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[TRP] DJ Brandon Ban Request

Discussion in 'Ban Requests' started by Benji Dooble, Jun 10, 2018.

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  1. Benji Dooble

    Benji Dooble Diamond in the rough

    Jun 1, 2015
    OOC Name: DJ Brandon
    SteamID: STEAM_0:0:22347597
    Character Name: T-600.5442
    What happened: We were role playing with a group of about five new players, trying to help them out and give them something to do. When out of the blue this patrol of three bots starting to fire at us out of the blue. At first we took it IC and ran from them but when we were able to get away and return we told them what we had been doing and the logs following is what happened. 5442 does mention that I did try to ram them with the car we were in. I did try to ram the bot patrol twice before that which I will take a punishment for if need be.
    Unrelated to my own behavior, this attitude that role play should be confined to a base or that we're trying to make some hugbox out of serious role play and catering to new players with a healthy environment is a concerning attitude for a drone to have and, while not a ban, Brandon being stripped of his flags until he can understand why what he thinks isn't how the server works.
    Time it happened: A few minutes prior to this.
    Cpl. Melissa Kinley: [OOC] this is the first time there's been so little T-C on
    Mike Goodman: And shooting any chrome-domes we see.
    Ivy: [OOC] Good
    Heather: [OOC] because there's a lot of RP that doesn't have to do with TC now
    T-700.5856: [OOC] tc has never been too good with passive
    Ben Mason: There a reason for you to park there pal?
    D3Mark killed Steel_Tsunami using trp_skynet_40watt
    Barry MacReady: [YELL] GET IN!
    D3Mark killed NotChrisW using trp_skynet_40watt
    D3Mark killed Ununoctium using trp_skynet_40watt

    Heather: [OOC] *rp's* skynet: die
    Len: [OOC] Man, those drones showing no remorse to those new guys LOL
    Barry MacReady: [OOC] we were rping...
    Parshan: [OOC] damn we were doin good too :(
    June Nakamura: [OOC] rip in pieces
    Barry MacReady: [LOCAL-OOC] yall realize we were rping right

    ** T-700.9283 rips itself into the vehicle.
    Dominic: [LOCAL-OOC] like
    Dominic: [LOCAL-OOC] i hope yall know that

    T-600.5442: [LOCAL-OOC] legit getting real tried of you using this fucking jeep as an immortal cover dude
    Parshan: [LOCAL-OOC] it was some fresh and good ass rp too bro
    Heather: [OOC] ** T-700.9283 rips itself into the vehicle.
    Barry MacReady: [LOCAL-OOC] we were tryina help the new guys
    Dominic: [LOCAL-OOC] no

    T-600.5442: [LOCAL-OOC] then do it in base and not outside
    Dominic: [LOCAL-OOC] we were typing @ the new pbg
    Mike Goodman: [OOC] sad
    Barry MacReady: [YELL] // im tired of yall shooting niggas who are rping
    Christopher Williams: [OOC] i would've liked being mugged over that
    Barry MacReady: [YELL] // rp happens all over the map
    Ben Mason: [OOC] great rp
    T-700.5856: [YELL] // wut
    Pfc. Ava Walker: [OOC] anybody wanna beef im the best at tabg
    Dominic: [YELL] // dont confine rp to the base
    Heather: [YELL] // there's a difference between being good drones and being complete assholes

    T-700.5856: [YELL] // i mean you were out in the open so what the fuck we supposed to think
    Heather: [YELL] // you're being the latter
    Barry MacReady: [YELL] // rp isnt confined you're supposed to respect rp

    T-600.5442: [YELL] // legit this is coming from the fucking people lol ramming everything with a jeep knowing it can't be destoryed, piss off.
    T-600.5442: [LOCAL-OOC] this is a fucking joke

    Barry MacReady: [YELL] // what did we ram
    T-700.5856: [YELL] // you're supposed to not be out in the open while we out on patrol dude
    Heather: [YELL] // suck a dick and get with the program. read your drone SOP
    T-700.9283: [LOCAL-OOC] you rammed me and the other drones
    Parshan: [YELL] // mate that isn't even the point in the first place
    Heather: [YELL] // you're supposed to be providing ambience, not S2King everyone in sight

