sweat. **
(Pvt. Amalia Engel) ** Save from a few scratches on her back from sliding on concrete a few inches. **
(Cpl. Daniel Edwards) ** You could say she too, is glistening. **
** Pfc. Benjamin Perkins considers this, briefly.
Cmdr. Murphy: Edwards.... Did you just.../cover/ him in burn cream ?
** Pfc. Atticus Jones looks over Engel for a moment, looking puzzled. "You ain't hurt, sister. What happened?"
** Pvt. Amalia Engel shifts her gaze from left to right, and once again landing left.
** Shapiro is covered in burn cream.
** Pfc. Benjamin Perkins puts a hand on hip, he realizes a mistake.
Cpl. Daniel Edwards: I mean... yeah ok I may have used more than I normally do.. I see where I went wrong here.
Pvt. Amalia Engel: Me- Me and him were up in th... The uhh.
Pfc. Benjamin Perkins: I've on done a lot of shit to you th' past two weeks an' it's makin' me feel like a dick.
** Pvt. Amalia Engel draws blank for a moment. Returning to her sentence.
Pfc. Benjamin Perkins: Shit, Engel.
Pfc. Benjamin Perkins: Well- are you /hurt?/
Pvt. Amalia Engel: Gun nest. That's the place, that's it. That's the one.
Pfc. Atticus Jones: ...Who?
Pvt. Amalia Engel: Seven hundred came up and blew hi-. Then I had to-.
** Pfc. Atticus Jones asks, but he already knows.
** Pvt. Amalia Engel shakes her skull.
** Cmdr. Murphy sighs " Did you atleast debride the wound 'n irrigate it 'fore you dumped a whole baby jar of sulfadizine on him ? "
** Pvt. Amalia Engel pats herself down, a little too liberally "I don't think so?"
Cpl. Daniel Edwards: Murph I'm not a complete amatuer.
** Pfc. Benjamin Perkins seems confused.
Pfc. Benjamin Perkins: Who put you on this bed?
** Pfc. Benjamin Perkins looks at her char.
** Cmdr. Murphy eyes Edwards with immense suspect.
** Pvt. Amalia Engel points to Atticus.
(Cpl. Daniel Edwards) ** It's justified. **
** Pfc. Benjamin Perkins eyes Atticus with immense suspect.
(Pvt. Amalia Engel) ** It's accurate. **
** Pfc. Atticus Jones looks over, shrugging. "She looked hurt when I got there."
** Pfc. Benjamin Perkins sighs.
Cmdr. Murphy: Well... Can you tell me what you /have/ done... 'n if its the 'Edwards Special' I swear to god.
** Pvt. Amalia Engel clambers out of the bed. Boots to the floor as her knees shake a mile a minute.
Pfc. Benjamin Perkins: Man, just be more careful. I'm gonna have to fill out a shitload a' reports fer confiscatin' her shit.
** Cpl. Daniel Edwards purses his lips and starts to sweat buckets.
Pfc. Atticus Jones: Why'd you even do that, anyhow?
Pfc. Atticus Jones: I'm real confused.
Cpl. Daniel Edwards: Noooooo?
Pfc. Benjamin Perkins: She had weapons capable of doin' harm in th' medbay an' was bewildered.
Pvt. Amalia Engel: I. Fuck me.
Pvt. Amalia Engel: I'm really sorry about that.
Pfc. Benjamin Perkins: I assumed she was hurt- real, real bad, Atticus.
Pfc. Benjamin Perkins: Yer..-
Pfc. Benjamin Perkins: Excuse me fer takin' yer things.
** Cmdr. Murphy coughs. shifting his one eye between the glistening body of Shapiro and Edwards.
(Shapiro) ** Yeah unless Shapiro gets some proper medical treatment that isn't having burn cream dumped on him he's going to die. **
** Pfc. Benjamin Perkins holds up a finger. He returns a few minutes later with all of her tiems.
Pvt. Amalia Engel: I just wasn't in the right mind.
(Cpl. Daniel Edwards) ** He does look fabulous though. **
Pfc. Atticus Jones: Think she just got a bit of a shock, is all. It's a helluva scene out there.
** Pfc. Benjamin Perkins hadn't handed back her Watt's, though.
** Pfc. Atticus Jones is a master of understatement.
** Pvt. Amalia Engel puts an arm up, shaking it "Don't do paperwork. I won't say a word."
Cpl. Daniel Edwards: He does look fabulous though.
Pfc. Benjamin Perkins: If you won't, I won't.
** Cmdr. Murphy sighs wipping away the immense excess gel of Shapiro " Can you get some wraps Edwards ? "
Cpl. Daniel Edwards: But yes, flesh I couldn't save was removed before the addition of yet more cream.
Pfc. Atticus Jones: You probably shouldn't use them Skynet carbines, though. Burn your fingerprints off after the second burst.
