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May 22, 2011

It's been circulating for a while now and after development was put on hold last time to focus on HL2 we're finally pushing ahead with our next adventure. TnB is going to Halo RP. Why? Because Halo is awesome and there's a lot more we can do with it than just shooting aliens but the just shooting aliens part of it is really cool. This roleplay is intended for pretty much everyone but obviously caters more to those that want a military themed focus as the action will be more prevalent than the peace.

Will reveal script stuff with a play test maybe before we're ready. Don't want to talk to much about it as it's not really important, just know that we'll have everything we need.

A few things to note about how we'll be approaching Halo RP.

  • Server title changes depending on the Campaign / part of the Campaign we're on. We're starting with the Insurrection, hence The Insurrection. We won't only be dealing with the Insurrection and I'm only clarifying this because I know what some of you are like.
  • We're starting at the year 2552, a month or two just before the Battle of Reach.
  • The server starts with our characters going through boot camp, training to become marines to deploy and fight The Insurrectionists. For this purpose when we start all characters will be marines.
  • The plan is to take the group of Marines (and new characters picked up along the way) through a journey of some of the biggest moments of the Halo universe during the Human and Covenant war and include our own additions with events and ideas to make up the down time.
  • The first part of the server will deal with fighting Insurrectionists and interacting with them.
  • We don't plan to follow the time line religiously, we're taking key moments that happened in Halo lore and making them work for us. Rule of cool (and fun) will apply a lot here. For example in lore the war ends in 2552, if we don't want to do that we won't.
  • The Covenant will not be immediate enemies but will of course show up in due time. The Great Schism will be an event we go through on server so while Covenant characters will all be enemies at first eventually people will be allowed to apply to play as some of the various Covenant races that are allied with and fight with Humanity.
  • We know we can't represent the scale of the awesome events that take place during Halo so how do we intend to show or play out the campaigns on server? Our group will often have their own orders to carry out and aid various key lore characters achieve a goal or a mission. This is lets us plan out our own events and attach them to important lore battles and have certain important characters pop up on server but also retain the actual focus on our own group of characters.
  • Along with the major campaign events we'll also be throwing in a lot of our own events. There will be times where our characters will be on ships moving from planet to planet and there are a lot of interesting things for us to drag up and visit within the Halo universe. Rule of cool here.
  • This is of course a military themed roleplay and for certain parts of it there will just be a lot of action and nothing but, however there will also be a lot of time for people to just sit back and kick it and roleplay some cool stuff. Forerunner artifacts explain away a lot of potential BS that may just be pulled.
  • ODST will make an appearance in events and SPARTANS will sometimes show up during events.
  • While there are opportunities for antagonists and possible other groups the focus will always largely remain on the main group of marines, this keeps us flowing from one campaign to the next.


This isn't decisive, but I will lay out an optimistic (very much subject to change) .....

When - 05/29/2020 - 5PM EST / 10PM GMT+1 (UK)
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Oct 1, 2015
Hell yes, I’m a huge halo nerd and know pretty much the whole lore, sign me up!

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Aug 7, 2015
i cannot wait to play as the grunt pow yipyap who cleans for the marines and eventually becomes their ally once the great schism hits.

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