TnB's Guides for Newcomers!


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Sep 9, 2016
So, a realization I had is that there is no central point for newcomers to the server to find a list of guides and sets of information for them to learn from.

None of the following articles were written by me - this is just so that people that are entirely new to the server, or serious roleplay as a concept, have a place to find a list of guides in which they can learn from. It can also make teaching people a lot easier, can't it?

Roleplay Stuff

Basics of Serious RP

Combat, Emotes and Timescale
Engaging/Creating RP
Character Ideas
PTSD and you: a Primer
Medical Roleplay things

Terminator RP

Skynet Drone Classification
Drone RP 101
Server F.A.Q
TRP Timeline & Lore
Etiquette of Terminator RP
Terminator Reprogrammers Auth List
Project Titan, and Reprogrammed Drones
A Primer on Plasma Weaponry
A Primer on Fuel Cells
PK + PI Guidelines

The Rules

Rules and Regulations
Mugging Rules
Character Death and Injuries
Stashing Rules

The TL;DR version

TnB Guide (General)
HL2RP Guide (General)

Combat in roleplay
Knives, shivs, and shanks
Guns, armor, and gear
Hand to hand combat
Timescale, and Combat Emotes
Terminal Ballistics

Thanks to sneezing slug sneezing slug for gathering all of the links.

I'll add anymore that I find/need to be added.
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Jul 12, 2015
Rather than kicking people and linking them the (Unfinished) server rules. We should link them this as it provides way more information and it'll help newer players out.

I just linked this to another player and I'm fairly certain I saw them reading the rules already.

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Nov 30, 2015
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