Terminator Roleplay: Siberia - 10/9/2020


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Aug 13, 2016
cant wait for the stereotypical russians and the rlly uncreative bandits


Sep 9, 2016
Banditry is encouraged to emphasize the brutal nature of this Terminator setting. Understand and accept that in this period of time, people are desperate and have resorted to taking resources from others to survive.
All we needed to hear bossman.


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Jun 10, 2016
Just to clarify for those who are unaware (will correct when I get the forum permissions to do so, too.):

The Russian Army Faction
  • The Russian Army has no access to their pre-war surplus. They are merely men in old uniform who may carry conventional rifles and largely try to take care of their own.
  • The army is aware that they do not have the firepower nor manpower to defeat MIR forces, so their tactics largely involve avoiding MIR forces at all costs. They are not the resistance. They only stick to eachother and survive like everyone else.
  • This will remain a small group relative to the population of the server. Their role can be adjusted organically. They can either be a help to scavengers, or a danger to them. Their role will largely be dictated by the player's character who leads it.
  • They will exclusively be using the clothing_greencamo uniform. They will be equipped with nothing more than a sidearm and a conventional AK variant.
We are currently looking for players who can lead the Russian Army Faction during the event while keeping in mind the information above. You will largely have the power to steer the faction in your preferred path, but it is paramount that whichever path you take, it leads to an overall ENJOYABLE experience for everyone involved. The faction will not be used to massacre the entire server, nor will it be used to create a second version of Tech-Com. Stay within the parameters mentioned above. If you're interested in the role, contact myself, Dee or lolman with an idea of how you'd run it so your name can be placed into the pool.
The more fleshed out version of this can be found here. Same faction, just adjusted the name: https://www.taconbanana.com/threads/siberia-eastern-free-forces.36944/#post-740977


Mar 21, 2019
Ok I kinda need to know this one :

Is this RR happening in the same universe as our TRP?

If yes then can we use our characters in the future?

I know that the entire " How did they get from Russia to USA " question will be asked but hey it would be interesting to see some of the RR characters in normal TRP .


Jun 10, 2017
A server that takes place in a massively irradiated former Soviet country populated by scavengers and bandits. Now with robots.

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