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May 28, 2012

Front Legend:

1. The Southern Future-War Front
The Southern Future-War front is where most of Tech-Com California's operations take place. The most ferocious fighting, conventional and guerilla, is seen on this border of the battle. Tech-Com in recent months has made many strides forward in taking territory from SkyNET and other enemy groups. The fighting is most currently active in the counties of Ventura, Madera and Mariposa. Nearly sixty percent of all casualties nation-wide come from this front alone due to the sheer strength both sides are putting into fighting back at eachother. In this war, nothing is off the table. SkyNET actively uses subterfuge via advanced infiltration models to strike at the heart of Tech-Com's bases in the area, though they've grown far more resilient to crumpling up in a fashion such as Fresno did seventeen months prior to its reestablishment as a branch.

Losing this front would be a complete blow to humanity, and would most likely mean the end to the future war entirely; if lost, all of humanity would crumble in the face of the overwhelming SkyNET threat which would easily be able to bulldoze through anything else, including Tech-Com's other bases scattered throughout Northern California and Colorado.

2. The Alliance Front
This front is primarily where the Navajo use their artillery and guerilla expertise to strategically destroy SkyNET facilities and defenses. They've seen certain strides in recent years, and are currently in the process of trying to tame the neutral zone and keep SkyNET out in the meanwhile, utilizing their artillery to ensure that any fortifications set up by the Terminators in this area specifically would be a waste of resources.

In addition, the Navajo and Tech-Com have crafted an alliance through partly sharing this front and the Southern front. Each has their uses to eachother and both are willing to consistently assist eachother on whatever basis may be deemed necessary.

3. The Oregon Expansion
The Oregon Expansion as it's called, is the slow creep of caravans to and from the trading hub of Bootstrap, the trading outposts they stop at along the way and the fledgling settlements they supply, dotted throughout the wasteland. Southern expansion of the trading network into California has virtually came to a grinding halt as of late, due to increased Skynet activity in the area. In addition, there are reports that Northern Republic remnants continue to cause problems far into the heartland to this day.

4. The Northern Future-War Front
Though this front may not particularly compare to its southern counterpart in terms of pure ferocity in the fighting that occurs, the Northern Future-War sees constant action and is an essential location for Tech-Com to retain, defend and make offensives from. Tehama is used primarily as a boot camp of sorts for newer soldiers that need extra assistance throughout their pursuit to wage war, specialized trainers and drill instructors being a heavy investment Command likes to make for these counties.

█ SkyNET
Based: San Francisco, global presence
Status: Active

Self-aware neural network responsible for initiating Judgement Day. SkyNET has been engaged in a state of total war to systematically eradicate humanity for the past 20 years, after remaining dormant for 8 years following Judgement Day. The first sightings of hunter-killer drones date back to as far as 2006, after Humanity ventured back above ground in hopes of colonizing the blasted surface. SkyNET's diversity of drone composition and as consequence, it's ability to project force have increased exponentially in the last 20 years due to a sustained effort to produce more and more effective hunter-killer drones. This initiative, which eventually lead to the adoption of humanoid drones as SkyNET's rank-and-file warfighter, has recently culminated in the T-800 series and it's variants.

█ Tech-Com
Based: Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Colorado
Status: Active

Originally nothing more than a patchwork alliance of human resistance cells spread thin across California. By 2010 John Connor had united the disparate groups of armed fighters under a single chain of command and spearheaded an insurgent counter-offensive against the encroaching hunter-killer drones and newly fielded T-600 humanoid terminators. Though the scrappy offensive cost untold human lives, it culminated in a successful strike against SkyNET's central core in 2018 lead by John Connor, Miles Dyson Jr and Barnes. Following this pyrrhic victory, Tech-Com has spent the last 8 years on the back foot, in a state of constant guerrilla warfare against the machines to slow their approach into the (relatively) population-dense areas of Tehema, Fresno, Bakersfield and San Bernadino. About a year ago, a fifth branch was founded in the L.A. region and has since been embroiled in the war against the Machines. In spite of suffering many defeats at the hands of SkyNET, the L.A. branch has managed to hold Bakersfields' southern flank. In addition, Charlie squad of the L.A. arm has recently made invaluable strides forward in the form of Tech-Com's ability to now reprogram terminators, which according to resistance prophet John Connor, "is the key to winning this war".

6 months ago, Fresno was completely overran by SkyNET. The surviving soldiers scattered to the wind. Some even made it to LA to bolster forces there in time to witness machines completely overrun the area just as they had in Fresno. In SkyNET's renewed offensive, newly fielded T-800s lead the indomitable, slow advance. All the meanwhile keeping a steady stream of reinforcements pouring out into the wastes from industrial production zones deep within SkyNET's territory. Tech-Com was put on the back foot for a number of months, journeying all over the American West and Canada, taking place in many offensives that eventually culminated in the siege of Matriarch's Mantel high in the Alaskan mountains.