    Pfc. Ava Walker: [OOC] who the hell relocated the ammo box
    Parshan: [YELL] // quit being a fuckin dick to people that are trying to roleplay
    T-700.5856: [YELL] // get into the ruins or something
    T-700.5856: [YELL] // make it conspicious
    T-600.5442: [LOCAL-OOC] yeah okay point to me where it says in the SOP to listen to shitters abusing Source vehicals inability to be destoryed.
    T-700.9283: [LOCAL-OOC] it's pretty fucking annoying to boot when yall are just driving around like nothing is happening.
    T-600.5442: [LOCAL-OOC] half a mind to fucking removal tool your shit
    T-700.5856: [YELL] // this ain't a movie folks

    Barry MacReady: [LOCAL-OOC] it aint about listening to us
    T-700.9283: [LOCAL-OOC] also, you were RPing in the open.
    Barry MacReady: [LOCAL-OOC] its about listening to the fucking rules
    T-600.5442: [LOCAL-OOC] please point
    T-700.9283: [LOCAL-OOC] and we had been patrolling for a solid 20-30
    T-600.5442: [LOCAL-OOC] to the rule

    Barry MacReady: [LOCAL-OOC] it doesnt matter if we were rping in the open
    T-600.5442: [LOCAL-OOC] where it says we are not allowed to interact with people
    Dominic: [LOCAL-OOC] perhaps you should rp instead of going to your sweps
    T-600.5442: [LOCAL-OOC] out in the open
    T-700.9283: [LOCAL-OOC] trying to get rid of these vehicles that kept attacking us.

    Barry MacReady: [LOCAL-OOC] if we're rping, you rp
    Heather: [OOC] Remember: Drones are supposed to provide ambience, not straight up fucking murder everyone

    T-700.5856: [YELL] // you out in the open in the middle of a post-apocalyptic wasteland with killer robots wandering around, and you think the best course of action is to rp in the middle of the road
    T-600.5442: [LOCAL-OOC] because I can't see that At ALL on the drone SOP
    T-600.5442: [LOCAL-OOC] I mean if it's such an important factor SURELY it would be on it

    Ben Mason: [OOC] i love getting one shot from across the map
    Ivy: [OOC] They don't?
    Cpl. Melissa Kinley: [OOC] remember: drones should hard s2k
    T-600.5442: [LOCAL-OOC] but nope I clearly can't see it maybe I'll have a look again
    Grimm S. Bilden: [OOC] I like these drones more
    T-600.5442: [LOCAL-OOC] Nope, still can't see it.
    T-700.5856: [YELL] // we didn't s2k
    T-700.5856: [YELL] // we s2med

    Dominic: [YELL] lol
    Barry MacReady: [YELL] // you sniped two of the 5 guys

    Len: [YELL] lolly pop
    June Nakamura: [OOC] repeat the following: it's only a game; i should really just relax
    Barry MacReady: [YELL] // and literally mowed down a third
    Christopher Williams: [OOC] no
    Mike Goodman: [OOC] im gonna shoot up a school now because of this
    Cpl. Melissa Kinley: [OOC] the voice of reason
    T-700.5856: [YELL] // s2m is shoot to miss some shot don't miss
    Barry MacReady: [YELL] // you HEADSHOTTED TWO PEOPLE
    T-700.5856: [YELL] // if I or any of the bots hit one of you far away i'm sorry
    T-600.5442: [OOC] Speical hugbox safety zone anywhere where I deem it to be.

    Barry MacReady: [OOC] lol
    Len: [OOC] mannnn
    T-700.5856: [YELL] // but you guys should know not to do that
    T-700.5856: [YELL] // next time think of a better time and place
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  2. Rabid

    Rabid Legend

    Dec 25, 2015
    Tbh for all his shit attitude (which I don't endorse), he has something of a point with some of it.

    It'd have been better to get them out of the open into a building even nearby rather than hoping drones ignored you all.

    That isn't because I think RP should be in bases but because teaching them a healthy respect of the setting and the Drones is just as important as it is giving them RP full-stop - and part of that is getting into somewhere out-of-view (even if it aint a faction base). The idea that people can stand out in the open and RP consequence-free is going to render the danger of Terminators entirely obsolete.

