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    when eve ate the apple... who really failed?

    was it adam for not stopping her?

    was it herself for giving into temptation?

    no, it was god. for he failed to communicate well the consequences.

    everything is about communication. its how you save relationships or have good sex.
    couldnt do neither but this notepad isnt about me or my issues with my ex and god.

    its with everyone wanting to be told what to do. the church look up to their god for
    guidance. the military look up to the state for their commands. both go often
    unanswered. both needing to have faith in the system. what if you didnt need to
    have blind faith? what if you knew not only how the system functioned but you can also
    delete it? it would fuck up your computer tremendously but you get the point. you have
    something tangible. you have something that is within your hands. your fuckin grasp.

    what if you can hear the voice of god but its typed in times new roman 12 size font?

    the internet of things.

    it is everyday objects all enabled to be connected. your fridge, your tv, your phone,
    your toaster, your mother, the fucking closet for some reason, the car. all of it. all
    connected. all together. all interlinked with no middleman. no soldier in the way. no
    clergyman. a direct connection to this thing that has actual answers for you. what if
    we applied the principle to people. what if we applied the idea to our boroughs. our
    streets. to every day people like you and i. we can still be together.

    we can communicate...

    and you can understand me when i tell you not to bite the apple.

    and then we'll still be in this garden of eden together, eve.

    i am on a mission to spread the hamnet as far as it can go. the more i set up the more
    people are connected. maybe the less guns we will have to point at each other. that or
    maybe we will all know where and who to put our guns at all together. what another
    group has that another group needs miles away - we can make the trade with its help.
    we wouldnt need to rely on always scavenging empty liquor stores or... actually to
    make things simple? were amazon. the IoT is google and im keeping the net alive.

    wow most of that was really unnecessary to type

    you get the point. wish me luck. maybe we can actually have the internet back.
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    >jesus its the apocalypse and you still cant get a life

    >what a l0s3r
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    I'm still getting mixed messages here. Should I be throwing out my fridge or using it to talk to God?

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