Information Terminator Roleplay: Siberia - Launch Time

Nov 16, 2016


9th of October, 5PM EST (9PM GMT)
Prior to launch we will allow EFF characters to be equipped and set up before the opening. From there on the RR will be up until the end of the weekend. You will have to create a new character to start as we've temporarily wiped pre-existing ones. Anyway, see you guys there and we hope you enjoy.

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Aug 12, 2012
we’re starting with rp_stalker which everyone should have or will have once they connect

here’s a link to the content pack just incase


some fucking pog fuck
Sep 30, 2012
i have been coaxed into trying it out. i will not make launch as i will be picking up boxes and putting them back down.

those of you in the RR, enjoy it. the last time something like this was tried was a minute ago and i have faith in the current individuals of the team to pull it off well (except Chad Chad fuck that guy!!!)

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