    Or at most it'd have been better to whip the physgun out and explain you had new players rather than take it IC and then get frustrated.
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    #2 Rabid, Jun 10, 2018
    Last edited: Jun 10, 2018
  3. Kiwi

    Kiwi Zealot

    United States
    Dec 10, 2015
    I think there's something to be said for both sides of this, though I feel a lot more sympathy for Benji's side because of the attitude taken. Honestly while this issue needs to be addressed, I don't think any action past talking it over with both parties is necessary, and quiet a few of people's problems could be solved if they just came together and had a civil discussion about things.

    inb4 :optimistic:
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  4. Grumpy

    Grumpy Senior Member

    Apr 25, 2016
    Driving a vehicle in the open should automatically be a dangerous thing to begin with. Discretion and planning should be given when taking out vehicles. If it's true that you guys were engaging the drones from a vehicle, I can understand why the drones involved became irritated; especially if you've used the same vehicle to ram them. Teaching new players shouldn't be an excuse from immunity against drones that spot you out in the open. As mentioned- drones are trying to set the atmosphere, it would be highly beneficial if instead of standing out in the open, or using vehicles, you take the new players to a ruined building, dig in, watch and scout patrols and make RP from that. I've done that before on my TC and never had problems, even had drones ask permission to participate. Now if you guys were in that position, hunkered down, and had every reason to why you wouldn't be spotted, I'd agree about them breaking the rules of engagement, but in this specific scenario, I really can't see it. I think the drones acted accordingly with the Drone ROE. Punishing them wouldn't be very fair, however healthy communication would've prevented all this from occurring. Perhaps addressing that would be a better approach.
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  5. popo

    popo Zealot
    TRP Admin

    United States
    May 28, 2012
    Don't s2k people who are obviously typing. Don't act invincible just because your character has some rust bucket of a car. Seems like a mutual lack of respect between the parties involved tbh.

    Personally I don't think any bans should be handed out for this but if the behavior described above persists there definitely will be.
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    #5 popo, Jun 10, 2018
    Last edited: Jun 10, 2018
  6. Benji Dooble

    Benji Dooble Diamond in the rough

    Jun 1, 2015
    I don't expect to be ignored, I expect them to role play and not straight up kill multiple people. They can engage us all they like as long as they aren't having a shitty attitude about it and respect the fact we were role playing.
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  7. Rabid

    Rabid Legend

    Dec 25, 2015
    Tbh though you admit yourself you rammed into them twice prior for memes with no RP done. They probably didn't come into it with a good attitude for that very reason (which one of them called you out on).

    Two wrongs don't make a right though and I recognize that.

    The way you were defending yourselves in that LOOC argument was that the Drones following their ROE was wrong even though you were camped out in the open, simply on the basis you were RPing even though you picked a poor spot to do it in.

    It'd be like on HL2 if rebels got mad that cops rolled in on them when they were RPing in plain view on D2 rather than taking the time to step into the basement.
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  8. wester

    wester Kiruclanz 2.0

    Mar 7, 2015
    hi, just another voice to add here, but:

    my game crashed, so i'm running back to where i was roleplaying with my physgun out, his drone walks up and guns me the fuck down for what i can only image was him thinking you're supposed to do that?? tried pming him twice to ask him why and got no response.
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  9. Disorder

    Disorder Zealot

    Nov 14, 2012
    Hey don't mess with the bull if you're allergic to it's horns. From what I've seen there it's clearly a lack of communication and understanding for both sides, the fault is split equally 50-50. It'd be better to just find common ground and be on with whatever you're planning for the server.

    Please to keep in mind that people are bound to get irritated if you mess with them over and over again.
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  10. pvt. bing 'b' bing?

    pvt. bing 'b' bing? sopping wet
    TRP Admin

    United States
    Oct 4, 2015
    rofl i cant go afk on server for half an hour w/out you guys pullin some shit

    No action is going to be taken here, you were both being idiots. Keep in mind that we're here to write stories together and have a good time, there's no reason to be arguing over this kind of shit. Don't RDM players that are rping, S2RP them for all I care. Don't abuse the fact cars don't take damage to kill drones over and over. In short, have a nice day.

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