** Cmdr. Murphy would be internally screaming the whole time he cleaned Edwards work off of the man.
Pvt. Amalia Engel: I know. I know, s'just the Lieutenant told me to get them to her.
Pfc. Benjamin Perkins: Fer yer safety, th' Skynet carbines are goin' to be put into th' QM station fer th' time bein'. Recover them whenever yer able an' hand it off.
Pfc. Benjamin Perkins: I ain't trust that yer th' one holdin' them if what just happened happened.
Pfc. Atticus Jones: Ah.
** Cpl. Daniel Edwards pulls out more rolls of gauze, handing them over. Weird, it's like he never runs out.
Pvt. Amalia Engel: Well uhh. I only had one until I err.
** Pvt. Amalia Engel shakes her skull "Glassed that metal fuck."
Pfc. Benjamin Perkins: Turn th' second one into Charlie bay.
Pfc. Benjamin Perkins: It should be available fer you at th' QM.
Pvt. Amalia Engel: Where's that at?
Pfc. Benjamin Perkins: Charlie bay?
Pvt. Amalia Engel: Yeah. Never been in there within these parts.
Pfc. Benjamin Perkins: Well- it's out th' main door over here an' you take a left. Take another left an' go forward until you hit th' garages. It's the furthest garage.
Pfc. Benjamin Perkins: It's got bar or somethin' of it inside a' it.
** Cmdr. Murphy pauses....questioning where he gets all these, rather clean, medical wraps, before he finished his work and wrapped Shapiro's wound
Pfc. Atticus Jones: It's full'a computers.
Pfc. Benjamin Perkins: An' /hot/ women.
Pfc. Benjamin Perkins: ..-Damn, is that Miles a looker.
Cmdr. Murphy: I has Zero hot Women.... Just sayin'
** Pvt. Amalia Engel still looks a little placid. She blinks slowly as she zips her gear back up.
Pvt. Amalia Engel: Did you say they had a bar?
** Pfc. Atticus Jones looks over, smirking slightly. "Easy, Perk."
Pfc. Benjamin Perkins: Yer cripple, Murph. 'course you don't got women.
Pfc. Atticus Jones: Whoa. EASY, Perk.
** Pfc. Benjamin Perkins says to Amailia, "A bar of sorts, yes. We just retrofitted it fer a dinin' area."
Cmdr. Murphy: If I still had my thing, I'd be insulted, you mearly speak facts.
(Cpl. Daniel Edwards) ** When the cream is cleared, Edwards actually didn't do a horrible job. The man will probs live with some fluids and a neat yoga program I can get you on, my cousin is fucking the gym owner and he just /showers/ us with discounts. **
** Pfc. Benjamin Perkins responds to Atticus, "We're old friends. Don't worry."
** Cmdr. Murphy flips off Perkins without looking "Bite me Cara"
(Shapiro) ** Emphasis on old. **
Pfc. Atticus Jones: Shit. Carry on, then.
** Pvt. Amalia Engel takes a breath and takes a few uneasy steps. After a moment she catches her balance proper "Ah right. I'll get it all sorted."
** Pfc. Benjamin Perkins offers her the little curtains that covered the medbay, "Off you go."
Cmdr. Murphy: Well. He's pretty much taken care of.
Pfc. Benjamin Perkins: Sorry fer th' trouble.
Pfc. Atticus Jones: You sure you don't want one of the docs to give you somethin'?
Pfc. Atticus Jones: Maybe some herbal tea?
** Pvt. Amalia Engel walks off like a cripple on acid, her knees occasionally buckling.
[L] (Pfc. Benjamin Perkins) ** Tremours begin to rock the medbay and the entire underground area, it's a bit of a delayed response. This manages to throw a couple of people off their feet- along with shaking some sturdy equipment around the medbay. **
** Pfc. Benjamin Perkins stumbles. That was unexpected.
** Shapiro is obviously not Tech-Com. His uniform looks like the standard shit that Silk Road carries.
Pfc. Atticus Jones: ...What the fuck was that?
** Cpl. Daniel Edwards Is a fucking rock, he takes it and smiles.
Pfc. Benjamin Perkins: I..-
Pfc. Benjamin Perkins: I don't know. Maybe somethin' is out there?
** Regardless of their affiliations, Murphy can't turn them down, and neither can TC... he would still be moved to a bunk for later.
Pfc. Benjamin Perkins: Usually when it happens somethin' is exertin' enough force on th' ground in order to make a 'tremour'. Maybe it's nearby.
** Pfc. Atticus Jones strides towards the exit of the medbay.
** Pfc. Benjamin Perkins starts tidying up the medbay.