The destructive end to the siege left the Northern Republic sundered. With Tech Com's far northern flank finally secure, attention was wholeheartedly refocused back on retaking territory lost and renewing a fight against SkyNET directly instead of it's puppet entities. Now with LA wrestled back from the machines, Tech-Com now stands at a crossroads. Even though the war rages on, things have fallen into a relative lull compared to the prior months. Though junior members of the resistance cheer this, those with history fighting the machines are deeply anxious and watch the horizon for what comes next.

Fresno has been since re-established after the successful Operation Athena. Lieutenant Brittany White has been tasked with restoring Fresno to the technological powerhouse the Tech-Com branch formerly was.

█ Frente Humano
Based: Mexico
Status: Active
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Rooted in Baja, Mexico with distinct ties to the former Tijuana Cartel. Before Judgement Day the Tijuana and Sinaloa Cartels were engaged in a war, with the former gradually losing - immediately after J-day, with the destruction of one of their main base of operations the Tijuana Cartel as it stood were obliterated, scattered into hiding or absorbed into the surviving Sinaloa Cartel. Those who went into hiding formed their own militia groups or spread into local communities, where they took control. They took advantage of the geography to isolate themselves and fought off foreign influence from north and east, yet at the same time were plagued by old rivalries and infighting until well after SkyNET emerged.

Eventually, the Caudillo emerged, uniting the regional factions under the Frente Humano - translated as ‘Human Front’. Many members are veterans of gangs and cartel organisations, with ties to old-world guerrilla movements and crime organizations, but have none the less managed to scrape some bastions of society out of the scorched earth in southern California and Mexico. Currently in an ongoing alliance with Tech-Com and acting as a supplier of food and ammunition in the war against SkyNET.

█ Four Corners Alliance
Based: Four Corners (under SkyNET occupation), Eastern California and the Mojave Desert
Status: Active
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The government-in-exile and military remnant of The Four Corners Alliance, a Navajo nation-state in the arid border region of Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and Utah. Following Judgment Day, the Navajo Nation and a commonwealth of neighboring reservations, communities, and the 1st Battalion, 1st Marines successfully repelled an invasion by US government remnants. The victory transformed the alliance-of-convenience into a nation of its own, populated by half a million people and an eminent military and industrial power in the region.

The Four Corners Alliance remained largely intact through the 2020's and the Tribal Security Force weathered the brunt of early SkyNET encounters until 2026, when critical military installations at Chinle and Crownpoint were destroyed, exposing the interior to direct attack. In one of the most successful evacuations in history, the Alliance and Frente Humano withdrew 200,000 refugees and Tribal Security Force troops (nearly half of their population) from the Four Corners and relocated them into a network of ghost towns and settlements in the Mojave Desert. Thousands, however, remain under SkyNET occupation, and the machines have created a collaborationist government that exploits the Alliance's organized labor force and untapped potential for natural resources.

The new Mojave Redoubt is jointly policed by the Tribal Security Force, local Frente Humano affiliates, and the John Connor Battalion, a volunteer force staffed by Tech-Com veterans from the frontlines in California. Its greatest antagonist is the scattered but large remnants of the Northern Republic, with whom Alliance refugees collided soon after their arrival into the Mojave Desert. Since then, SkyNET (who now directly controls the brainwashed soldiers of the NR) has redirected almost all remaining NR forces into terror campaigns against the settlements of the Mojave Redoubt, hoping to destroy morale among the Navajo and reduce their effectiveness as an ally.

In addition to its obligations with the Mojave Redoubt, the Alliance maintains a significant presence in the Neutral Zone, where it maintains Fort Nakai, a joint artillery firebase in the mountains. It has also deployed commando teams known as Long Rifles to assist Resistance organizations and pursue strategic objectives all across California and Nevada. Such diplomatic "joint efforts" are a signature of the Alliance government-in-exile, as they are in desperate need of allies to help liberate the Four Corners in a future invasion: while highly trained, the Tribal Security Force lacks many of the fundamental technological advancements that have allowed Tech-Com and other Resistance organizations to remain competitive, and failure to adapt to these technologies were a significant factor in the Fall of the Four Corners.

As a result, the current leader, Colonel Joseph Begaye, hopes a strong relationship with Tech-Com will be the key to the liberation of their homeland.

█ Oregon Caravans
Based: Oregon, Northern California
Status: Active

Before the Caravans ran routes from Eugene to Sierra County and everywhere in between, the seeds were planted in the old world. It all started as a band of nomads comprised of doomsday-preppers who emerged from a bunker with their families, retaining a wealth of old-world knowledge on how to engineer survival in a world laid to ruin. Soon after emerging, they crossed paths with a surviving remnant of the Canadian 39th brigade who had fled south to escape the harrowing nuclear winter of British-Colombia. The two groups amalgamated into a single nomadic band on the sole pretenses of survival, as they each had something to offer the other. In one hand, unforgotten knowledge that was hidden from the fires of judgement day, in the other the means and conviction to defend themselves against the depraved world the surface had become. The group continued to roam until they found a suitable home somewhere in the Umpqua forest in eastern Oregon.

