The 97th "Old Guard"

A Blaze of Glory

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May 8, 2018

"Nos non conteram."

"We do not break." These are the words of the 97th Human Resistance Battalion. Composed of pre-war professionals such as soldiers, police and correctional officers, firefighters, doctors, craftsmen, and engineers, the "Old Guard" serves as the shining example for all human led resistance cells. Dedicating their post-Judgement Day lives to support and mentor militias into fierce fighting units, the "Old Guard" carries the torch to lead humanity back from the brink of total destruction, carving a path through the darkness with blood and steel.

Taking their number from the year of Judgement, the 97th has now spent the better part of nearly three decades holding the line, acting as the shield so humanity can fight tomorrow's war. This time has battered the unit, once proud and strong, its numbers dwindled until the battalion holds no more than a mere platoon of active soldiers.

Forced into the reserves at the fear of the unit being lost forever, the "Old Guard" was sent to Fresno California where it began its retirement assignment. Acting as honorguards, the 97th continued to forge fighters from all who sought it out, while also assisting to hold the city, and keep the peace within its borders.

When Fresno burned nearly a year ago, almost all thought the "Old Guard" to have been finally vanquished by the mechanical menace, their radiant light finally overcome by darkness, and their chapter closed forever...

...But they have forgotten the words of the "Old Guard."

We do not break.
Rumors have circulated that a group of roaming soldiers has been moving from camp to camp, settlement to settlement, fortress to fortress, showing up in the darkest hours to reinforce distraught resistance cells and fight back against the darkness, leaving as quickly as they arrived.

They're said to be blazing a trail from Northern California to the South, leaving behind them a wake of hope that the war can be won. Passing caravanners whisper words with widened eyes to the traders of the minor camps and posts...

...The 97th has returned, and it once again hungers for glory.

At this point this is just a lore faction. You need no auths from me to make a character with ties to the 97th and what they've done. Where you take your characters, well, that's up to you.
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May 20, 2011
What sparks my intressts the most is if this "Old Guard" would train and help form militias that included survivors. Like the core(few) Old Guard being veterans of war, helping train and equip those who would fight alongside them. This would be a very refreshing wind, however if this is just another balls deep in ass military "Freedom!, Murica!" faction then it's still cool but loss of potential.

Looking forward to see where this goes.

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