The Thing RR (V2) - 12/20/2019


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Nov 30, 2018
so how does getting infected work? does it spread by blood or whatever?
saw some people talk about being subsumed and assimilated, etc


Oct 1, 2011
I had an absolute blast with this. Wish I could've stayed for the end, but family comes first.


Mar 6, 2018
it was really fun, and same with diben. had to leave because of a christmas party. but it was super fun for the portions that i played!


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May 15, 2015
so how does getting infected work? does it spread by blood or whatever?
saw some people talk about being subsumed and assimilated, etc
To put it simply, it assimilates cells. The thing is very interesting in the fact that it can control every specific cell that makes it up, it feels each cell, and is in essence each cell. This makes it very difficult to kill it, because if even a single cell survives it all starts again. How it works is essentially this; The thing's cells in some form or way will come in contact with other living cells, and will then begin changing said living cells to be apart of the Thing's hive mind, so essentially turning cells into it's own cells. This means that if someone comes in contact with even the smallest bit of the thing's cells they will thus be infected, and slowly but surely will become nothing more than a part of The Thing. This is how it also prevents its death, as it learns more about human psychology it can embed itself within the crew, and attack with a completely separate organism whilst using the embedded one as a failsafe. You may be able to kill what you think is the Thing at the time, but you will more than likely just end up dealing with the same thing all over again. So, those four who were splattered with blood were instantly infected, and anyone who came in contact with them would meet the same fate.

I might be wrong, but that's how it works afaik

TL;DR: It infects your cells by creating contact between them and it's own cells, which then slowly convert your cells to be apart of the Thing.

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Mar 17, 2018
This is the final tally, like Bennet said roles are subject to change.

Team Britain
Team Lead | Kip Smith | Snaparoni
Scientist | Adeel Kakar | Salty
Scientist | Sydney Smith | Santoro
Scientist | Theodore Sutton | Thecatwhomines
Scientist | Winthrop Clayden | goldcrate
Scientist | Ken Burnside | scouser
Scientist | Richard Vaughn | Waptnt
Pilot | Jessica Hayes | miguh
Pilot | Cassie Woods | Kemikals
Technician | James Newhart | Lambda
Technician | Terrence York | Zombie

Team USA
Team Leader/Geologist | William Walter Leake | Feelsgoodman
Geologist | Penelope Peach | Foxicus
Geologist | Thomas Davidson | Memed
Geologist | Faris Wilson | wester
Geologist | Nathaniel Gibson | VeteranGary
Geologist | Anthony Reyes | Ammo
Geologist | Elfrid Jamerson | eLf
Geologist | Gavin Buschmann | nitra
Geologist | Cullen Miller | Greene
Geologist | Eva Gordon | baby
Geologist | Roy A. Lilienthal | Anime is trash and so am I
Pilot | Jediciah von Adler | Snuggles

Team Nordic
Team Leader/Biologist | Ebba Elison | Kingryan
Secretary/Analyst | Björk Vainio | Kiwi
Analyst | Øystein Berland | Mart
Scientist | Fredrik Lystad | Klyppen
Scientist | Daniel Garro | Polonius
Scientist | Niklas Holm | Anschib
Scientist | Lovise Istal | Chiss
Scientist | Erling Hedde | Elfangor
Scientist | Oskar Danielsen | Nerdbird
Scientist | Mark Buelford | Binary
Scientist | Atle A. Amudson | Klacer

Security | Avery Kendall | Benji
Security | LUCIUS MCCLUSKY | Mattcos
Security | William Berno | Bi-em
Security | Martin Callahan | The Great Slithery Dee
Security | Jack Russo | LolMan
Security | James Curtis | napdaddywhac
Security | Wallace Cruz | Cpt. Jenkins
Technician | Greta Helland | Mox
Radio Technician | Marcus Green | popo
Radio Technician | | War Machine
Medical | Kenya Cervantes | Mei
Medical | Sven Hellerud | menofcrest
Medical | Juan Marcello | Helios
Medical | Arthur Chaykovsky | Zap430
Janitor | Mo Lingxin | Sinclair
Janitor | Viktor Sanchez | moomao
Janitor | Rowdy Tomba | Rob
Janitor | Edward Smith | Mr Bagel
Janitor | Casey Phillips | Nat Attack
Janitor | Aaron Patel | PenguinXD
Janitor | Jan Nowak | Kieck
Cook | Gustav Vlach | Valerstein
Cook | Summer Jackson | Phoon
Cook | Mike Harkermen | Henry Ryan
Cook | Jacob Swan | Rabid
Pilot | Morgan Justman | Primera
Pilot/Engineer | James Holt | HardHat
Mechanic | Fredrick Fullerton | Doggo​
I asked to switch to Security earlier


Jul 12, 2017
I, The Thing that assumed the form of Dr. Gregory Dyer used my superior alien intellect and cunning to escape via snowcat with a group of unsuspecting human buffoons. Also Nenko's character, Kimberly Liu. RIP Humanitee.
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