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Jan 26, 2018
So a lot of people always seem to be pitching different music to the admins while in server for different ongoing situations IC.
First off thanks a lot for giving us good music to play, second off we're always looking for more.

As most of you know we cannot play youtube videos directly anymore because the rpa_youtube command decided to up and break itself.
What we CAN do is play direct .mp3 site links, such as moe.mixtape links.
A process of how to convert a youtube video to a .mp3 link is in the spoiler below.

Feel free to post mp3 links on this thread for music you'd like to hear in different scenarios.
Large s2k, stealth missions, ambiance for downtime when everyone is passive rp'ing, etc.

Keep the suggestions relatively serious and remember that the music should fit specific scenarios.

Go to youtube and find the music video you're looking to play.
Copy the link for the video and paste it on the prompt on this website:
You'll get a downloadable .mp3 file for the song.
After that go to and drag the file from whatever folder you saved it in on your computer to the box on the page.
Wait a few seconds and it'll pop out a .mp3 link you can provide!

Scone !

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Jan 16, 2015
The first half is better suited to sandy environments, but the latter half shifts to stuff that may suit TRP better, but make your own choices

Kenshi -
Scorching Wind -
Sands at Dusk -
Fertile -
The Wildgrass -
As It Is -
Yearn For Night -
Breath of the World -
Bog -
Descend -
Pit -
Ashen Air -


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Jul 12, 2015
3,243 links expire to my knowledge. So uploading the actual MP3s might be a good idea.


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Nov 15, 2014
I am willing to host the MP3 files on my cdn site, I already have a few files on their at others' requests.
Jul 1, 2018
92 works well enough, but I think Wizard Wizard is correct. After some time has passed I believe those links do expire and can no longer be accessed within the player. The way around this is reuploading the MP3. This is from my personal experience at least.

Best way to get these things off Youtube is obviously a Youtube to MP3 file converter. I'll throw down some of the tracks I use frequently here:

[Nier Automata OST - Birth of a Wish]

[Junkie XL - Brothers in Arms (from Mad Max: Fury Road)]

[Junkie XL - Storm is Coming (from Mad Max: Fury Road)]

[Junkie XL - Chapter Doof (from Mad Max: Fury Road)]

[Hans Zimmer - Supermarine (from Dunkirk)]

[Yakuza 0 OST - Archnemesis]

[Yakuza Kiwami OST - Ogre Has Reborn]

[Yakuza Kiwami 2 OST - Hit and Kill]

[Yakuza Kiwami 2 OST - The Omerta]

[Yakuza Kiwami 2 OST - Extremely Huge]

[Michael Giacchino - After the Drop (From Medal of Honor: Frontline)]

[Michael Giacchino - Arnhem (From Medal of Honor: Frontline) THIS SHIT IS MY JAM]

[Metal Gear Solid - The Best is Yet to Come]

[Yakuza Kiwami 2 OST - Fiercest Warrior]

[Yakuza 6: The Song of Life OST - Qui Garde un Secret]

[Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise OST - Raoh]

[Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise OST - Kyo-oh]

[Night Gestalt & Oaktree - Field of Drums]
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Mar 12, 2018
I made a similar thread with a list of music and links but found a couple days later that none of my links were valid anymore, so yes. To confirm it, mixtape links don't last long.

What would really be nice is a Dropbox style cloud storage solution with direct mp3 links so we could have everything consolidated into one place. I did a little experimenting with deadeye a while back and we found that very few sites work, even if it's a direct mp3 link. To my knowledge the only website that worked out of all the ones we tried was mixtape. Not sure why, maybe someone could find a working upload site with permanent cloud storage.


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Mar 17, 2018
666 Plan in Motion, could use for mission briefings. Spetsnaz. Use for missions where TC have to skulk around in the shadows. Eagle Hunter. Ditto. Tiberian Sun mission selection theme. I'd use this for mission briefings. The Defence. Use this for the buildup to an attack. The Approach. Use this for stealth, or when introducing a new map. Tiberian Sun main menu music. Could use this for passive.

I'll add more as I find them.


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Jan 26, 2018
Some of the mixtape links I've had are nearing three months old now and still work fine.
So unless the cut off mark for a usable link is still off in the future it looks like Moe changed his shit up for the better.
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Jan 26, 2018
Okay yeah links have started expiring on me.
If someone could suggest a website for .mp3 links that don't expire that would be lovely.


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May 16, 2011
basically any mid 1990s onwards hans zimmer epic


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Nov 15, 2014
Okay yeah links have started expiring on me.
If someone could suggest a website for .mp3 links that don't expire that would be lovely.
Send them to me with a filename and I'll put them on my CDN.


Sep 27, 2015
Sufjan Stevens appreciation time. I think I've used him in all of my IC writings floating around on forums.

Definitely for more of an aftermath moment following a particularly devastating event that may have caused the deaths of friends but ultimately ended in something of a success. Some parts feel tense and anxious, others empty and drifting- I think it's fitting.

Impossible Soul is certainly different. This piece is very niche in the context of roleplay ambience. I say this because it does have lyrics being sung which I notice we veer away from mostly for immersion reasons as well as concentrating on typing which gets hard listening to spoken words at the same time. However, I think if it's just played in the background, this 23 minute, multiple movement masterpiece can really set a nice mood. To me, the first movement feels like the prelim to some important event, the following is loud and chaotic, the conclusion is uneasy and "damp".

mp3s not included because it would take too long on my laptop. these are long songs. worth a listen though, I hope.
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Nov 14, 2012
Honestly for fast paced engagements I'd go with mostly anything released by Carpenter Brut.

Here's an example.

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