sneezing slug

thinkin abt those beans
Nov 30, 2015
Joshua Hackney: Pst. Robot.
** T-704 'Skinny' glances at Joshua with its blue optics.
T-704 'Skinny': <:: Robot; advanced machine, "Terminator". Correct identification of unit [Skinny]
T-704 'Skinny': <:: Unknown human. Male.

** Joshua Hackney grabs hold of his pant loops using both hands and yanks up to ease his falling pants. He crosses his arms with a sigh. "Listen, terminator. I hear you got a sweet-tooth and I'm selling pancakes."
T-704 'Skinny': <:: Invalid data inputs; "Sweet tooth", "selling", "pancakes"
T-704 'Skinny': <:: Irrelevancy within the eighty-nineth percentile.

** Joshua Hackney turns down the alley muttering. "Damn, that's what they'll all say."

See also:

Sgt. Melissa Kinley: wish me a goodnight
mox killed early bursday swag using trp_skynet_80watt

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Apr 18, 2018
Todd Howard: buy my fucking game murph
Todd Howard: its special edition
Cmdr. Murphy: [LOCAL-OOC] fuck off
CMrn. Jamie Cook: shiee nigga
Todd Howard: its on wii u
CMrn. Jamie Cook: i'll wii your u
SSgt. Lucas Hayes: [OOC] Todd Howard Seduces You In The Bathroom At A Fleetwood Mac Concert
Todd Howard: its on kinect
Todd Howard: it just works


New Blood
Nov 15, 2014
** Sgt. Kato Sei withdrew his journal again, flipping through the pages and landing back on his obscene drawings. He tears the page out and passes it to Ramos, "Get me a prescription of these, will you?"
** Sgt. Dalton Ramos takes the page in hand.
(Sgt. Kato Sei) ** The drawings are very obviously dicks, the outlines shining through the thin paper in the lighting. **

A Blaze of Glory

Subtlety is overrated.
May 8, 2018
How Edwards and the gang may have ruined a wedding:

[275 MHz] Cpl. Daniel Edwards: Uhhh... fireteam Gladius here... we found uhhhhh.. A cake?
[275 MHz] Pvt. Floyd Pinkerton: What?
[275 MHz] Pfc. William 'Ash' Wood: A cake.
[275 MHz] Cpl. Daniel Edwards: It's a motherfuckin' cake.

Some time later:

[275 MHz] Cpl. Daniel Edwards: Alright, fireteam Gladius is pullin' back this cake is weirdin' us out.
[275 MHz] Cpl. Devin Rich: *Someone clicks the radio, and takes a while before they start talking.* I'm sorry, what?
[275 MHz] Cpl. Daniel Edwards: We found like a.. a weddin' cake.
[275 MHz] Cpl. Daniel Edwards: You don't think that's even like.. a little /too/ odd?

[275 MHz] Sgt. Zhao Chen: Shoot it.
[275 MHz] Sgt. Zhao Chen: See what happens.

[275 MHz] Cpl. Daniel Edwards: Aight.

Cpl. Daniel Edwards: [OOC] **There's a disturbance in the force. Somebody, somewhere shot at a cake.**


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Oct 26, 2014
people think im exaggerating when i say writing for tnbers is frustrating because they solve everything with their weapons

at least try to write a character; typing in lieu of pressing mouse one is not roleplay

holy shit

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