Terminator Roleplay: Siberia II - 04/16/2021

Nov 16, 2016


The year is 2022.

Two weeks after the prior events…

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A lonesome grave sits outside a minor and abandoned compound, a decaying tree standing next to it. A flake of snow lands gently on the dirt mound, evidence of a shift in the weather.

Several hundred miles to the east, a migration of people is underway. Marching through the Siberian tundra is a gaggle of survivors both in and out of uniform. The once mighty society of modern day Russia reduced to a collection of unorganized tribes throughout its provinces. The decaying and frozen wasteland has brought about new problems for these survivors whilst the mechanical horror sleeps. Desperation has plagued many of those in the migration, and even more succumbing to hunger and natural causes. However, the discovery of more deactivated terminators throughout the region brings some hope to those still holding on.

Over several stretches of flat land lies the town of Tulun in the Irkutsk Province. The remnants of the Eastern Forces are said to be guiding this migration there, a voice of confidence in this time of complete disarray. Talk amongst the lower enlisted however reveals suspicions about the trustworthiness of this newfound point of interest that the commanding element has put so much faith into. There is even more talk amongst the crowd, raising doubts about what their leaders keeps telling them: That they “won the war and destroyed MIR, for good. “ It’s been several weeks that MIR has been in slumber, what else are they to believe?

Few days after their subsequent victory at the battle of Krasnoyarsk Marsh they receive an invitation on behalf of the Boreal Research Facility. These documents promise entry and refuge to a well reinforced facility for their troubles. Suspicions are no doubt casted, but given how despairing the situation is, they are forced to accept and proceed with caution to this facility. Little do they know, another war has been raging on for years in this supposed refuge.

So what is this all about?

This sequel RR event will take place on Friday, the 16th of April we will be launching a five day RR continuing the events of Terminator Siberia, this comes along with the same characters and rules as before. This takes place in the Russian far east, long before the advent of the future technology we seen in the previous Terminator iteration (2018-2020). There are no signs of John Connor's Tech-Com or SkyNET presence on the continent. Instead an AI simply known as MIR has taken up the mantle of its American counterpart in its unending war against humanity. It is not all despair for upon MIR's defeat it has given the inhabitants of Siberia a chance to rebuild, or so they think. Will they work together and make the wasteland a slightly more liveable place, or unwittingly bring about a second Judgement Day?

General roleplay points

/EFF (Eastern Free Forces) Remnants
  • There is no currency such as dollars or roubles. All trading is conducted through bartering so ignore the dollars on your character.
  • If you have played Siberia previously then you are permitted to use your previous characters from that RR (if they are alive).
  • Banditry is not only allowed but encouraged to emphasize the brutal nature of this Terminator setting. Understand and accept that in this period of time, people are desperate and have resorted to taking resources from others to survive.
  • Just as event characters take hits and die, you are expected and encouraged to do the same whenever it is warranted. Your character will be disadvantaged and no one receives "special treatment" or exceptions for making it so far into the story.
  • Do not forget that radiation still lurks in pockets of the wasteland. When you stumble across an irradiated zone you will be receiving a heavy dose, so gasmasks and protective equipment are required to traverse those areas when prompted.
  • S2RP (Shoot to roleplay) will be the default type of engagement when it comes to combat no matter if it is machines or players, S2K (Shoot to kill) will only be allowed when permitted.
  • The Russian Army remnants faction are not the main focus of this setting, they will not serve the same role that Tech-Com did.
  • There will be NO Tech-Com. They are not prevalent in Russia, even by just name-sake, so no one in the region will recognize the term.
  • You can only carry ballistic weapons this time around, MIR energy weapons become hard locked as the authorized wielder perishes.
  • The EFF may no longer be applied for anymore but if you have a character who is still in the EFF feel free to continue playing as them.
Bulwark Cultists/BRF (Boreal Research Facility) Personnel
  • Two warring factions are currently fighting for control over this obscure Russian-American research facility. The war has persisted for well over a year now and neither side can tip the balance, there is an indefinite stalemate and the survivors will soon find themselves forced into an uncomfortable position between the two sides.
  • Unlike the EFF from the previous setting Bulwark and BRF players are at higher risk of having their characters killed. They will have the opportunity to create multiple when rostered, abuse of these characters and gear will result in a ban from either factions.
  • Once you apply in auth boards and get accepted, you're in for there is no need to reapply for a second character. Bulwark and BRF apps will be handled separately.
  • Players of these factions will also get the chance to have temporary event characters when it comes to special events.
  • If you wish to go "rogue" or "defect" it is necessary to inform the team and faction leads of this to avoid confusion and problems as time progresses.
  • Roster threads will be available for both factions on the Terminator: Siberia sub forum, apps are to be sent through the authorization request thread.
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Workshop content and images

You will also need CS:S, HL2: Episode 1, and HL2: Episode 2


Deadeye Deadeye - announcement thread write up
sky sky bennet bennet Cindy Cindy - for giving us the greenlight
popo popo - ideas
thecatwhomines thecatwhomines - ideas
A Blaze of Glory A Blaze of Glory - ideas and screenshots
raklo raklo - ideas
kelso kelso - ideas
Pasta Pasta - being pasta
Dave c: Dave c: - event planning and screenshots
Chad Chad - leaking
LolMan LolMan - for directing and helping make siberia 1 a reality

and the people we spoke to who kept their promises by keeping this confidential.
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