Terminator Roleplay - Announcement & Information


The Director
Dec 15, 2014
I don't know if this has been answered earlier or not, so sorry in advance or even if it's not really a question to be answered now.

Will there be a focus at first on SkyNET driven conflict/arcs and then as we move forward the team will introduce different arcs or plotlines based around like other humans/groups? I really enjoyed a lot of the stuff we looked at with the NR and helping Flower with some of his Eudemus events (idek if im spelling it right at this point, i never fuckin could) honestly was a big highlight for me as an admin. I know we're sort of aiming the arrow a little different this time around but I was just curious to see if we were gonna be getting into some of that shtuff at any point.


Apr 24, 2013


Oct 23, 2014
Probably going to be early December now unless a miracle happens, I would've liked it to be ready by next Friday but between work and development getting to the real slog parts now it's not been going nearly as quick as we would've liked.

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