From there, the seeds planted now started to grow. With a home to call their own, they toiled night and day to carve out a corner of the world that would support life. The groups' numbers meant they had many mouths to feed, but the manpower allowed a consistent stream of prospectors to be sent out in search of the materials to make the hydroponic systems, water filters, ammunition and tools that would be necessary. There were many hardships. Frigid winters, starvation, sickness and even violent clashes with other survivors, but they persisted. Though they fought hard and worked harder, what won their survival was the knowledge they had preserved, and their affinity with the technology their prospectors were funneling back home from all over Oregon.

Even though the nomads now had a home, human nature wasn't far behind. Not long after had they secured the town of Bootstrap from external threats and begun to produce a surplus of food did the community begin to splinter among familial lines into three distinct trading caravans. Though fighting never broke out openly, and all was quiet in the town of Bootstrap, this kicked off a long and ongoing arms race between the three Caravans in the form of trading their surplus of food and technology to an expanding network of fledgling communities. As a consequence of the Caravans' greed and voracious appetite to accrue material and political support, an expanding web of derivative communities was given access to the surplus of food and technology flowing from Bootstrap, though they worked tooth and nail for it in return in the form of prospectors and supplying protection to the caravans themselves, society was enabled by the mutual venture. Grass had begun to grow up through the cracks again.

The Caravans of the north aren't so much a unified faction as they are a vast coalition of communities ranging from Oregon to northern California, at the heart of this coalition of independent wasteland towns and communities of denizens is the Caravan Triumvirate, the three families wheeling and dealing, in constant competition with each other to get a leg up and finally take all of Bootstrap for themselves, one way or another.

█ Sons of Paradise
Based: Channel Islands of California
Status: Active

Born from scattered navy and coast guard, the Sons of Paradise are a coastal, remnant military bandit group that utilizes their small fleet of old drug-smuggling submarines and gunboats to conquer the waters surrounding Southern California, and initiate coastal raids and bombardments on their targets. Their understanding of the new world is simple, and clear: Kill or be killed. And they follow through with their mantra by taking what they can pillage to better guarantee their own survival. It's assumed that the Sons of Paradise still maintain a functional, small-sized naval fleet off the shores of California, but this cannot be confirmed due to their use of submarines.

During the Tech-Com campaign into Canada against the Northern Republic, the Sons capitalized on this focus to supplant themselves onto the mainland and disrupt the trade routes between Frente Humano and Tech-Com, picking on the cartel-born militia due to Tech-Com's inability to help defend their allies.

█ The Neutral Zone
Based: Middle California
Status: Disputed

This is an area heavily disputed by all factions, none of whom make active strides to take control of it due to heavy radiation in the area along with the fact that simply managing this large swath of agriculturally useless land is too expensive for its worth. At the least, they use the rest of their fronts to keep SkyNET out of the area but the drone's efforts to push in have risen in recent years considering they're immune to radiation. Most individuals that live in this area are riddled with the effects of the radiation which is deeply rooted in the ground, the air and all effects of the environment. Some sporadic villages exist within the area in locations with relatively low radiation levels, but it's a terribly common fate for ill-thinking wanderers to head out into the desolate wasteland and die from the elements.

Organized banditry and slave trading remains also extremely common in this particular area, Silk Road remnants that still obey their former ideology keeping true to what they were previously known for. Local criminal masterminds are often rising and falling, one leader of this slave trade never remaining in their position for longer than a few weeks. If the radiation, the acid baths and the mutated wildlife didn't get them first, it's their own people which have no rhyme or reason to what they do.

Tech-Com and the Navajo are known to share a single base seated somewhere within this area, used to launch artillery strikes on SkyNET assets farther from the border. It's managed far away from any of the known bandit-infested areas and is gated in to keep them out.
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Just to tack onto this with my own speculation, but it'd be very likely that the areas highlighted under SkyNET control are in fact the ground zeroes of the initial nuclear detonations of the western seaboard. There is no human faction presence there not just because of the density of drones, but also because of the immense radiation exposure that would ensue should one venture into such territories without adequate protection. And such gear is not commonly found in the year 2025.

Traveling to these areas would effectively be a death wish. If the terminators don't kill you, the radiation certainly will.

Either way, this is a great read. I love exploring what the world is like in our roleplay settings beyond the mere scope of the server. It'd be super neat if we saw this map change and update to reflect real server events (I cough in @Zombiedude101's general direction and point to Fresno.)
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Just to tack onto this with my own speculation, but it'd be very likely that the areas highlighted under SkyNET control are in fact the ground zeroes of the initial nuclear detonations of the western seaboard.
Not necessarily. Gamma radiation can have adverse effects on computer electronics, but the threshold of tolerance is much higher (10-20 fold) than biological material. Pockets of radiation may exist within the red zone (and outside it) but considering Techcom was able to strike at Skynet Central (San Francisco) in 2018, there's a navigable path around the rad pockets. That's just my own speculation though, someone on the TRP team could supply a definitive answer.


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Pardon the necropost but given the latest server changes and locations, this should probably be updated. Maybe include Colorado or the entire west coast.


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Gonna PM you, I had some ideas I had archived for the previous continuity you might find useful.

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