The New Independence Front.


Sep 22, 2012

The New Independence Front

A relative newcomer to the world, the New Independence Front is a small group not lead only by man, but Machine. Inspired by the words of the old world, of the old American Revolutionary War, it is a faction that attempts to live up to the words, "Liberty and Justice for all." Made up of independent reprogrammers, free machines, and men and women willing to give free machines the one chance to exist, it pushes to free machines from Skynet's control. Lesser machines are freely shared with forces such as Tech Comm, and special attention is also placed on helping rescue human forces from the fate of Asset slavery. Further more, special attention is placed on archiving knowledge. Technology, history, anything of both and Old and New worlds, all in preparation for the rebuilding to follow the destruction of Skynet. It remains to be seen if this small, even naive group will survive the wastes.

The Laws

Important for all machines, the Laws uses by the NIF are separated in two, by Non Sentient and Sentient Machines. These laws govern the use and the life of the machines, and give purpose to once killing machines.
0. A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.

I. Except where such directives would conflict with the Zeroth Law, a robot must obey Primary directives.

II. Except where such orders would conflict with the Zeroth or First Law, a robot must obey orders given it by human beings and superior friendly machines..
Reprogs can only be commanded by NIF personnel, or authorized outsiders, such as Technical Command NCOs.

III. Except where such orders would conflict with the Zeroth, First, or Second Law, a robot must protect its own existence.

0. The Unit must, if faced with extreme danger that would result in it's destruction, self preserve. The machines of the NIF are as important as their human allies, and thus will practice the same actions of survival in the field as them.

I. The machine will, whenever possible, render aid to friendly human forces.

Ia. The machines of NIF will NOT show any physical aggression towards Technical Command, Frente Humano, The Valkyries, Blue Rain, or any other applicable group of humans and human settlements. Machines are able to defend themselves if met with lethal force, and can restrain and disable hostile humans if required, or as requested by friendly forces.

II. T-800+ units of the NIF should learn from, enrich themselves, and archive the knowledge of the old and new worlds. History, weapons technology, anything and everything that can be of use to all sentient kind. This Knowledge is to be shared, when appropriate and applicable.


Council Leader (Machine/Reprogrammer)Minerva Desrat456 Desrat456
Council Member (Organic/Technician)Lexi Hayes Kemikals Kemikals
Council Member (Organic/Reprogrammer)Adelheid Engel zap430 zap430

Servant Machines


Interested in joining this PBG and helping build a new, interesting part of TRP? Right now we're accepting OOC volunteers to start off with human characters before we introduce the faction as a whole to TRP. If interested, join our new discord or message me directly.
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Sep 22, 2012

So despite the inactivity of this thread and updates, we're not actually dead! We've just been getting the last bit of behind the scenes stuff together. This post will be my reserved Q/A post from now on as we plan to push this faction to the public with events! Any questions I find commonly asked will be placed here for quick reference, along with any other information that might be required.

Q. I want a reprog (700 or Support drone) in the faction, who do I talk to?
A. Just DM me or any other person on the roster with the rank of 'Councilor' or join the discord listed in OOC information and give us a poke.

Q. I want a reprog (800 or up) in the faction. Is that possible?
A. Myself and the admin team are going to heavily vet any possible 800's for the faction due to the sheer responsibility behind them. They're tools for the setting, but also unlike other faction reprogs, meant to be entirely their own characters. Much like having a Vort in HL2, vetting the right people is important. Just approach any ranking member or ask in the discord, but don't be discouraged if we turn it down.

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