The Siberian Graveyard


May 21, 2011
As characters die, feel free to post below a summary of their life and/or death so they remain immortalized.
Dec 25, 2015
Sgt. V.I. Rybin: [OOC] **Rybin and 4793 exchange headshots. He let off a single shot--while cycling the bolt, a PKM bullet takes him right through the face. He falls flat to the ground, beret sailing through the air until it comes to a rest atop his Order of the Red Star.



Jun 20, 2018
** A wooden cross is affixed outside of the Red Star radio station, it reads: **
[Dragomir Milosevic]
[04/10/1998 -10/10/2022]
" Rest easy Comrade, we will be together again soon enough"


Jan 20, 2020
** A charred corpse was all that was left after the fire inside of the EFF FOB **
[Alexei Volkov]
"A good soldier, murdered by traitors"


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Feb 18, 2016



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Apr 22, 2019
** Sergei Turgenev moves inside, guns raised.
Sergei Turgenev: We'll check it first.
** Valery Kuznetsov follows suit with his rifle.
Sergei Turgenev: All clear.
** Valery Kuznetsov lowers his bolt-action to the floor. He looks at the desolate building.
(Sergei Turgenev) ** As Valery lowers his rifle, atleast away from Sergei. He does not. **
** Valery Kuznetsov pauses and takes notice of this as he looks to Sergei. And then to that rifle. And then realizes that he might've just been had.
(Sergei Turgenev) ** Sergei'd pull the trigger, no mercy. Hes riddled with bullets. Not enough to kill him, more so to wound him. Heavily. **
** Valery Kuznetsov wasn't at the top of his game today. Ever since yesterday he thought himself.. able to sense danger. Not this time I'm afraid. The Hunter fell up against the wall, his bolt action rifle moving to shoot but unable to make it all the way as his kevlar was shredded. This was the way of the world unfortunately.
** Sergei Turgenev looks down at Valery. He'd move forward, slamming the butt of the AK onto his bolt-action.
Sergei Turgenev: I'm sorry-- Valery, was it?
** Valery Kuznetsov coughs up a bit of crimson, the man blinking some few odd times as he realizes that he had made that fatal slip as he gave the man a middle finger. "I should've known better.. Fucker."
(Sergei Turgenev) ** The hunter is hunted in the end. Only the strongest may survive. ''I had no choice. May you find death more honourable than life.''. Sergei pulls the trigger, bullets going for the mans head. **
** Valery Kuznetsov the pan finds no peace either way. Who wins in a war of attrition where the only to survive is being a dog of war for the machine? The man dies, the self is gone. Valery is no more. They used to say when you shot a man in the heart, you erased him not just killed him. But now these days? Executions erased that and more. Erased identity, erased self. Valery is no more, and what remains is Carrion.
** Sergei Turgenev lowers the AK, slinging it at the body goes lifeless. Sergei'd kneel down, searching the man. Not for any items, but for something to remember him by.
Sergei Turgenev: [WHISPER] Forgive me.
(Valery Kuznetsov) ** It took time but.. eventually Sergei would find an old iron pendant belonging to what used to be Valery. It seemed to almost be antique like in quality, rusted and weathered but still strong after all of this time. Iron beads connected to what seemed to be that of a mini angel from an age passed. **
[L] (Sergei Turgenev) ** Sergei carefully removes the pendant. He'd eye it in his hands, clasping it tightly. After a moment, he puts it on around his neck. The man stands, looking at Valery. **
(Valery Kuznetsov) ** Haven't you learned? You erased him. There is no 'Valery'. Just another corpse, carrion. Pale and unmoving with a Hunter's bolt in his hands. **
(Valery Kuznetsov) ** Valery has been Erased. **
[L] (Sergei Turgenev) ** Sergei moves out of the bloodied room. Not a free man. Forever a Servant. Forever marked with The Pendant.**

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