Terminator Roleplay: Siberia - 10/9/2020


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Feb 5, 2020
As for the new gasmasks you mentioned, I can confirm there are gasmasks. Though until Chad, Lolman, Deadeye, and I can learn how to make a GP5 by Friday afternoon then we'll just have to stick to the regular one. : (
Would using an addon be an option to get the models? I know there's one out there with a bunch of gasmask models and nothing else in it.
Nov 16, 2016
You underestimate my ability. I've made models from scratch, textured, rigged and uploaded stuff to workshop :)

Only time limitation is a dev creating the item on the script itself and adding it to the tnb packs.
Forgive me my lord. It was unwise to doubt your power.
Dec 25, 2015
That finale event was the most genuinely TRP experience I've had in TRP - it was everything I wanted it to be.

Was there dumb action? Yes. Did lots of Drones die? Yes.

But unlike the main server, people also died. People took PK's on a whim from being shot in the face. There was a genuine sense of suspense in everything that happened; likewise with the base assault yesterday. If that was the main server nobody would have died and it would have been a steamroll TC victory.

When I imagine TRP going forward, I'm going to imagine this. It was "big dumb heroic action" with consequences, exactly the sort of setting I'd hoped to see.
Nov 16, 2016
We are considering it although November for a lot of people turned into a busier month than expected. Sometime in the upcoming year we could see about doing another RR involving Terminator, might or might not involve a continuation from Siberia. With Bennet gone we are unsure who is going to open the server and sort it out. All we know is that people have been enjoying HLNA so far and maybe later on we can sort something out. Given that we have a small inactive staff team I honestly don't think we'd be able to get more than two or three people for an RR launch.

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