Story The Cold Front - By Levi Brecken

Jake Puffin

New Blood
Oct 16, 2020
The Cold Front - By Levi Brecken
The Valley was a beautiful place. The trees gleamed in the sunlight. Mason and I were surprised to see that snow had not yet fallen here. It had been a few days since we split off from Locke's group. A few days that we had lived out our time in this Valley. Locke and his team were planning to head for America. Mason and I had nothing left there to go back to. Although we both started there, we knew our journey did not have to end there as well.
When the Snowcats rumble was gone, when all that could be heard in the valley was the songs of birds and the rushing of water, I reflected on my short time with the group of survivors that seemed so much like a family to me. The laughs, the pain, the moments of freedom, and the exhilarating thrills. We carefully made our way down to the riverside, washing our hands and some of our gear. Filling up our canteens, we set off along the riverside, following the trail up the mountain.

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As we continued, Mason hummed a tune. The same one that played over and over again in the Metro station. He looked at me and apologized for it, but I told him not to worry. It was peaceful in its own way. He returned to his song, humming away softly as a mother would to their child. The stale leaves crunched and disintegrated under our feet. I slung the AKM Assault Rifle that I carried to my front and examined the stock once more.
"M.I.R.-..." - The rest of the code was worn from years of combat and weather. The rifle that once belonged to a M.I.R. Agent, the last M.I.R. Agent.
Mason asked me to stop. I did so, looking up at what he pointed at. At the very top of the hillside was an old bunker. The war-torn patterns and weathering hid it well, but Mason had the vision of a hawk, or so I swore he did. I pulled a pair of old binoculars from my bag, hoping to get a better look.
The bunker was overgrown, covered from top to bottom in plants and dead roots. I questioned whether or not it would be dangerous for the two of us to investigate. Unfortunately, we had no other choice. At that moment, the snow began to fall. It was funny, almost like someone above was urging us to go into the building. I'm not a religious person, but it seemed so strange for the snow to fall at that very second. Coincidences don't happen very often these days.

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As we approached the bunker, the twigs that broke under our feet startled us. We had such a creepy feeling from the look of this place alone. When we reached the door, a dark hallway greeted us with open arms. The foreboding entrance mixed with the darkness was more than enough for Mason, who already did not like the idea of entering. Eventually, I talked him into it. The snow was going to fall harder and harder, no matter if we went inside or not. He agreed reluctantly, drawing his Kalashnikov from his back. Turning on our flashlights, we headed inside.
The dark corridors dripped and leaked with water. Trash was littered about, and graffiti marking lined the walls with vulgar profanities. We ended up reaching the main section of the bunker. As Mason searched the walls for anything useful, he stopped, calling out. As I came over, a red star with a sickle and a hammer plastered the wall. An old Russian facility of some kind. We could tell it wasn't modern, so we assumed it was a Cold War-era bunker.

----1 Month Later----

We ended up staying there for quite some time. About a month had passed, although it was hard to keep track without a modern calendar. The idea was to hold out here with what we could until we ran out of supplies and needed to find more. We ended up trapping small critters for food. Rabbits, foxes, mice even. A lonely fire kept us warm inside that bunker. The smoke filtered out through a section of the roof. We were lucky that ice hadn't frozen over the hole. The outdoors the expanse of the Siberian woods was drowned in snowfall. The ground was blanketed in a wide quilt of frost and timber. The spectacle was like something out of a movie I had seen when I was younger.
I didn't have a reason for it, but I kept reflecting on small things here and there. Maybe it was to keep my mind off of the bitter and cold wasteland that sat before us. Maybe it was to remind me of what I was fighting so desperately for. Deep down though, I knew that neither of them was true. It was to keep the depressive thoughts from creeping up on me. I worried every night and day that I might lose the only person I had left in this world. Mason is like a brother to me. After losing the only things I ever loved in my life, he was there for me when I needed it. To think that not only the frozen expanse was dangerous, we completely took our minds off of the bots...

A few days passed and I became ill. The berries we picked were not safe for consumption. We were smart to only try one. Mason was the luckiest of us two, not getting sick. He offered to fetch me some water, something to ease the pain maybe. I asked for the tiny flask of vodka he had left. Taking the bottle from him, I drank a good portion to ease the twisting pain in my guts. Mason let me know about our dwindling supply situation. The bunker was a safe space, but we couldn't live off of the remaining rations we possessed. I wasn't feeling much better now than I was earlier, but when Mason asked if we should leave, I agreed. Leaning onto his shoulder, we grabbed what we could that was left of our gear and set foot into the snowy expanse.


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Miles of snow was piled in front of us. We had no other choice but to continue on. Our journey would not end yet hopefully. Mason and I reached a frozen section of the river, opting to cross it, although it would be dangerous. Heading the other direction would only lead us back to the labs that we so desperately wanted to escape from. Mason crossed first, carefully. He waddled across the ice like a penguin. Once he reached the other side, he gave me the thumbs up to cross. Thirty feet of ice to cross didn't seem like much at first, but after taking that initial step, I wondered if this was a good idea.
Every step I took was filled with caution and care, the ice barely making any movements or noise. I was about halfway across the river when a dreadful noise filled my ears. The whirring of a Hunter-Killer in the distance. I could see it from afar as it hovered over the trees, prowling, scouting for survivors. I panicked, crossing the ice more frantically than before. A sound that was even more dreadful than the Hunter-Killer rung out. The ice beneath me popped with a loud crack. I looked to Mason, seeing the dread in his eyes. I stood as still as possible, removing my rifle and placing it down on the ice, sliding it to Mason. He received it, only to see me plummet beneath the ice like a torpedo.
Edward's AKM fell off my back as I barely managed to grab the rim of the hole I fell through. The rifle washed away, and with it, a solid portion of food and clean water. I was pulled up out of the ice by Mason, who crawled along the ice, dragging me onto the snow-covered shore.
The droning of the Hunter-Killer ceased, and with it, my vision. I could feel Mason shaking me, his tears were colder than the river when they hit me. I knew he was screaming his heart out for me not to die here. It was ironic in a sense. I was so worried about losing him that I never stopped to think about if he lost me. As my vision faded, and the noise around me did the same, I was at peace. Although I feared death, when it finally came for me, I wasn't scared, I wasn't angry.
The one thing I thought about was my little girl. My baby. I wondered wherever she was if she could hear again. I remembered the first days of learning sign language for her, to teach her how to speak without speaking. It was strange feeling what that was like, to lose my sight, my hearing. I only hoped that when she went she was just at peace with it as I am now. Maybe it would be a new beginning, a new journey for me when I woke up if I ever did.
This was a goodbye to the cruel world I was thrown into. Thank you, friends. I'll miss you dearly.


Jake Puffin

New Blood
Oct 16, 2020
Hey Guys, Levi Here! I just wanted to tell you that this story is in no way, shape, or form canon.
This narrative was just meant to be a possibility in many lives.
In the event that TRP does come back, Mason and Levi will be there to see it.​

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